Banned because I do think so indeed xD It came up in relation to my huge problem of yesterday, just popped out of my head
Banned because YAY And I finally came up with a cool riff again
Banned because lolz =3 I'm off to school. And I'm feeling way better Thanks
banned because bye Andrea Thanks for cheering me up! And I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams everybody
Banned because lolz =3
Banned because is that from a song or real life?
Banned because give it to me, I can handle more after this day
Banned because you got ninja'd And thanks a lot! I feel much better now
Banned because thanks guys/girls I know they can't but it's just reaaaally scary...
Banned because I don't know man They're pretty christian, really protective. I'm just so scared. Although I know that girl will protect me, I just hope the police doesn't get involved...
Banned because I know. The story is long. Bottom line: I had this girl, we both liked/loved each other. We live SO far apart, parents never saw me. They think I'm an old perv. I'm 15, she's 13. They reported me to the police, I now live in fear over what's gonna happen...

Banned because my day sucked. WORST. DAY. EVER.

Oh wait, second worst day. Still SUCKED.
Banned because that was more useless than my post?
banned because oh I misunderstood And u got ninja'd

EDIT: Hellz yeah they arexD
Banned because you beat padgea7x to replying to the word joke
Banned because Metallica beat you to it
Banned because OMG.
Banned because we indeed don't. And Ziggy, y u hunt me daon?
Banned because I'm sharing your opinion
Banned because I'm not listening to them, but trying out if I like CoB... For the 5th time... I like them, but the vocals aren't that good, and the synth just sucks (IMO)
Banned for lolwut? And I'm going to bed. Bye everyone
Banned because that sucks
Banned because I'm not. I slept for less than 12 hours last night. U jelly?
Banned because we alone nao?:O
Banned because bye Andrea :O
Banned because that sounded kinda wrong ziggy.

AND! That's why my 6 is in B. But I can't do their damn solos
Banned because I've never really listened to them. Trivium is awesome to me though xD They're the main reason I want a 7-string
Banned because that's damn cheap I believe;O Well done;p And I'm gonna go and sleep nao. Till tomorrow
Banned because you are never old or acting stupid I may guess? Lolz
Banned because I don't!
Banned because I know. It applies to Ziggy now too

EDIT : Okay just HAVE to share this:
Banned because now you're just rubbing it in my face xD
EDIT: He got you bro :')

U fukking jelly?
Banned because OMGLOL.
EDIT: Why aren't the pics I post shown here? I just put the URL in the IMG tags but it doesn't fking work.
Banned because OK now that's just weird
Banned because I partially agree, but he's entitled to his opinion :0
Banned because U frantic (ityticcitytic)?
Quote by SteveHouse
Welcome to July 2009.

It's now early 2011. Where's my machine

+1 agreed. I WANTS TOO USE TAHT. Do want.
Quote by Lewadra

I agree, although it's produced a few awesome songs, like the Bed Intruder Song.
To me, Parkway Drive's 2010 album Deep Blue just sounds way worse than the other 2 albums. Dunno why, others are really positive about it, but I'm not. Also, The Human Abstract's 2006 album is way better than their 2008 album. And although I still like them, Disturbed has gone softie. I LOVED Ten Thousand Fists because of the energy it had. Gone downward in that element since. Same with Bullet For My Valentine, and the only album by Avenged Sevenfold I fully like is their self-titled. The rest is either a few songs or totally suck. But most bands got better or stayed just as awesome