Lewis Black or Daniel Tosh.
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Almost an 80's intro riff, with the reverb and minimalistic drums.
But the next guitar bit is great, quite an epic sounding phrase.
You know what it reminds me of, like those weird long endings by guns n roses mixed with some world music influence. In a very good way, its so catchy that main riff - I'd love if it had a full intrument arrangement and went on to be a long version, seriously do it man haha.

Maybe get in a friend to drum for you, beef up more than garageband but still cracking effort mate.

Thanks for the advice! I have a full recording studio at home, but GarageBand for iPad is what I have to resort to when I'm away at college. I really like the "epic" riff too. The drums throughout the song are a GarageBand feature called "smart drums", where you just drag the pieces of a drum kit on a grid and it plays the beats. I'm trying to get some friends together to play this song, and have someone sing my lyrics for it.
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First section actually reminds me of linkin park. (not sure if that's to your liking, but I like it).
The second riff is deffo more coheed feeling though.
I like it.

Please comment on mine?!

I don't listen to Linkin Park, but now that you mention it, I see exactly what you mean. Thanks for listening. I checked out yours, it's freaking sweet! The mixing sounds so professional! The song itself sounds so haunting. I love it.
Written by me and recorded on GarageBand for iPad. The way I hear it, it kind of has that epic, 'Welcome Home' by Coheed and Cambria feel. I have lyrics and melodies but I'm not much of a singer. Also, long story short, there's no guitar during the verses. I came up with a riff for them as of now, but I'm at school and I left my 1/4 inch cable at home. I'll take care of that later. Meanwhile, please listen and tell me what you think. If you like it, tell me. If you absolutely hate it, tell me. Anything. I've never let anyone hear any of my original work since 2010. Please and thank you!