I have one, I like it a lot! It has a DiMarzio Liquifire in the bridge I believe and it sounds awesome and plays really well for the price I paid. Definitely worth looking into.
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NO.. i dont care how you try and justify it. read my last post.

Essentially saying you don't care what it actually means, just saying your interpretation is THE only right one and the actual, true definition is inferior to your interpretation? *facepalm*
Well thing is this one has a DiMarzio in it and is very well-maintained and is undergoing a professional setup haha so that'd increase the value. Also they're more expensive here, not around $550 but more like 500/600 euros which is about 700/800 dollars (caused they need to ship it here) and they're discontinued here
Yeah I thought so too, even though it has a dimarzio in it... it's undergoing service right now though so it'd be all set up as well, which counts for something too...
Haha yeah I might be able to get a gig bag (prolly no hardshell case) and a strap with it for that price, so I'm really considering it!
I haven't but I will next week, it's currently being set up so when it gets back to him tomorrow we'll make an appointment!
Also no, I haven't had any succes finding an RG7420/7620, used guitars, especially 7 strings, are way too rare here D:
Well the thing is I can't find any here in the Netherlands, and they seem to go for about that price in the US indeed, but shipping would make it a lot more expensive. Plus it has a DiMarzio in it...
Hello dear fellow UG'ers!

I've recently been approached by a friend who knows I want a 7 string guitar. His friend is selling one! And because I'm not entirely sure if it's worth it, I thought I'd ask you people!

It's an Ibanez RG7321FM (awyea nice red-ish color). It has no dents or dings orrr chips, only minor wear on the bridge (it's the non-gibraltar fixed bridge one). Also, and this is where it gets interesting for me, it's got a DiMarzio D-Sonic in the bridge position! Neck's unchanged but supposedly fine for leads.

So he's selling it for about 400 euros (not entirely sure yet), which is around $550. It's from 2009, hardly been played, just had a service round at a guitar shop, and it's well maintained. He plays metal with it and so would I (lots of metal types), and I'm thinking the DiMarzio is pretty good for it (and he says it is too).

tl;dr: RG7321FM, well-maintained, no real damage except wear from usage, DiMarzio D-Sonic in bridge position. Worth it for ~$550?

Also, by the way: no idea if it's relevant in this case, but needa know my amp/sound processing gear too?

Sorry for the long post, just trying to be complete

Thanks and bye! ;D
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"I have a deluded sense of reality"

"I have experienced it". And ****ing duh, there are good immigrants, for instance my (maroccan, and those are the usually... annoying kids) neighbors are great people. I'm just saying that there are enough people, both actually from this country and not, who misbehave, but I notice the people that don't originate from here from waaay back (you get what I mean) are usually just more agressive. Might also be that my whole area is pretty much only Maroccan people, and because of the cheap houses they're the not-so-kind children who go bad because their parents don't watch them.
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Thank fuck you're not allowed to vote yet.

Thing is a lot of people agree with me, and I've been through all of that myself and so have many of my friends, so...
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Good, legal weed was a ****ing stupid idea in the first place. Oh hey, who needs math and science education when our kids can get baked, stuff their faces with Doritos, and play Halo all day.

Now purge yourself of radical Islam and you might just make something of yourselves as a country.

Agreed. I live in Holland and I have to say that letting weed be legal in the first place is a retarded idea. They should make all drugs completely illegal and indeed get the radical Islam out. But, more importantly, all the 7 to 25 (literally!) year olds that steal, bully, behave like retards, insult everyone who isn't them or like them should, in my opinion, either be shot or exported back. If you're not gonna behave and adapt to our rules, you don't belong here as a 'legal' resident.
Pretty good, but indeed quite generic. I personally would have tried spicing it up more. For instance, last riff, I would have done some fast-note scale shred bit to replace the last few notes, which is mixing in different styles. You could even try some death metal-ish blastbeat if you do it right, or some blues-ish solo bit. Experiment!
I ****ing hate my mother and her almost nazi-like regime. I also love Periphery and want a 7string I have no money for.
I've heard a few girls tell me I'm cute, but I dunno. I've always been bullied and it's made me insecure about my face, so I say no, altho a lot of others say it's not bad as well...
Try deleting one (backed up) track from the C drive, look what happens, draw a conclusion, and profit?
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It simulates flying and can be considered pretty realistic. I think if you were very good at the game you could land a real plane in decent conditions. In strong crosswinds and heavy rain? I doubt it.

