Banned for having an avatar that looks like he is happy seeing Pedobear to me.
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Do in flames sometimes? im not sure on that?

In Flames usually chooses Drop A#, which lies between Drop A and B. They also went below Drop A a few times. But most of them (at least the newer stuff, and some of the old stuff) is Drop A#.
Banned because that's what I thought.
Banned because I never said I was gonna slit my wrist And what do you mean with powerful words?
Banned because why not? U gonna be jelly? xD Why would you miss me And even when I do, I just can't no matter how SHIT life is
Banned for thinking about me killing myself
Banned because omg suicidez
Banned because why hello sir
Banned for repeating
Banned because that sucks
Banned because you shouldn't. But do you do anything on the first day?
Banned because if Brisbane is in Australia, yes. I don't remember if it is though, my knowledge of places is not what it used to be
Banned because my ass is under water. No. But my grandpa's area is flooding, hope it doesn't go too far.. It's fine here though
Banned because that's funny xD And Ziggy, I was gonna buy a 6505+ 112 but they aren't made here aymore So no guarantees. And I don't want a large amp, doesn't fit/too loud. Everyone tells me to get a large amp but I just can't, although I'd love to. And a Blackstar HT-5/HT-20 combo=too much moneez for me(unless I wait another LONG time, but then I mean maybe a year... With this shit amp.
Banned because Okaaay Sleep well And I'm gonna try to get permission to buy a Roland Cube 40XL =3
Banned because Noeeees! I'll be bored
Banned because I listened to them once. They kinda sound like Blessthefall. Me liek =3 Mudkip-approved. I just started listening to The Word Alive BTW
Banned because I don't really like them. I like stuff like Seether/Three Days Grace etc too, but that I kinda dislike...
Banned because I don't know if Australian Death Machine counts x'D And I kinda like Dark Tranquility, but never been a huge fan of that use of synths though, and I kinda dislike the vocals as well...

EDIT: There's not a lot of that genre of metal that I like, Amon Amarth is about it in that general direction
Banned because I dunno actually
Banned because you don't know how shy I really am. In contradiction to most boys just talking to them etc, I don't dare to even touch them, let alone talk to them. And I like At The Gates now. But the vocals are kinda suck
Banned because I already have. Didn't like them TBH. Might check them out again. And Dutch girls are pretty cool, we have quite a lot of gorgeous girls. Or maybe that's cuz I'm forever alone and want a girlfriend, while I'm ugly and REALLLYYYYYYYY shy...
Banned because that sucks Anyway. Sweden. I believe In Flames come from Sweden, they're awesome
Banned because swedish... Where she live? Like huge travelling time or just thar where u were born and trolled?
Banned because tickets are too
Banned because women?

EDIT: Women who read this, no offense. I never see a woman as an object, I answered quickly and didn't think about it. And it's in some way to make the joke work
Banned because I do too
Banned because WUUUT.
Slow Dance-Bring Me The Horizon(metal too)<<<Do you like that? Huh? Do you? DO YOU?

Banned because I am not sure if I like them. But I can recalling being like WTF is this. Bye!
No offense
Banned because everybody asks that x'D I don't know EXACTLY, but as far as I know, they're only legal in coffee shops, special shops for drugs (I know stupid name, means something completely else in every other country), but it's only softdrugs I believe. They're trying to banish the coffeshops though. And drugs too for that matter.
Banned because they should be damn lucky they're not
Banned because it gets worse every damn year IMO. More immigrants misbehaving and killing, weather's not ipmroving, and it's getting unstable in terms of politics. The women are fine though. Lots of non-dutch people though
Banned because I lol
Banned because you pretty much repeated me
Banned because I didn't see that coming, Lolz
Banned because I don't know if I wanna hear it
Banned because I never said I wanted to
Banned because he is so masked he's not?
Banned because that's true
Banned because that's why I don't want one