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Part A:
Living all these days in sorrow/Living all these days in dark
I would die to live tomorrow/You would kill to unlock the past
Part B:
Who am I?/Am I hollow?
Take the pain/Vanquish the sorrow!
Part C (Pre Chorus):
Take me,take me from my hand
And lead me to the promised land!
So tomorrow will be cold/A gray will take the hold!
I’m standing on my own/I’m ending up once again alone!
Part D:
Teach me what is right and wrong/Then I go on on my own
The future may have gone/But my past’s waiting to unfold!
Part E:
So come with me n’ fly/We gonna rip the sky
It will be our trip through time/We’ll leave the material world behind!

Pre Chorus/Chorus x2/Solo
Part F:
Don’t tell me about future!/It only brings me down!
I finally understand/I would die to return to the past!
Ending (Verse):
If my loneliness lies in my future/I’d rather clad in dark
But if I had the chance to do one thing
This would be a return to my past…
I wrote this a week ago,Hope you like it!

Part I:
Do you know when’s the end?
Do you know when we die?/When do our souls fly?
When I turn at myself,in the future I see death…
But when we die do we fly..

In eternity…
In eternity…

Part II:
Suddenly,life has a new meaning…
We believe that death is just a feeling…
From now on I walk my path/Don’t know how much my life will last…

In eternity…
In eternity…

Part III:
A black veil surrounds my life…
I’m searching for the reason why…
Are we just piles of sand…

In eternity…
In eternity…

Do you think we are forever?
What comes after our death?
I guess that I’ll never know that as long as I’m alive…
Well,I wrote this song at school,at a time that I was bored!It's mine,although I stole the title from the Avenged Sevenfold song...Plz comment!

Part A:
I am alone tonight,
And I'm staring at the rain,
The thunders do not sound,
But my heart feels the pain,
It hurts,it cries!
Whatever existed in it is dying!

Chorus A:
Gone!I've been far away!
But I'll find my way!
I will go on!
Cold!Are my days in gray!
Darkness and decay!
Since you broken my dreams!

Part B:
Justify all my sins,
What's hiding under my skin?
(It's)taking away my soul,
I'm gonna break death's walls,
Her veil!Her shroud!
Her halo,hid all her sins!

Chorus B:
Take me!Where the magic is!
Outside my way!
So far away!
I!Have been gone so deep!
Once in my dreams!
Never gonna do that again!

Part C:
The streets of broken dreams I walked,
Trying to find a way home,
No stars to show (me) the way,
Just obstacles to keep me away,
Elusive is my cure,
But I'll never know,I'm sure...
I was hurt I cried,
But at least I haven't died!
Or did I?

Chorus C:
Death!He has found his ways!
Driving me insane!
I'm gonna break his walls!
I have found my end,
But I won't give up,
I'm not dying today!