EDIT: It should be noted that actual Pilot lessons are very expensive. 15 minutes in a 747 SIMULATOR costs around Imagine what a single lesson would cost in an actual aeroplane.

Troo, I've been using it for years now and it's pretty realistic, but you don't feel the forces that affect you (a force feedback stick makes it more real but still) and it doesn't prepare you for some basic stuff like ATC/airport charts/etc if you just fly.
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|-33-33-3--77-77-7---33-33-3--77-77-7--88-88-8-77-77-7-88-88-8--------- 5-|

Im gonna make a bold assumtion and say this is what it should look like.

Also i have no idea of what you mean about "But how am i suppose to miss a one?"

I am guessing he means leaving out a string in a chord.

The answer is try and practise.
I do not say this often, but you are a retardedly annoying guy. Calling others stupid and being angerhomo at them, and then bitching when people say you should of read the rules? That's just dumb. This is probably also why people are bitching on you. And you should of read the rules, they are obviously stated and here for a reason: to keep halfwits like yourself from posting annoying-as-hell stuff on here. Good day (:
It takes time to get used to the tension, it'll be easy after you do it for a while and have fully adjusted to thicker strings. I use 010 to 060 nowadays and bending on the 060 is easy by now (:
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Nah man. Listen to the song in the OP, the music I want to make takes alot more from Ambient than it does Metal.

Yeah I heard it dunno if I could really help you with that so good luck searching for someone
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I'm not really understanding what you mean about the boring metal. If you clear that up then I might be interested in working with you.

I meant the simple metal riffs alternating between open strings and notes, thinking of Asking Alexandria, BFMV etc is what I meant
I'm pretty interested. By metal you mean the riffs that come with it (not the really boring ones) too? I can record in pretty awright quality, I know how to edit video's if needed aaand I can do some audio stuff if needed. I don't have a lot of spare time tho with my school and all, but I could fit it in I guess.
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I knew she was american before I clicked the link.


OT: If I were like that, I'd kill myself, though I doubt it would be easy to kill yourself when you can barely move.

Or when everything bounces off your fat.
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<img src="images\image.jpg" alt="alttag"/></img>

This can work on your computer, but you'll need a folder called images in the same directory as the html/css files you're calling the image from.

And to do this it either needs to be in the same folder on your site's server, or in same folder on your pc (for example desktop)
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find your internet sweetheart and start up an awesome fam

I do actually believe there is an entire concept/thread for this already. So searchbar.
Agreem it's good. Slightly confusing for me though with those fine adjusters at the back with an angle. Always hard for me to see it right first time, but it should be like this. If you're not sure if it's flush you could try laying a ruler flat on the body and see how far it sticks out/differs above/below it, usually works for me quite well instead of comparing it to the body.
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Yeah man. Living in a guns a-blazing society is really the way to go.

That's not how I meant it tho. Of course that's bad, I'm just saying that if you're weird enough to start firing at being pulled over and start shooting people, you shouldn't even be allowed to take up jail space IMO.
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Arrest him, put him on trial, send him to jail for the rest of his life/death row depending on the state?

You know, their job?

Shooting randomly at officers isn't really his job either, is it? My vote is they were allowed to, people like that should be brutally punished and put as an example to the rest. Locking him up just isn't enough to show the rest.
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Maybe he just needs MORE SPRINGS!

