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Banned because lulz thanks Andrea :3 And I'm getting a new amp this weekend. It's just not the beastly huge halfstack I imagined x'D It's a 40-watt hybrid

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I think those people are just very shy and/or introverted. Either that or they have an eye disorder.

That is Exactly why I do it.
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i think it takes time and practice. when i started trying to write songs, i'd tab out all the riffs i thought were cool, and i even labeled and sorted them by what they made me think of when i listened to them through guitar pro. i still have them, and i haven't used any of them in the few songs i'm working on right now because i think they're pretty lame now.

my point is, you'll probably think your riffs are lame or ripoffs for a while, but keep at it and maybe you'll start coming up with stuff you like. playing different kinds of music helps, and spending time away from the guitar to try and come up with melodies and motifs is good too.

That's exactly what I had, but it got better ovr time indeed. So +1 to that
What I usually do is play all strings, but mute the ones I don't need by placing either my palm lightly over them or my index finger when it's a chord that need more than 1 string played with that finger. I just lift my finger when it's not needed anymore (on the last string(s)), and lightly place it over the unneeded strings to block them from sounding. Works for me.

EDIT: You will also be able to play chords much more freely and energetic by muting the unneeded strings, which will increase your stage presence
What I do sometimes is take a song and riff I like, practise it until I've memorised it, get it running in my head, and make a riff based on the techniques that other riff used. It doesn't always work, but I've had some awesome inspiration from it, which lead to completely new riffs!
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I have it. Go watch TV or something, try to distract yourself. You'll be relaxed and not as tired as when you do stuff... ?
A divebomb is when you take your trem, an open string, and a harmonic note. Hit the open string, dive the **** down with the trem arm and then hit a harmonic note. Works best with the 3rd string, 9th/7th/and-a-few-more frets. Once the harmonic is made, pull your trem up, and there it is. BTW. Youtube has it. Natural harmonic, is as far as I know, the harmonic I mentioned before. It's the sound a string makes when lightly touching and open string at certain frets. Youtube that word too.
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Yeah I know it is but I meant they go really loud really fast, you have a bit more safe range with a smaller amp I'd say.

Aaand the Roland CUBE is the same price there as Rock Palace, and but are 1 euro more expensive than thomann But I'd say that's cancelled out with shipping costs.

Peavey I have no idea about what it'll cost in those stores, as they apparently don't sell them.

The Vox VT40+ is 4 euros cheaper at the local store than at Thomann/Rock Palace.

EDIT: The vypyr is also at least 4 kg heaver than the other two ;O
Well, I'd keep it around 250. MAYBE! I could wait for a few more weeks/months, await my birthday party and see how much that gives me extra. But I'd rather not, I've been planning this for months, and I don't want a large tube amp or head/cab, too expensive and too big and too loud (unfortunately:p
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so, ask your local guitar store they can deliver you a vypyr 30 + sanpera II

and personally i would ALWAYS get the II instead of the I x)
but that's just me

yeah, but that store doesn't sell peavey either. They say they're no longer made here anymore, can't give me guarantee etc. They could order it but as I said I'd have no shop guarantee.
Hmmm. BTW, if I were to buy the Peavey, I'd sell my Digitech and get the Sanpera II instead of the I. Because that's meant to go with it, it has direct clean>distortion/vice versa switching, whilst the Digitech doesn't do the direct switching. Also it looks like it has most things the Digitech has, only with a clearer layout and more possibilities to switch things on and off through each other.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I'd have to buy the Peavey from thomann or whatever, which I'm just not too sure about... I'd rather buy in a store. But if it's worth it, I will.
Hey guys Thanks for all the advice! I'm choosing between the Valvetronix VT40+ and the Roland CUBE 40XL now. It's a shame I can't get a larger tube amp, but it's just a no go, expecially heads and cabs... So. Which of the aforementioned do you is better?
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