Telecaster single coil tones are used in pop punk on a fairly regular basis...
don't put an emg in it..
harley benton at your price point. You are going to struggle to find a better cab until you get to at least 270-300 used.
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^Not sure if srs.

Pretty sure it stands for Solid Guitar. That's what I've always heard

meh a les paul supreme would own it...

just joking
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Its like a Tom Anderson for poor people


if you where to buy that you'd just end up selling it for a tom anderson
Most tube screamer type deals will do the job.. its really down on how much you want to spend..
Those are usually plywood.. just sayin.. before you do anything rash like buy lavish chocolate sprinkles to put on a turd.
I've always been a fan of the OLP john petrucci models. Great value
and cool ec200 as well
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Out of those two, the Blue Voodoo for sure. If you can find a used Peavey Ultra, that would suit you better. They go for about $300ish iirc.

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22/21 fret guitars are for grown ups. They just sound much better(of course kids nowadays wouldn't know the diff) and it keeps the kiddie shredders around here from screwing with my guitars.

Get yer heed oot yer arse auld yin.
Every major tuning change you will need to adjust the springs in the back to have the trem level.

Read teh setup thread to see how
7 klons out of 10^

schecter hellraiser
lots of abalone
peavey 6505+ 112.
I own a non thin cv telecaster and its pretty damn neat i have to say. MIM buildwise there isnt much in it. Feelwise you'll be looking at a thinner/flatter neck on the squier probably...
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I seriously don't think I've seen an internet ad in years. There's really no good reason not to install adblockers.

you're lucky you're not in the site feedback forum kyle...
Marshall MA - decent where did you get that reputation from because word on the street is that they're dogshit!
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Bands like august burns red for the really heavy stuff drugs or for all those sleeping for softer and like sleeping with sirens for a good clean and slight distortion. Hope that helps

ultra or jsx/
6505 isnt the best at cleans though it does an ok job.
All the amps mentioned would do the gain requirement
Get a used peavey ultra plus to go with it.
They are fantastic and cheap.

Mine quite often makes me think "is it worth it?" to more expensive amps after paying £200 used for it
Good deal.

Now play some metallica! ROCK.
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That's not what I said at all. Jesus Christ. Reading comprehension, try it some time.

I'll bullet point this for the more intellectually challenged.
  • Having more frets on a guitar does not inherently make upper-fret access easier. Every fret is the exact same distance from the bridge as it would be if the fretboard ended at 21 or 22 frets.
  • It just so happens that many guitars which have 24 frets happen to have a 'super-Strat' or other modern body style, many of which feature deeper cutaways than a more traditional body style would have.
  • 24 frets does not demand these deeper cutaways.
  • A deeper cutaway does not demand 24 frets.
  • Ergo, having 24 frets does not inherently make upper-fret access easier. Having deeper cutaways or a carved heel is what makes upper-acces easier. It just so happens that these two features are often found on the same guitar.

Saying 24 frets gives you better upper-fret access is like saying having PAF-style humbuckers will give your guitar a thicker neck, or that having a Floyd Rose will make your fretwire larger.

calm down son, Its not that big a deal.
and generally if a guitar does have 24 frets the design is modified to make them at least reachable..

also lol at the 12 more notes guy
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Does that make me digital?

Well you'd have to be a computer to not give up on moominman.
vintage modified stuff is usually up there with classic vibe as far as i'm aware yes.

As for the first reply i dunno if he's trolling or just plain retarded
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depends which professional series you mean... i think there were older 90s ones which were mij (which were before my time) which were supposedly pretty good. there were newer ones (early 2000s) which were korean-made and which weren't that great.

i think.

I think all professionals are japan. And the performers had korean made ones. Its confusing because both series names start with P
should'ave done clips through the aor
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alright but gc is like a 1 and a half hour ride from my house.

boo fecking hoo
I bought my ultra plus for less then a bugera (even most used ones) and its of equal build to any other pv. ie way better then behringer
If you don't buy that mark i'm going to fly to australia to slap your face.
I wanna know what guitar he has that is unacceptable I'm curious
i hear bcrich5000 or vintage amigo has one. i forgotz
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Oranges sound like Oranges

Mesa amps are good but it really depends on the price you're paying..

In the uk if you're paying the price for a new recto then it isnt that good..
Its an oversized practice amp that blasts out shit tone.
Yeah getting an attenuators a good idea if you want to throw your money around stupidly on an amp based on preamp gain and wear out your tubes at bedroom levels.
its not hard to use a quad core to its full potential. Just boot up gta iv or one of the total war games.