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i use combination of rapid and repeating bending and release for "wide" vibrato(bending vibrato), it is multiple fast bending and release in the form of a vibrato effect, create good sound effects too.
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please submit lessons using the submissions form or post recordings in the recordings section.
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thank you very much for your kind comments
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It's the same principle: down tuning a guitar. Thus, it's relevant to some degree.

tuned down half step has fewer new notes
compared to tuning to B standard
if tuned down to b, there are so many more extra notes
and the notes are so much lower
it opens up the door for fresh lead playing

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don't blame me and say i dissappear after posting
Quote by Baby Joel
eddytanh you really make no sense to me
i dont like the way you write
and how it tends
to dissapear

I would also like to say that the reason why I down tune
for instance, from E standard to B standard,
is because I prefer the timbre of
the lower notes.
If you don't
understand this
then you should go
listen to some more

we are talking E to Eb
E standard to B standard is out of topic
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It's very easy to play an E in Eb tuning. Just move it up a fret. If you don't understand that, it's you who needs to study. There's a lot more to guitar than just open chords. Basically anywhere you can play an F chord in standard E tuning will be an E chord in Eb tuning.

P.s. I have studied Drop D tuning, but that's completely irrelevant to our argument.

you totally understand my points
but just want to argue
it is better to use standard tuning
rather than playing barred chords in a position you need to adjust
do you really want to always play a chord in those " made do" position
and not playing the chords in the normal position
Quote by Arpeggio X
You're either an idiot or you simply can't put your point across eloquently enough for us to understand. Which by default makes you an idiot.
You're an idiot.
As for the Drop D tuning, that has no relevance here.

EDIT: I think I know what you're trying to say, but if the original song is in E, why not tune your guitar to suit it or transpose the song to suit your tuning?

as you said, but if the original song is in E
why not tune your guitar to suit it
Quote by Junior#1
You're still not making any sense at all. The tuning of the guitar doesn't affect the vocals. If a song is written in Eb Major, all the notes of the guitarist, vocalist, bassist, etc. will more or less fit into the Eb Major scale. It doesn't matter if the guitars are in Eb standard, Drop C, Open D, etc. Just because you tune down a guitar doesn't mean the vocals have to be lower in pitch. You could tune it down to Eb standard and sing it an octave higher. Changing a guitars tuning =/= changing the singing pitch.

If the song is sang in a lower pitch than it should be (which all depends on your opinion when you think about it) then it's up to the singer to sing it in the right pitch.

when we play a E5 power chord in half step down tuning
it is actually Eb5
when we play open E
it will turned out to be Eb
if the original key in Eb major then it is no problem
but if the original key in other key
say original key is E
when you pressing on a E chord
it is not E
but Eb
hence the singer will be singing in Eb instead of E
if you still dont understand
go study drop d tuning
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You do know that people can sing at different pitches, right? And this is a guitar forum, not vocals.

Guitar tuning has basically nothing to do with vocals. A lower tuning can imply a lower vocal tone, but what notes are actually sung has nothing to do with guitar.

the whole song will be sang in a lower pitch than it should be
if you sing with a guitar tuned down half step
that is what i mean " not on pitch"
if you still do not agree
it is up to you
i stop here
Quote by fixationdarknes
On pitch with what? An E-tuned guitar? Of course not it'll be on pitch with an Eb-tuned guitar. The relativity between the vocals and the guitar does not change.

inb4: trolled

when a note supposed to be a "e"
we should sing "e"
not "e flat"
you just listen to all malmsteen's vocalist
that is the reason i only listen to malmsteen's guitar
not the singing
Quote by Windwaker
This thread is getting out of control. TS's question has been answered, and now we are getting acid-hippy poetry describing why Eb tuning sounds bad...

the guitar in a half step down tuning do not sound bad
it is when you sing with a guitar in this tuning
your singing will not be on pitch and sound bad
it is simple
when you play a chord in a guitar tuned down half step
your singing is same as the chord (down half step)
it is not on pitch
unless you born with voice like hendrix
it will not sound good
hendrix plays in this tuning
malmsteen and slash too
but hendrix born with a soulful voice
malmsteen & slash's vocalist just don't sound nice
imagine it
when you playing a E5 in a half step down tuning
it is actually lower than a standard E
it just don't sound nice
and yeah, srv too
someone who just started guitar
can choose to get a teacher or learn by themself
but the important thing is to get all the positions right
if we start wrongly, it will be a big problem later on
although one might have reached professional/performing level
i clean my fretboard with "ghs fast fret" when changing strings
i use them on the fret wire too
it also can be used on guitar strings
but for normal daily use
i clean my guitar strings with a cloth after playing
Quote by FreshouttaMS9
the nice piano playing is disrupted by the tapping noise...uh, uh, wut?

oh, it is not piano, i cannot make my guitar sound like piano, only can make it sound like violin with volume swell, the tapping is actually cross-stick on drums, this is the second version, i did not get good feedback for the first version so i made the drums simple
let the pulling off finger downwards motion can get more effective volume
compared to just lifting the finger above away
i used to record using cakewalk
but it is not that good
the worst part is the cakewalk get expired and need to pay twice
i just discovered acoustica audio mp3 mixer
it is really good
can even allow you to record the full band as unlimited multitrack is available
but it has no edit function
can only adjust the volume level
so recording must be one take for each instrument
and it just require the pc only
no need mics and cables
even for drums