Hi I have a problem with my PSP online.. Whenever I play a game it says either 'connection to host lost', 'Can't connect to server at this time' or something like that.. HELP! :P
Hi guys I have a problem with my PSP and my internet.. I got my PSP connected to the internet and I have my gaming name but every time I try to play it says something like 'Can't connect to servers at this time' or 'Connection to Host lost.' Help me? Haha!
Hi UG, I'm in a rock band called Twitch at the moment.. I am the lead guitar and there is a keyboard player, a drummer, a rhythm guitarist and a bass guitarist/singer.. We are unused to playing with each other and we would like if ye gave us some help to the types of songs that we should start off with in a band.. We are very experienced musicians on our own instruments but we're not sure what would the best songs to play and to master.. Please help! Thanks
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Arrange your band so that each member is playing whatever instrument they are most competent on.

You see man, it's like this: Myself and the Drummer are the best musicians in the band.. The other guitarist and the guitarist/ bassist aren't as skilled.. The guy who will sing (bassist/guitarist) is the worst of us at his instrument so that means if I choose to play bass the other guitarist who isn't singing will have to be lead.. If I play guitar the other guitarist who isn't singing will have to be rhythm.. I think I'm going to be lead guitar because The other guitarist that isn't singing won't give a solid guitar performance.. Lead guitar for me, thanks very much for helping me guys
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Go for something like this :

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What music are you playing? Is it more interesting on guitar or bass?

The music is ROCK/BLUES/ACOUSTIC/MAYBE METAL... It's interesting on both.. If you wanna hear it just look at my profile and look at the mp3..
Thanks for your help guys..
Theremins are cool haha but no...
I think the best idea is the I play guitar but switch to bass every so often... The people that are with me are a bit of New-b's haha..
Good idea Tarsplitter haha but no...
Oh no there won't be 3 guitarists.. If i play bass, the singer will play guitar.. If I play guitar the singer will play bass
Hi I'm in a band at the moment.. I can't decide which to choose to play for the band... Lead guitar or bass? I've been playing guitar for around 5 years and bass for 4 years... The drummer and the other guitarist want me to play bass: The other guitarist wants all the glory haha The Keyboard player and a guy who plays guitar mainly but likes the bass (HE'S THE SINGER AS WELL) wants me to play lead guitar... I can't choose what to do ... Plz help UG!!!
Well I'm Con haha.. I'm not new to UG.. I lost my other a/c password.. I play Guitar and Bass for around 5 years... Started up drums last year... If ye want to hear me add my as a friend and check out the video on my profile homepage.. Thanks.. Subscribe to me on youtube as well haha - TwitchCNSKJODMDU....
I use a yamaha haha.. It was my first electric guitar and they're very reliable... I even recorded with it.. Check out my video of my song I recorded with it on my pg... Add me as a friend haha