I can see
From above
to below.
The depth is
beyond me; not
only as a person
but as one who is
witness to life.
It goes on as
it climbs, as
do I.
I look back
but no longer see
where I came
from. Again
my thoughts are
captured, but this
time not by
Shallow again
I am.

Thanks for reading.
I had an idea to start a thread where we could just share some music
that features guitar playing that we personally think is inspirational, influential, interesting, whatever. Once linking us to the tune, it will be really cool to hear what you have to say on a particular part or aspect of the piece of music. The whole idea is to create an open mind towards all different types of music and to begin appreciating the music for not only what it is, but to learn how a person has been influenced by it as well.
Sweet. I hope you understand.

I'll kick it off with a track by this amazing dude:

I really love the intro to this tune. I feel there is just that right amount of dissonance to make it interesting,
but there is almost an easy-listening quality to it as well.
I've attempted to use this effect in my own writing.
For example, in one of the songs I have written I use an EM7 followed by a D#7,
incorporating that semitone apart vibe ya know?

Add the really dynamic strumming, like a wave from loud to quiet and back up again,
the playing flows so smoothly, so delicate yet sincere.
I also dig how this part brings us swiftly into the first verse,
yet it feels like nothing was left out.

So yeah, that's my first attempt at a random idea.
I'd love to hear what you've got to say. (:

Looking at options for a distortion pedal to use with my Peavey Classic 30.
I will be using my Stratocaster with Lace Sensors as my main guitar.
I really dig the raw distortion sound on SuperUnknown but also a modern distortion sound so would be really awesome if there was a pedal that could incorporate these tones.
I can understand if you think I should go out and buy a different amp and guitar for the sound that I want but I like what I have so I will try make the most of it.
I've noted the Wampler Triple Wreck as a viable candidate but are there other pedals equivalent to this?

What's up.
Here are some drum covers I did recently.

Breed - Nirvana

When The Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin

No One Knows - Queens Of The Stone Age

Rock On!
Heyya. Quick little chord progression for you all to ponder over:


Cheers and thanks for your help (:
It is a pretty silly idea. Ahaha. Stupid idea that came to my head in class :L
@Shor yeah, i've got an el cheapo I use for random stuff. It's good fun :P
Hey all,
A quick question regarding the orientation of playing guitar.
I have been playing guitar for a number of years now and I was wondering
whether there would be any benefit in learning some stuff left-handed,
possibly with the strings reversed.
I'm interested in seeing how it would affect my right handed technique and
whether it would give me new ideas in composition.

My mate had an idea that instead of going straight to upside down lefty, play
right handed with the strings reversed. I'd think of this as a bridge between
what I first thought and how I normally play, right handed.

Your thoughts?

Cheers mate. That's what my music teachers have said in the past, about the lowest note, generally the bass, determining the function and what have you.. (:
Yeah. That's what I meant. Not totally up with my music theory.
Hey. To my ear when I play these two chords; for example in the key of G Major; C7 and Eminor, they sound very very similar. Could anyone explain the tonality between the two. If you get where I'm coming from?

Fair enough. I suppose it could be possible to make the space for it so I don't really see that as an issue but if the physics of it don't work than forget it. (:
Ahahaha. Okay man. How come though?
Hey all.
I've just had this idea about a design for a pickup and wanted to know if it is possible or if it has already been attempted.
So essentially it's 2 pickups for an electric guitar that are stacked on top of each other that have room for the guitar string to move between them.
Thoughts on this?
I know absolutely nothing about the workings of magnets or electrical components so it might sound utterly ridiculous to those who know about that stuff. I plead naivety now..


Here is a band cover of Alive by Pearl Jam that I performed in at school.
Here is the MIDI version of my song Empty. Just looking for some opinions on what sounds good or could be improved on. It does sound pretty average as it is sourced from a GP6 file. Nothing sounds as good as real instruments though so I hope to record this song in th near future. Cheers (:
What were those dudes smokin' when they were describing those various keys and chords. I found those definitions slightly mesmerizing in a way :p
But I think one of the past posters is right, when we hear a piece of music in a key of another song we are familiar with, or have some sort of emotional attachment to, in a way we would feel much like how we would feel when listening to that other piece of music.
Wow.. I did not expect such an analytical response. Thankyou muchly man. I'll do a bit of analysing in my spare time of it. In the melody line, I use a double-dotted note for the melody to work out properly (I was not consciously thinking about using a double-dot when writing it, it's just the way it has to be written for it to sound decent). I'm pretty sure GP5 can't read double dots.

I have transposed it down a tone in the GP version as i think it sounds nicer, but when i play it on guitar, I play it in E standard. The Bm, F#m and G act as a transition into the chorus. I believe this is what my teacher was picking holes in.

Could you explain a little bit more how the melody is quite jarring in those bars? Is it to do with the rhythm or something else? because the rhythm has been affected by the exportation to GP5.

But thanks man. I was not expecting a response like that. (: Rock On.
Okay guys. Have a listen and tell me what y'all think about it. It did say that when i exported it to GP5, some features couldn't be carried over, so it won't sound as good and/or right as the GP6 version. (:
I have written the piece on Guitar Pro 6. I could link it to this but I don't know how to do that. How do I?
Thanks for the reassurement guys. My music teacher will just have to ****in' accept it the way it is. ((:
Hey guys.

