Banned because your and you're is SO basic everyone should know.
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ask to see the copyright records

Banned because Euro chicks are pretty kewl. I have this girl at school. Like... OMG she's hot.

Also: you're*. That is all.
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if they own the rights to the music they can charge whatever they want for the right to use it

most likely they would want a fraction of the profit made from the album

That's the problem: they can just as well say they do when they don't.
But don't you think they'll say you have to pay just to get money...?
Banned because I never got why people wouldn't.
Banned because it sure is. just like unicorns or a walrus with anorexia.
Banned because it's a BIT of a mistery... Liar It's called both, just the meaning and how the names came into existence are clear. But I dunno why they left both names possible
Banned because lulz.
Banned because I liek the way you think
Banned because I DO.

I herd u liek being eggman?
Banned for strong lack of willpower.
Banned because walrein sounds weird
Banned because serious? DAMN stoner poster
Banned because OMG I lol'd. Really. And I'm not more obese than a walrus, I'm said to be skinny So unless the walrus has über-Anorexia Skillz (OVER 9000!!!!), that's not really possible
Banned because I had to.
Banned because a walrus is ugly and fat. Wanna be the walrus now?
Banned because Jet.
Banned because I can see it is
Banned for being an Owl Guy.... Hairy Potter?
Banned because HELLZ YEAH.
Banned because you're the bartender. Which bar? Dutchie.

*referring to me being Dutch too*
Banned because that's a bit sad...
Banned because of brandy?

Banjocal: what do you really mean then? If you're not serious about Roland's sux0rz and all those recommendations
Banned because Lolz. But anyway. How much would that all cost? I already said to a lot of you here that I don't have the room/moneez to go expensive. And why do you put in a Fender and Mesa Boogie? Like I need both? And I'd bet it's not cheap.

EDIT: the Mesa Boogie ALONE isn't ANYWHERE beneath 300 euros for the stuff they have in Holland as far as I see. So yeah, you're kind of the fag for not thinking I may actually not have the space or whatever?
Banned because TR00!

EDIT: OH! And I might be getting myself a Roland CUBE 40XL this weekend :3 Which is A LOT better than my current amp
Banned because thanks I had P.E., English and some religious stuff, talking about religion and the meaning of life etc. Dunno how to say it in English... One of little words I don't know
Banned because good night And I have German, Maths B (the hard version), physics, economics, chemistry, and the normal stuff (Dutch, English etc)
Banned because it was easy before I had to choose my subjects. Now it's damn hard
Banned because I have Physics and Chemistry to learn, and Economics
Banned because I am back from school;D
Banned for pwnd.
Banned because I know it does. Never had that job though

And ziggy, what do you gusta?
I'm learning All That Remains(in Standard C#) and Drop B stuff like Parkway Drive, TDWP etc =3
Although there's some difficult stuff in most of those songs. Some parts are just not easy enough for me to do perfectly yet. But I've been playing for 1 year 4 months, so what do you expect
Banned because you gotta tell me what your job is before I can decide.
Banned for copycat. Actually, copybandit.
Banned because YAY. And I'm off to bed. See ya
Banned because you didn't ban
Banned because that's probably true. Although I do regularly listen to jazz in my dad's house. He lieks it so I listen in from time to time
Banned because I know a lot of other bands that are too