Those metalcore guys you hate ARE industry bands. As someone gave a nice list of examples, those are not the industry bands. Don't worry, it happens to all genres, and you aren't a total jerk for pointing that out. People always get mad too when someone complains about industry bands, it always seems somebody can't calmly explain that there are indeed good bands present.

Enjoy some good ole Converge and feel better.
See if the color will grow on you. It is quite slick. If I were you, I'd change out those pickups though...
I'm sorry.
Start at 10m 51s for best results.
Moon safari is as close as I can come, just because its more like psych prog, but couldn't hurt to recommend.
I think he's probably asking for something along the lines of Music Theory II, stuff. Which is usually associated with things subsequent to the basics. So usually when you finish 4 part writing, 7th chords, etc.

Just help the poor dude, jesus.
My vote is for the Blackstar. I have one and I can vouch that it's drive is tasty. It sounds kind of thin turned down but once you get it "loud" it has a very full sound. And, it sounds good lightly driven or totally cranked (Gain-wise). However, the tubemeister is great too. So, you can't really go wrong.
Well, the superior production quality does help 'modernize' the tone a lot.
Omg, this is absolutely wonderful. Brilliant!
DiMarzio. And, I feel like a Steve's special or something similar would be more fitting for that style of music. That's just me, though.
I just put to word every feeling that comes to me as I think about the topic.

Finding a 'topic' usually comes from personal experiences, but if I can't think of anything, a lot of the time, I get inspiration from a phrase in a book or song.
If Obama is up against Palin, or Ron Paul, I know who I'd vote for. (Obama...)
I've just picked up NST myself and it's so much fun and probes your curiosity and creativity. You sir, have done an amazing job in using it to full capacity, and you have created an amazing song!

And you're at BG right now? I'm from Toledo! (Go ohio?)
I just finished learning Three of A Perfect Pair on guitar (Fripps part) so yeah, those guys are ****ing geniuses.
The U.S. redneck one was totally spot on. I've got tons of family in the south.
That's some pretty raw stuff man, nice job.
Sounds good to me man. Reminds me of carcass.
You should try them out and mixing your own melodic/thrash style into the songs. If they're cool with it and you like it (which could happen) stay, if not, leave.
That's pretty sad, honestly. But if I were to choose between the two, I'd go with the LTD, because that Schecter is heavy and has a neck like sludge. My best buddy has one and even though its a nice guitar, I just cant stand that.

@Above: Oh. Lol
For writing songs, just try one day when jamming with the band to write a simple riff, be it even 3 chords. Just try and jam off that and let your imagination run wild. One thing I've learned is to not be intimidated or afraid when jamming or writing. That kept me back for soooo long and now that I've let it go riffs and jams just flow out of me some days.
Scale the Summit
King Crimson
Animals as Leaders

I've been listening to Periphery, but I still can't stand them.
Quote by littlephil
That's a very common misconception. You can adjust the trussrod as much as you want. It won't stay exactly the same as the neck settles, but there is no reason why you should only turn it 1/4 turn or less a day.

TS, you've just got the rod tight, its normal. It might feel like it'll break if you loosen it, but it won't. It's possible you've maxed the rod out too, which is why it won't get much tighter.

Alright thanks. I'll still have someone more experienced take a look just in case.
Quote by Koshman32
How much are you turning the truss rod at a time? You shouldn't be doing anymore than 1/4 turn per day. Give the wood some time to adjust.

I did a slight amount over 1/4. Barely any more than that. (Let me make that a little more clear)

Yeah, I was going to pick her up in a day or two and see how it was coming along, but I wanted to find out what others thought first.

I really made it sound like I was just turning away in the first post, haha. ('Twas rephrased)
Hello fellow UG'ers.

I wanted to add some relief to my neck (not to adjust action, like the common mistake, lol) so I brought my guitar over to technician at the store near by (so I wouldn't worry about messing up my own guitar) and he didn't have any fitting wrenches. Since he didnt have any short 5/32" wrenches, I went home. (I didn't get a wrench to adjust it with my guitar.) (Neck is dual-action, by the way)

I finally found a fitting wrench, and decided to add a small amount of relief myself. I did a small turn, just a nudge of a turn. Nut was nice and smooth, and I had no problem. So I decided to do a little less than a 1/4th turn and all was good, and the neck was coming out just fine! I put in another small turn, nice and smooth still. Here's where it got weird.

The neck was looking GREAT! I was proud I had succeeded in giving the neck the relief I wanted, while not screwing it up. I go to add just the last amount of relief I want and wham! After a tiny turn it gets really stiff. The truss rod won't loosen any more, and VERY stiffly will tighten. I put the wrench down and stop putting any sort of force on the truss rod.

Any ideas what could have caused this? I mean it is STIFF, like I feel as if I turn it anymore, it'll snap my neck in two. That stiff. I'll be taking it to get checked out ASAP.

->Will be letting her sit to adjust as advised
Quote by strat0blaster
Best way to break a plateau, in my experience, is to jam with other people. You'll see and hear things you would never have thought of or come across on your own.

If you've got a set regimen down for practicing, change it up. This might also help freshen things up, because in the end, it's all about perspective.

I second both of the things you're saying. Playing with others, and switching up practicing.

When I plateaued recently, what I did was totally rearranged my practicing, adding more things I needed to work on, but also added more fun things, so overall, I improved a lot more, and I enjoyed playing 100%. I also am starting next week personal jamming sessions with my buddy, a drummer. I also have been playing with my school's jazz band, and that has opened a new world.

So just look around and see what other opportunities lie around, and all of a sudden you'll find yourself improving while having fun.
I will start tomorrow, promise. Tonight though, I must practice for my Jazz Band auditions! That is much much more important to me as it affects my entire future.
My songs will most likely end up being all jazz and progressive rock/metal instrumentals lol.
Hmm, I like this idea, and might have to participate. Tis be a good way to get myself to create more...
My favorite melodeath is Insomnium. They remind me of Noumena except more melancholy, less aggressive, and with more classical roots in there. Their music to me feels more relaxed, like, I'm supposed to sit outside when its raining and listen to them. Still love em though.

And MPE are alright, I'd prefer Eternal Tears of Sorrow or Noumena over them easily though.