Currently having a good night beer now. DO IT.
Libertarians, Styrofoam, people who believe in Jesus, people who don't believe in Jesus, Stupid people.
Don't get a lawyer. Your defense is Yolo. They can't punish that.
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Totally serious. You like food that sounds like masturbation.

Don't even get me started on Jamaican Jerked Chicken

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'Pulling your pork' is the same as 'interfering with yourself', or, in the parlance of the Pit, fapping.

this is a food thread. Get serious.

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You'll go blind.

Really now?
Corn with bbq sauce on it from some pulled pork which you just demolished and then realized you had other stuff on the plate.
Baked beans.

I'm a beautiful lady.
I assume you are just fishing for views.

Just learn how to play the song on drums and bass. It's the only solution.
Other than that it is pretty difficult.

or just google back tracks to songs you want.
I am only 3 minutes in, but I assume they jump into traffic when they get to the top.

Edit- Spoiler: They don't jump.
At a movie theater which arm rest is yours?

I just assume the right one.
Better yet, buy yourself sexy underwear.
The real issue is why wasn't she in the kitchen.
How is this trolling? She speaks the truth.

Where's the hole? Is their another picture with a better view of the hole?
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Wait I thought this guy was the guitarist from Avenged Sevenfold!! This guys is the greatest living guitar player ever.
Nothing better than a Large Sweet Tea, 2 mcdoubles, and 6 apple pie. The best 7 dollar meal ever.
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Asians totally get freckles.
No sir

Search for a former clarity - Against me!

This is an acceptable amount of freckles.

They can get out of control.
Wait, their is more to do after prom then get drunk and get a sloppy bj?
Tell them you are the dude from Oasis and you need it with you in case you need to play Wonderwall.
Also learning Wonderwall helps
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Great shoop job.


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Maybe update your drivers? If that doesn't help, its definitely an internal problem, which like I said before, could be a motherboard failing out.

That was what I was gonna say.

Other then updating your drivers I'm clueless.
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Religion: 1

Atheists: 0

Religion has two!
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Tyler- attractive, large penis.

I'll vouch for that definition.
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What you need is a new meme

Couldn't have said it any better.
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Play Pandemic 2 and make your own!!!

I doubt my teacher will accept aids as a parasite.
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Actually! I do have a good idea for you.

Use something off of this article

Cracked has provided my with 2 project ideas already this year.
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The one that eats the tongue of fish and then becomes the fishes tongue.

It's cool but it's already being done I think.
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I'm thinking google would know more about this subject than the pit.

I googled it and the top couple were already being done. I was hoping their would be some gold here.
I have a school project coming up and it has to be on a parasite. I'm looking for something shocking or interesting.

Doesn't have to be vomit inducing but good enough for acouple pictures and some interesting facts.
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Just so you know, If you think comp sci is easy, you're in for a rude awakening. Honestly its one of the hardest fields. If you dont know anything about programming or understand the concept of it, well you're not going to like school

My friend was getting into it and changed his major at the end of his first semester. He hated every minute of it, it wasn't hard just boring.