First gig with my AOR tonight, could be good, could be disastrous.
Send him n00dz. gig vid from earlier, we had to do a Thin Lizzy tribute thing, learned the songs this morning and played them tonight. Spot the MAB piss take.
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I always wear a dress for shows. Nothing too pink of frilly - just a common or garden skirt.

The Scottish were really onto something with kilts. They are comfy as hell - nothing to cramp the crotch.

The amount of lies you spew to make you seem 'cool' is hilarious.
Yeah that's happening to me, but playing live and being awesome is the only thing I'm really good at so I'm sound.

Bandits are wicked, i've been saying this for ages, but everyone ignores me and goes d00D GET A CUBE OR VOX.
True, only one of these gigs matters.
Dude, I have 3 gigs, one a day for the next 3 days. I'm not prepared at all, but it'll be wicked.
I should have been in lesson 2 and a half hours ago.


The irony being I was gonna get up super early so I'd have breakfast and be on time for the lesson but it was so early that my mind went 'GTFO ALARM' and I turned off my alarm in my sleep.

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I guess so.

And it's the song. I didn't even know there was a band.

That's yours, and I'm gonna change it. I just kept that one for this purpose.

That looks so damn good.
In a perfect world I would, but my lecturer is a class A cunt and I'm not gonna do it just to spite her, I honestly don't care if I fail that unit.

Same man, my mum is on at me about getting a job, don't get me wrong, i want one, but I'm still in college and there are **** all jobs going. I'm hoping to start making money with this band soon, though.

Yeah Akack, stuff just gets a lot more complicated, for example, I should have written a book, yes a book, I'm talking pages and pages for tomorrow morning. But it's just not happened, CUZ I R LAZY N FINK DAT PUZZY N MUSIK > BOOKZ.
Because school is a fucking breeze.
I did look pretty rocking, all that crouching killed my knees though.
I am knackered, I danced and played music for 4 hours.
Won't be happening tonight, I've invited some mates around for xbox and beer.
**** **** ****, got there, tickets hadn't been reserved, only one seat left, I let my mate have it but I'm now in party mode so I'm trying to find somewhere to go and get ****ed.
I'll steal your black powers and turn into one swarve mother****er.
I have to sit through a few hours of a really lame musical all in the name of fanny tonight.
My life gets ruined by pubs and tits. Football.
The 'Do you like me?!' bit is a little strange, and weak, especially for a chorus.
The picture was in reference to this man
Them vocals are bad, I literally lol'd in a few places.
Keep working on it, The lyrics are pretty generic aswell.


Caps bladd.
Looks real to me Alex, go for it, you'll regret it if you don't. Life's too short.
It is, and everyone asks that, haha we called ourselves after the album cos we always jam out Willie the pimp. We r not serialz.
Just a cool ass black guy who can get away with Hawaiian shorts.

When did you get that beaut of a tele?

Check out how lame this is, is it too metal for a reggae/drum and bass band?
We're Hot Rats.
Awesome, my band has got our first decent gig on Friday, gonna be shit hot!
Wicked, do it Alex.

How's the new bike schteev?