Laney VC's are wayyyy better than that AC15, by the way.

Don't get a 900, they very mediocre.

Any of you guys like Dave Matthews Band or John Butler Trio?
Oh, and I want a tele now, cheers.
Charity gigs are shit, even if you are helping people to not die.
ohforgodssakeitjustgotworse I now have to spend the day in Chester, too.
You nigs should jump on this so I don't.
Good god, I'm super ill and have just been told I'm gigging tomorrow. Adding insult to injury my Blackstar was a total shitcunt on Monday night and I've not had chance to check it out. It's gonna be a strictly Laney night.

I would so put my P in Katy Perry's V.
My band was on the radio last night, good times.
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Never work at a certain motorway services, pplz.

Blowing truckers not all it's cracked up to be?
Just seen a fuckin' UFO. Mind = BLOWN.
How is ausland treating you, Al?
You just made me really really miss my GH.
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man i really need a break too... ill just give you guys a peek of my week.

monday to friday i have school and tuitions for uni entrance exams i have to give 2 years from now. the entrance im concentrating on most is the iit-joint entrance exam, which is one of the toughest exams in the world with a not so encouraging success rate of 1 in 59. i have school+tuitions from 7 am to 1 pm.

on saturdays i have only tuitions for a relaxing 6 hours from 8 am to 2 pm. sundays we have doubt solving sessions. in short my entire week is full of the most stressful shit possible.

to top it all it all i live 16 km from where i go across the city for all this shit. distance doesn't seem like much until you realize what living in mumbai is like. traffic is ****ing hell since it seems like half of the world lives here (highest populated next only to shanghai only by a 1000 people lol) and the roads seem like they're made of shit.

so i cant travel by road which means a minimum of twice a day...


...for half an hour.

sorry for this shit but i really need to mouth off once in a while.

ps: every once in a while pakis come and blow local trains up to piss off indians. 8 blasts (318 in total dead) since 2003. the railway system is also the deadliest in the world with 20,706 people having died in the last five years; an average of 10 each day.


EDIT: the point of this post was **** yeah tim i need a break too haha

Hahahaha! Join the EDL.



Or don't cos you'd be right coon if you did.
I got hit on by a drunk woman at work, I still take that as a win.
Denth, I tried a 5 Watt Laney Cub today. It's Meh, usual 5 watter, a bit like a fender champ 600. Nothing to shout about at all. The 12 may well be very different.
I might write 'Anne Robinson Is Dead' on the back of my Charvel, someone talk me out of it.
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Cleartone cables. If Timi was hear he'd agree.

+1'ing up in this bitch.

Craig is here too, wtf, am I in a time loop?

'n' shit.

See you at 3am.
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Dude. You've ruined it.

Nooooooo. The neck pickup was the shite stock one anyway. It's a tone machine now.

All this said I don't even have it, I've loaned it to my mate till I get back from Aus.
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Ohh bad times. Where you working?

I only know one person here, and she works 9-5. And I don't wanna be annoyingly needy. Then there's that I have no idea where anything is, no way to get there and no money to spend Only been here 4 days so it's no big deal yet. Going out Saturday with her and her mates so hopefully I can sort my life out


Working at shitty Iceland, it's actually proper fun, dead easy and working with some of my best mates(Pay is pretty good, too). Only doing it to get the cash for Aus then I'm outta there. Cannot wait to leave.

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Gotta say, the Charvel is nice. Personally couldn't play a single-pickup guitar, I don't think, because I just love cleans on a neck pickup. But if I had the cash spare, I'd probably have one of those just 'cause they're nice

^ Free? Hmm. Free is good.

I ripped the neck pup out of my SG, only a volume pot is rigged up to that nailbomb and it's wicked for rocky stuff. The last 4 or so of my bands songs in the set usually get played on that or my V.
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The fact that your up at half 4 is mental

I'm so bored out here atm, bad times.

Was up at 4 for work, it's beyond shit. Gotta be up at 3 tomorrow.
How come you're so bored?

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Thing i dont get about iommi is that pretty much all laneys are bright. And he used a rangemaster. How does he still sound pretty dark. Is that part of the voicing difference with the GHTI maybe?

Nah, he used a rangemaster back when he was using Supergroups, and Klipps, I don't think he has (Need for it)it now.

Then again my amp/rig swatting isn't as good as it used to be.

P.S You will get bored of 'Dime squeals' in about 5 minutes then hate the floatyness.
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Anyone know what the difference is from the regular GH and the GH iommi? I find myself tempted. I wanna pick up a nice br00tz head in a few years or something.


Extra gainstage, 6L6's stock and slightly different voicing, if I remember right.

The sheer amount of posts in this thread made me smile, it's like old times.

I'm so gay.
Spot the idiot.

Things are good, how're you?
Hahaha, I'm gonna be in Singapore for 4 days before I get to Aus so hopefully I'll be so full of STI's I won't realise.

UG's world has just been turned upside down:

That's 100% solid state.
yeah mate, end of October, if you're on the east coast any time hit me up on here cos I'm gonna be wanting a band aha. Best of luck, I can't wait for my day to come.

^Get the 50watt, the 100 is ridiculous.

Everything is the same apart from volume, revalving the 50 is cheaper too
Imagine what those phone signals are doing to your balls.
Didn't you get the memo? Buzz is the new tone, this is the Laney thread, remember.
Hoorah. I really need to buy some new bareknuckles.