Banned for funny. And I dunno, Frantic's okay but still not my fav.
Holy crap the pictures don't work. Try to fix them it's confusing and I'm too lazy to pick out and copy/paste the URL's :')

ANYHOW. Happy NGD though
Banned because I know the feeling. It's annoying. I feel sorry for you
Okay, sounds good Anyway, good luck with writing
Banned because Yes.
Sounds alright, although I don't get verse 1. First it's just about talking about the future, then you make it sound like there's a discussion, and then it's about wanting to be together? Doesn't really fit together IMO. Pretty good though
Banned because I ninja'd again =3 And because I'm a lot better since the drama with that girl
Banned because it was quite obvious I was, as the reason was Ahahahahahah lol.

I on the other hand, didn't LOL nearly as hard.
Banned because I got unbanned the same night I went away to dad for the weekend? FUUU~!

Anyway, I'm back
Banned because how who got who here?

EDIT: Damn this ninja style
Banned because you got me there

See, that always happens to me.
Banned because that doesn't mean it's not annoying
Banned because I don't liek my sentences without anything. Makes them seem too cold and harsh to me.

EDIT: And it is indeed me with the ''xD''

I apologize for any inconvenience. I just f41l at life
Banned because maybe I was still writing when you edited it.
Banned because I damn well ninja'd you.

Banned for double banning instead of editing it into the first ban.

Oh and EDIT to the rest: I'm an outsider too. But I try.
Banned because you made me think of that stupid song I will survive

Edit: ninja.
Banned for cookie. And Metallica, I only do when people are repeatedly acting in a way that offends me, even if not serious. I just don't like it. I can take a joke, but not in such ways
Happy NGD Never liked the headstocks of the white one though. But the second looks awesome =3 Just wish it had EMG's. And maybe a single-coil EMG SA in the middle :3
Banned for Obvious
Banned because they are indeed. And Metallica, are you talking about taking a joke or musically?

EDIT: Ugh. Ninja's.
Banned because according to the Urban Dictionary, that rule has multiple, quite different definitions. Explain plz? And I iz nomming, see ya
Oh and BTW, why are you making fun of my school/music taste? I am not flaming you in that way, am I? Anyway, you might be unserious, but just don't. I put a lot of effort into that party and my music is MY choice.
Banned because I'm having a school party tomorrow. Thus I might wear my awesome BMTH **** you vest and Miss May I T-shirt x'D Or my TDWP one. The BMTH is just WAY too brutal xD

EDIT: Banned god damnit.
Banned because I just said that in my own damn post dude xD
Banned because I make sense. Occasionally. Usually I make bad jokes and stupid puns or just play Captain Obvious. I hate it when I can't be original

Quote by vagelier
banned because of speaking the truth
EDIT: feck!
the student becomes the teacher....

Hellz yeah.
Banned for sinning against humanity. Hater
Banned because thanks At least you people don't judge by how awful I (think?) I look

EDIT: Goddamn ninja
Banned because hater

Banned because you failed to ninja me. But only by seconds
Banned because I am.
Also, read my post about my second worst day ever. And I'm forever alone. I just feel like noone needs me. And I'm always seen as worse than my brother. Even when I get higher grades for once in like 5 weeks. And it's killing me. And happy because I am planning a school party for tomorrow, and it's going well.
Banned because I'm torn between happy and sad
Banned because that's alright, nevermind ;D So. How are you?
NAAH of course not xD I said Buy me. So. Name a price
And you are banned to be honest.
Banned because I want you to name a price
Banned because buy me
Banned because I will E-strike you if you strike again
Banned because you made me remember Anyway. If we were part of them, what use would it be? It's a tiny shit country anyways, and we'd be ****ed up with this recession in spain taking us with it

EDIT: Derp. Why always ninja at the moment I post
Banned for not knowing. And Ziggy, saw it on Mythbusters And I believe we were never part of them, but they tried to invade us and we fought them off. Not sure though

EDIT: OMG ninja
Banned because you can teach goldfish tricks and tracks. The path has to be pretty consistent/obvious though. They should name them Obvifish
Banned because I'm pretty damn smart though for my age<<EGO. Skipped a class and still get better grades than the rest regularly