My view... Looks even better at night:

At night:

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which restaurant in crown??

if it is crown?


i work in office can be hard some days and fuck easy other days.

I feel I do not get paid enough considering the workload I take on...and the hours they expect us to work sometimes.

Na it's not crown... are you from melbourne?
I work in food and beverage in a casino. I get paid $20.95
Do you live by yourself? with housemates? parents? or otherwise?

I live with two housemates and was just thinking about how awesome it is! I'd be curious to know how many of you pit junkies live in or out of home..
I'm drinking whiskey, neat and its only 3:22 AM
drinking with my housemates
Walked into a guitar store and was just browsing, saw a beautiful fireburst Les Paul Studio, Price tag: $2599, I spoke with the dude and he said I could have it for $1699. I put it on layby and now have the beautiful thing for my own!
I Love:
falling asleep on a rainy winter afternoon and waking up just as its getting dark and raining, warm in my bed
People and their interesting little traits
Waking up cuddling someone amazing
Walking along and revelling in just how beautiful the world is
Feeling completely confident and awesome
Food and the smell of food
Friends and family
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Why are women allowed to vote?

Some questions just don't have logical answers maaaan.

Well shit! I drink alone AND I vote, really breaking the mould here hahaha :P
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I always drink by myself, unless friends happen to be around me at the time, this is my drink of choice:

Do you ever drink by yourself?
I do and am right now haha, except I am leaving for my friends gig quite soon.

and What is your drink of choice? mine is Bourbon neat
T-hem crooked vultures
L-ed Zeppelin
O-ffsrpring (the)
R-ed hot chili peppers

I-zzy stradlin and the ju ju hounds
S-kid Row

S-ex pistols (the)

B-lack Sabbath
O-zzy osbourne
R-olling stones (the)
E-agles (the)
D-oors (the)
Username: TaylorIsSoBored
Real first name: Taylor
Sex: Female
Religion (or lack thereof): N/A
Nationality: Australian
First vegetable that comes to mind: Carrot
Favourite band: Metallica/Guns N Roses
Favourite guitar player: Slash
Favourite guitar: Les Paul
Favourite album: Appetite For Destruction
Best concert you've attended: Iron Maiden Melbourne 08
Tea or coffee: neither
Ever been to Spain? no
Do you drink? yes
Do you smoke? no
Wacky Baccy? no
Ever taken a dump outside? no
What's the weather like there? cold in melbourne atm
Favourite film: Titanic
Do you give money to hobos? sometimes
Ever bungy jumped or skydived? no
What present did you get for your mum's last birthday? nothing
Favourite Simpsons character: Bart
Are you a virgin? No
Record no. of faps in a day: A lot
Favourite cheese: Cheddar
Ever had a wet dream? no
Most f*cked up thing you've ever witnessed: cant remember
Favourite animal: Whale
Do you live on the coast? no
Place you'd most like to visit (inb4 "Your mum's cooch"): LA
Favourite author + book: NA
Any tattoos? Do you like them? no
Can you lick your elbow? dunno
Last thing you bought: sprite
Worst injury you've had, or disease contracted: Bad sunburn hahah
Clean, overdriven or distorted? Overdriven
Have you read LOTR? no
Ever broken someone's nose? no
Favourite passtime other than guitar and fapping: Drinking
What's your dream job? Guitar player
First thing you'd buy or do if you won the lottery: a house
Ever jumped into the water from a large height? yes
Ever been in a car accident? no
Flamethrower or rocket launcher? rocket launcher
And finally, what would you do if you woke up with a bare testicle stitched to the palm of your hand?Rip it off and dissinfect the area LOL
Just bought myself A Gibson LP studio... me and a chick I was seeing are getting along I'm working a lot which = $$
Hey guys, name is Taylor, 19 year old chick from melbourne, been playing 3 years.
into 60s,70s and 80s rock and metal.
take it easy
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Hi, welcome!

On topic: take this thread here:

cool, thanks man
hey, thought I'd make a welcome thread for myself! haha

well I'm a 19 year old chick from melbourne, been playing for three years now,
love guitar! I'm into 60's, 70's and 80's rock and metal!

look forward to trollin and shit!