Banned because I don't think it is TBH.
I developed this theory that every time a part of time passes, no matter if it's an hour, decade, or any non-measurable part of a second, it is essentially an end of time. Not THE end, AN end of time. Also, the end of time is not possible. Time is infinite, and it will also go on when we are gone. Any of this sound logical?
Banned because I don't knowwwww. Off to bed is what I do know. Good night
Banned because Duh.
Banned becuase so how big is the universe according to you then?
Maybe Blacken The Cursed Sun. Is quite easy, first song I got down by them. There's one damn tricky bit though.
Banned for ironic location.
Shit came crashing down.
Banned for truth.
Banned because I got Lol-banned once.
Banned because maybe not at his place?

EDIT: Ninja'd. And answered.
Banned for having a cookie while I was asleep.
Banned because hmmm.
Banned because that thing is older than Hitler.
Banned because I understand your piss. Oh my god bad pun.
Banned because of ME!
Banned for making something up when you can break stuff down.
Banned because I've lost track.
Banned because it is true that that is true.
Banned because I can go Grammar Nazi on your ass. Also, sometimes MOAR is needed.
Banned because I know exactly what you mean. Check out Eckhart Tolle, he really helps stop the continuous flow of thoughts that controls our lives. It's great to not have your thoughts run around uncontrollably when you're in misery.
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banned because damn right its better than.... anyway... yea I guess. sometimes when I play ill start thinking about random stuff and forget im playing... but it sounds awesome... except im too distracted inside my own mind to realized... make sense?

Banned because it makes perfect sense, I have that all the time. You might wanna write down anything important that comes to mind, and loose thoughts that aren't of any meaning: you can train yourself to force them away.
banned because you can shut down the thinker and have a break from the constant flow of thinking. That's where creativity flows the richest.
Banned because you are thinking all the time. About what you are gonna write for instance. Double banned for not seeing the obvious.
Banned because I can FINALLY play An Ocean Between Us by As I Lay Dying. And some others songs I wasn't able to play before =3
Banned because I wasn't, although I recognised the LP thing

EDIT: woosh ninja.
Banned because depressed guy is depressed.
Banned because omgod. Do want.
Banned because I don't know it. I'm listening to Symptoms Of A Failing System by Our Last Night. Great stuff.
Banned because me too, but it's damn expensive.
Banned because we should talk about cookies.
Banned because you can do anything if you disable the selfish thinker in yourself, and open up to the higher consciousness. Eckhart Tolle. Dude he makes sense when you know what he says.
Banned because the answer is: because he can
Banned because that's weird... And my heart has been acting funny since a few months. Getting a bit worse over time... Might have to do with what happened during my birth. Gotta get it checked out...
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- 4

The sound of pointy comments. Pun.
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There used to be this mosquito ad at the top of the pages on UG and it was unbelievably annoying. The sound I hate the most is the noise of wind-up toys that you'd get in a happy meal or something.

I remember that one, I HATED it. And one of the sounds I also find Extremely annoying. Is a breaking string. Kills a part of me every time.

That is all.
Banned because CAT.
Banned because I TOTALLY jizz over the new Ibanez 2011 line. SO MUCH beautiful new guitars! I DO WANT that RGD7320Z, and new Edge Zero II w/ZPS3Fe on them, even on some normal line guitars, sounds/looks SO cool!