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Wooow, this is really good. One thing I'd wanna point out is that your guitar's volume is just a tad too soft to hear what you're doing well. Other than that, good playing. You seem relaxed and not struggling (or at least not too much), which is good!
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im sorry sir but the pit will eat you alive.

Use this quote of your own for your sig, it's good.

Also, the 2 posts after TS's were both right.
Holy poop.

Yes, poop.

This sounds reaaally good to me! Well-done Nice leads and a pretty combo of kinda deathcore-ish stuff and.... less deathcore-ish stuff
Too Stupid.
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The AdBlock thingy has a sub-extension called "Banned, luls. "

Why's that not allowed? Because it's stopping UG from making money or something? Do admit though that they're not funny. I just get annoyed and try to stop them. When they make them less annoying I'll most definitely support the ads. But not now...
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How about better placement of these ads. I get so tired of trying to locate the damn close button only to accidentally sweep back over it.

If you got Google Chrome get the AdBlock extension. Problem solved!
I usually use the finger I use to fret the 5 to also lightly cover/touch the string to be muted. That works for me, and sounds good.
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Buy one from someone, second hand.


This, because, as far as I know, they're only officially sold in Japan.

Don't quote me on it though.
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Thanks for all of your responses, folks. I don't aim to infuriate or attack anybody for the sharing of these tabs on sites like this, I just pose the question, that's all. It is very interesting to hear other people's opinions on it and I am grateful to you all for them.

I have used free tab sites over the years and have found them to be a great resource for both my teaching career and my own learning and playing of songs that are not available from off-the-shelf books. Any Guitar Pro tab downloaded from here can of course be modified if there are parts of it that you find inaccurate.

I think there should be a site that allows you to buy single GP tabs for a small cost ($1.5 for example) that have been transcribed by a professional and are approved by the band themselves. But that is just my opinion.

I'd be interested to hear more comment on this thread and hope that I won't be attacked for asking my original question.


Dude, I'm sorry but, why would we pay if there's people making absolutely great tabs out here too? Also, we have to pay for SO much these days, for instance CD's, they're so expensive! So making us pay for something like Tabs, is just ridiculous. I mean, it's pretty much our right to try to decipher what we hear and help others learn it. Thus also making the band more popular IMO.
Trivium! You can play everything except solo's with B standard, I used it too a while ago, it's awesome for those bands
I have a DE 6 string, it's awesome. Had it for 5/6 months now and it's a BEAST. Great idea. No problems yet here, I have the FR version though.
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I don't want the trem because of the setup.I'll check them out, the only problem is that I don't really like the neck thickness of Schecters. All of them, including the one I have, are all really thick from what I've played. However, I'll try these out and see if I like them.

I also added a couple of more specs that I would like to have if possible.

The Schecter ATX and Hellraisers are supposed to have (slightly?) thinner necks than your Omen and my Damien Elite though

EDIT: Also, I have the CUBE 40XL too
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how about

no idea how much they are in the US but those are nice guitars

and you can also put actives in your current guitar if you like it. i put emgs in my schecter tempest custom and now its amazing.

I'm so dumb. I have a Schecter hanging 2m from me and didn't even think of them because he said ESp in his thread :') But yeah those are really good too.

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The H-1001 is a great guitar imo, if you can stretch your budget do it. You could always just block the trem?

They also come with a string-thru, that's why I said H-1001
Still Remains, they made some awesome music...
Winning, Epic Winning!

No serious, tell him to say no and explain if the detector picks up like said before. If they go nutbags on him, he should tell them to beat that girl. Or have them put one angry cat (or bird) on her face.
Sounded like absolute and utter Shit at first. Started listening to things I liked, improving overall playing, learning more songs and started to base idess off of bands and riffs I liked. That's how I became acceptably good to myself.
'Fockit gay dick!'

'Nuff said.
Yes it is, but it is tricky to find out.
Some person at school did something pretty unfriendly. Changed my opninion.
:') Was that positive? I have the RSE though, did turn it on...?
Not really my style but has some catchy things in it. Like I read before, drums are a bit too much for me, but apart from that it's pretty nice.
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Ok first of all this is not metal at all this is Deathcore/Metalcore, and atm it sounds too messy: the drums are not that good and the harmonies sound dissonant and unpleasant, the whole song is a giant mess. Try to structure it a bit, I'm not saying for you to put it on a pop song structure, just try to make it more coerent. Hope this helped somehow.

I know the drums fail hugely, a friend made it better. And then deleted his file
The dissonance was meant to give it a different feel from normal. Guess it didn't work out. This was kind of a test anyhow, but I'm gonna be improving it to make it a final version... Thanks for the comment
Okay, so I made this a week or 2 ago. Don't mind my retarded drums, I just wanted them to be different from the normal thing, but I dunno if that worked out alright... Also, I'm not great at solos so it's probably really cliche... Anyhow, help me get better!

C4C if you want.

EDIT: Since it seems unclear as to whether or not to call it 'metal': I think it involves a bit of both metalcore and death metal.
The solo from Atreyu's Congregation Of The Damned. Nice, slow and harmonized.
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I disagree wholeheartedly. I cannot stand Schecter necks and I don't like the finish on them at all. Ibanez Wizard necks are infinitely better and Im not a big fan of the EMGs they shove into their high end guitars. I have never had any issues with electronics on my RGT. Also, Ibanez bridges are way better than generics If you don't wanna shell out for an OFR. Also..higher prices does not always mean you're getting a better guitar.

I had both and although the Ibanez necks are absolutely thinner, Schecter plays pretty well to me. But it's personal taste on that side. Furthermore, the endless EMG's good or not discussion. I'm not gonna begin on that. And I never said the Ibanez's aren't good or whatever, I just say Schecters are manufactured good as well, I have one right now and it's great.
Those things aren't even comparable at all. Look at the prices alone. The Schecter has way better build quality and electronics. Unless you really, really hate the slightly rounder neck on the Schecters, or just don't have the money, I'd tell you to get the Schecter. Better components, quality, looks and they play awesome.
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He's been playing for like 4 years and still strums with his thumb. There is no hope.

The only hope I have is for him to hang himself and have any guitar he has touched to be treated like it Should be.
I think he mad. What do you say guys?
I'm a total noob, but I'd guess it takes time to process. Just wait it out a bit?
Well, the first thing I noticed, was the title. It's Gott, not Got Furthermore, it's more a loud mix of pretty indestinguishable noise... It could be good if it was clearer, but it's not... IMO anyways. The acoustic part is alright though, pretty well done. But the drum/guitar mix is just a big fuzzy noise to me.
Works for me, I'm in Holland.
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I can't vote on this poll because there is no 'wat' option.

more like 'What's this I don't even...'
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Damn it!!!


Getting up early was a bad idea....

Dude, you made me lol. +1 for your hard efforts at satisfying us

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It's needs to setup.

So does your English No offence

Anyhow, like the rest said. Get a setup.
Jawkster: killing spiders>killing flies IMO.

And your sig, is it from ADTR's If It Means A Lot To You?
I'm impressed, flies are bitches and have way faster reactional times than humans. It's ok, I even envy you for being able to kill one