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So you want the switch to control the bridge pu when you flip it up. Simply rotate the pickup selector switch after taking off the plate around it. If that can't be done then you have to resolder the connections to make that happen.

Thanks for the reply, i am trying to do what u adviced me to do, i will update this post asap. thanks.
Hi there, thanks for the replies, however i am still a bit confused, because my guitar is a les paul style body and i saw the demo on my guitar and the person doing the demo explained that when the selector switch points up, it activates the neck pickup, but in my case, if the selector points up, it activates the bridge instead, is it possible to correct this? i recon that the previous owner probably installed the pickups wrong?
Hi there, i just have a question, i have an esp ec-50 and usually the top pickup selector switch controls the bridge pickup, but in my case the top seems to control the neck instead, i got this guitar seconds hand, maybe they installed it wrong? is there any way that i can have the top selector switch control the bridge instead of the neck?

Thx for the replies, I will check out the peavy.
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the big problem with going with that morpheus pedal is that it instantly halves your budget. you have two guitars. can you not set up one for one tuning and the other for another?

I haven't tried the morpheus, I'm just thinking that unless you change tunings a lot, it's a lot of money considering your budget.

Hi, thanks for the reply, yes i am aware that the morpheus pedal is actualy quite expensive,. my les paul is tuned half step and my jackson kvx10 is tuned in standard e, i just find it quite bothering to downtune the jackson coz it has tremolos on, so its quite time consuming to downtune it, in most cases i play in standard e, but like i said most modern metal songs that i play are tuned lower than standard and i really like to play metal on my jackson rather than the les paul.
personally i really think the morpheus pedal is actualy quite useful especially in my case, i just think that it is quite expensive though. i could buy myself the new epiphone les paul special 2 gt/explorer gt for the price of that pedal. those 2 guitars are actually on my list of my ''to buy'' list.
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The VT100 won't be much better than your VT30.

If you want metal+loud+affordable, you want a Flextone:

Yeah, I know, it's 20 quid over budget, but you can pick them up under 300 used.

EDIT: You're aware that you'd need a speaker cab to run the HT5 head, right?

Hi, thanks for the reply, yes i am aware that i need a cabinet lol, however i might wait quite a while for the cabinet to arrive coz its out of stock in the local guitar store here.

btw can you kindly check on the link that you provided? i cant acces it =/ i mean the flextone one.


I would like to get some friendly advice on getting new amp/pedal

My budget would be around £200-£350
I play a lot of classic heavy metal, blues and some thrash metal, ''saxon,diamondhead,samson,grim reaper,venom,slayer,megadeth, etc''

Right now own a vox VT30 amp and i also own a jackson KVX10 and and an epiphone les paul special 2. i also own a marshall jackhammer, digitech death metal and a morley classic wah pedal(s)

im looking for something thats good for bedroom practice or maybe something that could be loud enough for small garage practice.

My choices would be a VOX VT100 and a Blackstar HT-5H head.
however i also am interested in buying a morpheus droptune pedal.

if you want any more details please feel free to ask me.