lol. Duurzaamheid=reliability And I already mentioned in my earlier advice threads, I just don't have to space and moneez(don't wanna spend it all) to get myself a seperat head or a larger tube combo So I'm just keeping it small, combo amps around 40W and/or around 250 euros. It sucks but I can't push myself to spend more of my dad's money, I know he said I could spend it, but still... After the experience with my mom using up the 37000 euros meant for my study, I've become a real saver... I'll have a look though. Maybe wait till after my birthday party... But if I want metal, I should go for a Vypyr (or the Roland if vypyr=out of range)?
Hmmmm. I'm looking into the Vypyrs, maybe an option. And I'm not gonna spend the computer-money anywhere soon, first I have my birthday, then I'll wait till summer holidays and work my ass off at least 5 hours a day.
And get myself a 7-string guitar. And then a PC.

And about the audio system: I heard about it, but I'd still need an amp? And would it change the sound if I use one of those with a better/different amp?

Blackstar's HT-1 soudns alright, and it's a tuber right? But I agree, they're more used for softer stuff. Vypyr (which reminds me of Vypuuuuuurrrr(derp ) ).

Vox Valvetronix. Looking on Vox is supposed to be (pretty?) good for metal, dunno? The VT40 Plus looks really good, and is also tube? Power is changeable too? awesome. Pretty versatile/really a lot of functions. And 60W?
The vypyr 30 looks pretty functional as well. Which one would be better? Vypyr 30 or VT40+?

EDIT: In the audio preview, the VT40+ sounds a lot less gain-y than the Vypyr 30?
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Metal, which I already said No problem though.
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I have a total budget of 1127 euros, if you take the whole account.
But it was for a new PC originally, and dunno if my dad will allow me to spend it on an amp/even spend it anyway now.
Probably not. So I've limited to 200 euros. REALLY maybe 250, but I'll wanna wait a week or 2 more before I would spend 250. And I've already waited A LOT.

And Peavey isn't for sale at the store where I'm buying it. Nor do they have it at the store where I got my Schecter guitar. No longer made in Holland so yeah

I'll be selling the Spider (unfortunately have to, dad says so. I was planning on buying this because I didn't wanna haul an amp back and forth to dad and mom. Seems I'll still have to...

I'll probably be keeping the RP though, although not used TOO much, it's handy.
Might also consider selling and getting a simple Boss switch pedal, so I can switch the necessary things(RP doesn't switch fully clean>full distortion/vice versa), like switch channels/effects...
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Quote by tottsk1
I think the main riff is way to repetive and its not the best part in the song. ABR has alot of tempo changes that this song lacks off. Also ABR has more odd rythms than ur song. Apart from that, ur song's pretty solid

This. But I agree, it's pretty solid. Better than what I do
Aaah I get it. Had that once with Miss May I. Now I think about it, I had that with 2 djent bands too xD
To say it really resembles them in terms of riffage is not possible. Does come quite close, but ABR switches strings a lot more Still sounds pretty cool. Coudln't have come up with it myself
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Great thanks I forgot to mention I play metal/rock :') But it's supposed to work for all styles. The 40XL's Extreme setting sounded Reaaaally metal, and it can produce some really nice mellow sounds as well right? And does anyone with a cube XL know if the 'solo' setting turns the volume up? That's possible with the volume knob it has right? So you can step up the volume during solo's :3
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So. I'll be buying me new ampzor next week. Roland CUBE 40XL, is pretty damn good for the moneez. Just wondering what experiences you guys have in general with Roland. I tried it a few weeks ago, sounded pretty good. I'd love to get me a Blackstar HT-5 combo but I can't wait for the money. And it's just now what I REALLY need yet. So yeah, I'm happy with my choice.

tl:dr-Experiences with Roland or the CUBE 40XL in general are...?

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