That's pretty much the 5th one who said that (including me), but he's not listening. Also, if in standard tuning, with .09 as thinnest string, and 3 springs in the back, of which 2 are cross, how can the bridge still be ****ed up like that? Maybe the springs are weak and their strength is gone, but I don't think so, so I'm gonna go with taking it to a shop.
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Take it to a shop.

Right now.

Have them show you how to do it.

Agreed. This is beyond what I know, I'm guessing you either tuned way to high or there's something wrong with the guitar/springs.
eerm. EEERM. Lemmethink.

I guess you're overtightening then. What gauge do you use, and what tuning?
I agree with the above posts. A) Make sure it's in the right octave, and actually IS tuned correctly. B) If so, more spring(s). C) Start learning more about the Floyd for future problem avoidance.

I use a Floyd guitar and I succesfully switched from .10-.48 to .10-.60 strings, and tuned it to Drop G# correctly (coming from Drop C), and the Floyd is in the right position. Can't be that your Floyd is that weird...
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Stupid question for the TS...

Have you tuned the guitar an octave high? So for standard tuning it would be E3 (normally fretted on the 12th fret) on the low E not E2. That could explain the problem with your Floyd, if the bridge was parallel before you retuned.


Might wanna record a little clip or something?
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I'm sure the springs can be tightened.

It's a battle between string tension and spring tension. Right now, the string tension is too high.
Tighten the springs to counter it.

The problem is he already tightened them to the max, they can't go a lot further, at least not that it is of any use...
What string gauge is on, and what tuning are you in? It might be trying to tune too high with thin strings, so your bridge pulls up like that with high tunings. Either get a new spring in, or get thinner strings (last option ONLY if you have thick strings).

Also, you're not a lot better off like that with the bridge because it will still play shitty and it's not good for your bridge either, and it will go outof tune more easily.
Many many thanks mate. .. but I'm way dummier that you may think!

could you make it as a step-by-step process?

Correct me if I'm wrong!

so now that my guitar is not in tune and my bridge has raised!

I should:

1.Adjust the springs to cause the bridge go down

2.start tuning with machine heads

3.start fine tuning


Okay. You've gotten the bridge down or up, according to what it should be doing, and you've tuned the strings to their right tuning (All of them is best sou you know how much the bridge is still off, don't have to tune them all exactly right tho).

Scratch 3, don't need that yet.

3.2: Look how much the bridge has moved, and move the springs a bit accordingly. Do NOT put the bridge at the right angle again! That's useless because your strings will be off again, and when tuning, the bridge will only change again, which is not what you want. Take it slowly. Move the springs a bit, see how it affects tuning, and then retune. Repeat the process of tuning and spring adjustment until A) the bridge if flush against the body (parallel to) and B) all the strings are tuned pretty much correctly. Then you tighten the lockin nuts, and start finetuning until they're all right.

Hope that helps
Geez... Learn some more first. You have to adjust the springs in the back as well to compensate for the rising bridge. It's physics: the strings and springs have their own tension, and if those are the same/in the right ratio, your bridge will sit normally and your strings will be good. If you tune it, the tension for those strings goes, for instance, up. To compensate for this, and to try to keep the bridge right, your other strings will go down in pitch.

When you tune back and forth to highten up the note of ALL the strings, the strings will have more tension compared to the springs, so your bridge will rise. If you then tighten the springs, they will have more tension, and the bridge will go down. However, in the same process, you will also change the tension, and thus note, of the strings. Which makes you have to adjust the springs again ---EDIT: you will have to adjust the strings first of course, they've detuned, and your bridge is in the right angle for that moment). Getting it right can be a pain in the ass, but once you know how it works, it's not as hard anymore. Just try what I just said.
Love Ropes, Deliver Us, Darker Times and Where The Dead Ships Dwell. It sounds quite different from Mirror's Truth tho, but it's good!