So, i herd u guys leik laneys?

This place is like a time capsule now. Haha.
Tim, you old fart, how's things?
So they just bought back the DSL50? Well done Marshall.
I think we're all growing up and forgetting how to be guitar geeks, I am so out-of-the-loop when it comes to new guitar gear.

EDIT: It kinda feels good, man.

It's pissing down with rain and my face is all cos I don't have to feed 20 horses this morning.
So I came to Australia, became a cowboy and burried a horse with a diesease that is fatal to humans, I don't do things by half. Kinda miss my Laney from home, kinda don't.

P.S Hey Dave, long time no see!
Still on the goldcoast, heading south next sunday. You're in Melbourne, yeah?
'Bout 25 minutes west of the gold coast. Love it here man, can't see myself going home.

P.S Amps are stupidly expensive here, it hurts.
Bout' 25 minutes west of the gold coast. Love it here man, can't see myself going home.
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not dead. Everyone talks about guitars in here now, and guitars that I don't really like so I lurk but have nothing to contribute.

I didn't think you were moving here? Anyway, if you're ever in Melbourne gimme a PM or something.

Oh Hai! haha

Sick man, hope you're still enjoying it, I'm shitting myself!

Right this is actually my last post, computer is going away.

Take care guys, catch you later.
Still got a fair bit to do, including fitting a kitchen with my uncle! haha.
Right, catch you later guys, I may pop in time to time. I wish many happy guitar purchases your way.


EDIT: Denth, I have a Sinner in my charvel, there's some recordings on my profile with it I think, have a gander.
I move to Australia tomorrow. Shitting brix. Alex seems to have died so that's not too comforting.

It's a work of art.
Nigella Lawson makes me...

Don't cycle when you're drunk. That is all.
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yeah, i've ordered a few things from them. Before the extra percentage off sale prices. they told me to hurry up because they were going to stop the sale too. Not terribly impressed.

Oh and my laney gh50l and lionheart cab got here today. Got it in the guitar village sale (it may still be on, but there weren't too many mega deals in it).

Nice! I'm hoping to pick up another GH one day. Good choice on the 50 watt, the 100 is silly loud.
It's probably for future updates, drop/open tunings etc. They'll being out some software that you can use to update the pedal.

Just a theory.
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^ tip tops then? (think that's what they're called... do you even get them in england?)

Tip tips all round indeed!

^Ba dum.

I got a 13p pay raise, 3 weeks before I quit.
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Its cool, she didnt mind. We has trust in our relationship. We didnt "tribb it up" D=

You should have done, tribbing solves everything.
The white one is pretty enough to get away with it, the blue swirl is just...gaaaaaay.
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The exact colour combo of the jackson i want is on fleabay. Cannot believe. Poorness. RAEG!

Also i feel kinda guilty, i got really high last night. General question but would you guys get pissed off if you found out your better half slept in the same bed as their ex, but just sleeping, nothing else.

A guy who I went college with had one of those. Trem was awful, jus' sayin'.

And yes to the bitchtits question.

They might have Tribb'd it up.
Cracked out the acoustic for some recording the other day
Check it out. I'm just the guitars.
'Clock a Milf Lookin''

Just a rough mix, vocals are too loud and some other problems but for a shitty few hours in my mates bedroom it's not too bad. Check out the other songs on there if you're interested, they're not all filthy country songs about milfs.
You all need to hear this song, the lyrics had me in tears laughing.
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I corrected the OP just for you.

I hope you feel speshul

Back on topic, yes?


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I've saw the guy around at school when I was younger....

I've saw your bad grammar and raise you a speeling mistake.
I totally forgot that I had a VJ back in the day. It seems forever ago.
Sounds a lot but works out at about 2 a month.
No you don't, I have work at 4:30am.
I've played 17 gigs since January, feels mediocre man.
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Mm, maybe. Thing is, I'm not 100% sure what I want from it just yet. I definitely want it to have a rock kind of tone, because the Strat will be aimed more at the bluesy stuff, but I'm not sure whether a humbucker or the P90 would be best in the bridge. Tough choices.

Also, twice as jealous of Becky now. Sad times.

^ Nice

Edit: Well, shit. I officially have no available money. What the ****?

Anybody want to buy a kidney? I might be able to get the surgeon to cut one out tomorrow when he does the cyst.

Epic food poisoning burger last night. Living is a hassle today.
There are some awesome deals in the seconds out from time to time. I'm done buying gear but if I see anything worth mentioning I'll post it here.
Pretty sure that Supergroup is long gone. Someone on the BKP forum bought it I think.
I'll be selling my 2x12 and my HT-5H soon if anyone here's interested.
A girl I was in a band with had the AC15 and it was just so bland, every setting sounded the same and the tremolo was pretty boring. Worst of all is that it was always lost in the mix.