Hahaha oh dear. At least your VH doesn't have to deal with Drop A# at 3000bpm.

Don't badmouth it on the assumption it's full of diodes. It could well sound cool anyway, the HT's are a pretty sweet range.

Classic UG syndrome.

EDIT: I'd be all over that shit if it made toast.
You are quite gay.

My GH100L was proper noisy, when cranked it would squeal the house down.

God, I miss it. It's now played by a guy in a headache metal band .
Quote by timi_hendrix

Like this:

EDIT: You beat me to the ebow in gear ads, you penis

It's so nice I listened twice

That's actually well nice Arul, not normally a fan of those PRS's but that one is tasty.
Message received, the purple squirrel rises at dawn.
Love that brass section Tim. Could have done without seeing your arse crevice, though.

'nother HD video from the same gig:
Same here, more excited than nervous though, it's gonna be incredible! I'm going to Canungra(Near Brisbane) first to stay with my brother then will probably be doing the east coast in a camper van if all goes to plan.

No definite plans yet really, I plan to roll with the punches. I'm not taking a lot, some guitar gear and a few changes of clothes.

I foresee lots of wet-wipe baths and sweaty mornings.

You're going west coast aren't you?

Also going to Singapore for 4 days as a stop over, should be interesting.
94 days and counting for me. I fly out on the 25th of October and can't wait.
Nice dude, how are you sending it? I'm breaking my Charvel up and putting it in my bag. I've bought a hiscoxOMGAWESOME case for my acoustic and I'm gonna check that in.
You want to be a musician so start being a musician, if you ever want to make any money you will have to play things you don't like sometimes.
Yeah man, model 6, you selling it?
Quote by KirkMetallica

Tremble before your overlord.

Is that...armour? L.E.D?

Well I guess that's that...
That accent is ridiculous. Sounds really forced. Pitching is alright but the accent is the main thing to work on. Try and pronounce the words properly.
Gig last Saturday, I have Dot Cotton hair.

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that's what happens when you sit in front of a videogame all day long

Pretty much.

Same thing happened to me after a long Bad company 2 stretch. Stop playing and it will go away.

That said, stop playing most video games and your life will get a lot better.
Oi Alex, where you going in Aus? I'm off there at the end of October for a year.
Hahaha brilliant. Just done a gig, sober because I'm too broke to drink even 2 quid pints. Was good fun, can actually wring sweat out of my t-shirt. Oh yes.
Heaven just got a whole lot sluttier.
Myself and the boat with the best name ever.

and here's me being an idiot last Saturday night.
Hahaha! Tone deaf idiot.
My arms look like this

Sun is awesome.
I sucked but the gig was awesome, fucckeed drunkin stylo
Gigging the V tonight, time to be cool for the first time in 2 years.
Dude, I've not been the gym in almost 2 months, time is repeating itself, I'm getting good at guitar again, too.

I'm scared.

Who knows, maybe next week I'll be funny again...
Sounds great too, really nice to have a flying V again.

Here's the best part
Had a NGD yesterday, WTF IS THAT?!
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What kind of music are Laneys best suited for?

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You fool. I did a great thing, I listened to every Frank Turner album.

I do that shiz daily babez.

TIM: My mate has the WH10 v2, it's well nice but the switch is shit, real shit, and the bypass is also pretty wank.
With those pickups and that bridge, there's nothing you could do to it to make it sound like a strat.
I'm happy that both sides got a few blows to the head. If I had a hand grenade I would have thrown it into the middle of them.

I'm all for fighting the BNP but that's not the way to go about it.

Plus, spittin' ain't cool, yo.
Just did this recording with my mate.

Hip hoppin about stoke, I'm the guy who sings first.
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****kk, another night of rocking peoples faces and drinking lots, peace out lanye people, i.e. Tim, you cu nts

What the hell?