In a song I've written, I've used the key of E Major in the verses and D minor in the chorus. I use an A Major to modulate which turns the D Minor into a D Harmonic minor (I believe). I have been told by various musician friends and teachers that this is quite an illogical modulation. Is there any reason to why they would think this? To my ear I think it sounds just fine and I like it (:

One trouble I'm having though is hitting the first note of the chorus melody. It starts on an A on the second fret of the G string (A3?). As I'm failing to hit this one note, it's throwing me off the melody completely. I can hit the note perfectly when I play the note without modulating from E Major. The last note of the verse melody is an A# (A#3?), a semi-tone up from the first note of the chorus melody. Do any of you have any tips or advice to help me hit the first note of the chorus melody and the following notes?

Thanks heaps. (:

You got your
Hands dirty today,
When you were not
Meant to play,
I have some soapy water for you,

Stay inside and
Watch TV,
Now that lunch is
Ready to eat,
I made this meal especially for you,

Cut my finger,
Watch it bleed,
Your reflection all I see,

You and I've got what it takes,
To become one and the same,

Now that the day is
Worn and old,
A rolling stone gathers
No mould,
I write this song in memory of you,
Go the drummer! C'mon! Throw down some blast beats or somethin'!
Aww yeah. Totally man. If I hadn't been freaking out from nerves, I would have totally rocked with that tension and made the promo girls panties drop.

*Ahaha. Fully forgot to say that there were promo girls chucking out T-Shirts and merch in my first post.
My band played at 'Rockquest', NZ's equivalent of BotB. I was setting the levels on the DS-2 I was using for distortion as I was using clean and dirty sounds. The sound guy turned up the level of the mic even though the amp already had a loud clean sound. I went to slam an A power chord, but instead of hitting the open A and second fret D and G string, my fingers were on the first frets of both D and G strings. The most horrible sounding chord known to man shot out across an audience of about 300, stunning everyone. Talk about major screw up But it was the best gig our band ever played. Got to play two originals to the largest crowd we ever played at(:
The HZ's are passive and are using 500k pots.
Hi(: I am thinking of changing the bridge pickup in my Epiphone Zakk Wylde Buzzsaw from a EMG HZ-4 to a Seymour Duncan Bridge Invader Synyster Gates Custom. I've been offered it from a mate who has taken the invader out from his guitar and was wondering how this pickup would sound in my Les Paul body guitar. Would the new pickup fit in my guitar as it has been fitted with the EMG pickup?
Anything else I should be aware of?
Alright man, i'll look around for a decent amp tech in my area
Heyya. A while back, my Line 6 Flextone began sounding like utter shite. When playing on the distortion channel or under a reasonable amount of volume, the amp creates a buzzing/farting noise. This is a really sweet amp to play so I really want to get this problem sorted. A friend says it could be the resistors but I no nothing about the goings on of a solid-state amp. What could the causes of this be? Cheers(:
Hey all.
I am looking to buy a new Acoustic Hardcase for my Fender and am looking at various possibilities. I want to get a case that will last forever and survive a nuclear attack :-) jks. But I can spend around $200usd so it will be a decent case.
From my local music shop (Rockshop NZ), the possibilities are the Gator ATA Moulded Hardcase for $203USD and the SKB 18 Deluxe Hardcase for the same price. I will put the links below. What would be a better choice? I know little about this side of the field so insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Im currently composing a song where I'm modulating from the key of E major to the key of G# minor. Is this a Tonic to Mediant modulation? I think it sounds very interesting and I am intrigued to find out what I can do with this. Is this a common form of modulation and are there any well-known songs/compositions that use this key-change that I could use for inspiration? Thanks!
I noticed that about the added F on the Bbmaj7 too. I'll probs just play it with the four notes
Ill jam some bluesy E major licks over it and watch out for the accidentals (:
Whats up?(:

I have myself a chord progression that sounds pretty sick (imo). I know the first 3 chords which are E#9 (i think), BbMajor7 and AMajor7. The last chord is quite interesting so i'll tab it out as part of the chord progression(: Knowing the key this chord progression is in would be pretty cool too! Thanks.

Gotcha. So harmonic rhythm is more likely to occur within the guitar solo itself and how the notes played accompany the rhythm of the chords being strummed? (:
This section is in 3/4 timing like the rest of the song. The rhythm I play these chords in is
q ss q q q q. q = eigth, s = sixteenth. Take what you like from that(: I've never heard of harmonic rhythm, care to elaborate?
Clint is the man (:
In the piece that I'm writing I ended the section before with an Eminor. How I began the following section is simply because the relative major is Gmajor, also because the song is in Eminor, I wanted to apply some modulation. (smartybar) I wanted this passage/progression to sound happy so I made all the chords major.

I chose a fifth of G which is the D. I have been messing around with the open C shape and moved it up 2 frets. I figured that because this open C shape is obviously major, moved up 2 frets will have a Dmajor sound to it.

Moving down a tone from where I began I repeated the process. I liked what I heard and so the rest is history(:
Hey! Just a few lyrics I've been sitting on. Let me know what you think and I will happily critique yours too(:


You make me feel as if
I know myself to well,
And I don't know if you can tell,

You left me standing there,
Before your chair,
With my head full of holes,

And I regress,
I've been left awake,
Into open space,
I fall away,

Aggravate my symptoms
'Caus it's okay to die alone,
These pastel clones make me
feel right at home,

The writings on the wall
for all your eyes to see,
In the changing of seasons
colour runs from the leaves,

And I regress,
I've been left awake,
Into open space,
I fall away,

Thanks for all the...uh, advice? I did get the chord by moving the open C major chord up 2 frets to make the D chord, or what ever freakin chord you'd happily call it(:

@Sleepy_Head Thanks for your really constructive feedback, i've found that to be the most reassuring information i've heard in a while(: