Although I'm not a fan of those genres at all, it doesn't even sound as bad as most of the stuff I hear at parties etc. Do agree on the way too friendly bass though. I'm not an expert but this should certainly have more solid bass, and a bit louder too.
I also always say to myself to start thinking more positive about the way I look.

And to start dancing at school parties, I'm the only one that doesn't dance.

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I talk to them because I want to.

I was always one of the "popular" kids throughout school, in the true sense of the word because I was on good terms with pretty much everyone. I can't stand it when somebody is legitimately insulting somebody by making jokes at their expense/demeaning them and I will stand up for them if I can tell it isn't just taken as good natured fun by both sides.

Just because somebody isn't as developed socially doesn't make them any less of a person. They are still probably a cool person and you should at least give them the chance and at the very least treat them like a human being.

You're one of the few persons that's popular and still wants to talk to the more socially awkward kids like me I knew there are still good people here
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you don't need a lot of money to show you care

hell, you don't need any money at all

This. Maybe make her a song or something? Just stay calm and you'll be fine
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I've been called a retarded seagull before.

I dunno but I'd ol really hard because that's just a stupid name. Sounds more like an awesome nickname to me

EDIT: Wow, olling sounds so awesome. Ofc I meant 'lol'*
Oldie goldie dude.

@guitarxo: damn forgot xD

This Or The Apocalypse
Not really familiar with them, kinda weard-ish metal lover as far as I can say.

Offtopic: Mprinsje, I'm from Gouda too!
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^What?! Im pretty sure the 3 brands he listed all play ibanez and i know that August Burns Red are endorsed by Ibanez

I'd go with the ibanez... but floyd or no floyd?

PWD uses ESP's
But ABR are indeed endorsed by Ibanez, dunno about the last one though
Awesome taste in music.

Times Of Grace
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The guitar is pretty new, so it could be that something diffrent than the sattle blocks are bad?

Doesn't matter, if you had what I described that's not the thing. I had my saddle problem when my guitar was not even with me for a day, it was bad from the start.
Quote by dark Mass
The blocks inside of the saddle.
(Invalid img)

This. I dunno if that's what was changed when I got it fixed, but it sure helped. I'd guess the saddle is worn indeed, never had any other string unwind by doing what it's supposed to do...
Do you mean the floyd's bridge block(where the string is secured in the bridge) is holding the outer wiring, but it's slipping off the string? I had that, I sent it away and it got fixed. You might wanna try a new string, both me and my brother had that with the strings that came new with the guitars we have now when we bought the 2. He replaced them and it was fine, never had the same thing again.
Banned because I know how that is dude. I'm sorry, it's hell.
Banned because isn't that great? Dude, go outside or something, or just game like heck all day long like I do
Banned because learn some shit on your instrument.
Banned because Confused Rick is Confused.

EDIT: Ninja'd Rick is Ninja'd.
Banned because I didn't know that:O
Banned because I dunno. Why should there be?
Banned because you are no fun and I don't see why people are keeping you alive.

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Banned because Poopie schwoopie. I got my new amp yesterday!
Banned because well done, you managed to recover
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Banned because it's kinda good though. And I have been away the whole damn day, had a big school trip and a party in the evening which took me all afternoon to set up. I'm tired I'll be sleeping if you need me. Bye again
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Banned because I have the same annoying problem
Banned for banning me for agreeing.
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Anything wrong with my list?
Banned because that's entirely true.
U2>Disturbed>Bullet For My Valentine>Our Last Night>Chimaira>Suicide Silence/Oceano
I have the same kinda thing, but I think you just have to watch what your friends say. And if you're not as good as them, maybe they can help you get better. That's what I'd do for a friend anyway. Just try it, if it doesn't work, keep practicing, you'll get to the right level eventually
Banned for epic truth
Banned because I know

He gusta your happiness.
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Banned because Damnit. I'm not in the mood for a discussion at all. You win. For now.
Banned because I'm not lying. I'm nice, not awesome.
Banned because I am NOT awesome.
Banned because I don't mind
Banned because I kinda am puny actually :') Well, they say I'm a bit skinny, but I don't think I am.