Last Fridays gig, best we've done.

****kk, another night of rocking peoples faces and drinking lots, peace out lanye people, i.e. Tim, you cu nts
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I never understood wanking into a sock

I was just about to post the same thing.
Is it an American thing? Do they not have tissues?
Don't worry, he just meant that he was gonna get really hammered this coming new years eve and would sleep through new years day.
Do it Tim, don't be a pussy.

Give a review as well.
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I would, except I've forgotten your name.

True story. It's Jamie something?

Bahaha, Jamie cotton, shitface.
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You're in a relationship on facebook now, you have no business in this thread.

Yeah, I e-stalked the fuck out of you.

Dude, I deleted you on facebook time ago, add me again.
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if you get a loan for the rent from a rent boy (i assume thats what they do, loan people money for rent) then you can get the WH10II and tell me whether its good or not

...plz b jokin

Get a WH10II, I want one. Send it to me if it's nice, then you have no house to love in and no sweet wah.
Kicking arse and taking names, covering Dr Dre acoustic stylie.

Me looking proper gay with my mate after a bike ride, he was shit.
That's wicked, i'll give it a go.
Hahaha cheers Tim, I'm trying to learn proper fingerpicking and this one seemed a good un to do.

Chucked some new tunes on, check em out guys. PS dey iz depreshunin'.
Double sided tape.
Maaaaaan everyone is better than me at playing acoustic haha. Nice video man.

My acoustic Dr.Dre cover, only the blackest mother fucker around can get away with dropping N & F Bombs at a gig. It really is amazing how far you can get with a wink and a smile.
Dude, I am no longer Hugh Grant, I'm now a ten year old, check my pics.
P.S Tim, I am addicted to Frank Turner, HELP ME.
I still play with toys and eat sweet all day, oh the joys of unemployment.
Shit was so cash, I'm older now also, I have short hair and I'm actually pretty good at guitar nowadays, nothing too technical but I can dance my arse off and still play the right notes so that's something.
LOL Geoff, wasn't he like, 12? WAIT, weren't you all like, 12 a couple of years ago?
Ah, I remember those guys... *Nostalgic erection*.
HT-5 is lame for gigs, even when mic'd, just not enough stage volume, for me anyway. But I did only use it when the soundman was a donkey and everything was ear splitting.

I'd take the HT-5 over a class 5, they seem awful.
That's what a volume pot is supposed to do, Stevie babes.
Get one of those louder HT models with reverb, sorted.
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I miss the sex-g.

I miss the days of ripping the shit out of the Sex-G and Steve being in denial about it's shiteness.
Just saw that, I was like 'When the hell did he get that?!' You got it at the show then?
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I have an AOR50 Pro tube head and even though i'm linking the sound i'm sure some nice tubes would smash the Sovteks in there now, any recommendations?

I also find that when i pull the bass knob for a boost, both the bass and volume is boosted far too much. I find that it's still loud with that master on 0 (with preamp gain cranked) and that theres so much bass that it drowns out the treble and mids (even when those are boosted, is there and way to help this?

The bass boost is ridiculous, simply put, don't use it haha.
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It's often cos I come to my senses that the girlfriend isn't right for me and I was just settling for the lowest possible point due to fear of rejection.

Though the most notable ones would be my last (two feckin' years ago), we were 15, she thought it was a great idea to be practically ****in' married and be tied to eachother constantly, which ain't cool. I had a two week glimpse of freedom (great two weeks, spent in Ireland with some friends and ending in a festival, cool stuff) and realised.

Anyway, what I didn't know, was that two weeks prior to this, when her friend stayed at her house, she accused me of cheating on her, her reasoning was "He went to a Megadeth concert with a girl" and "He went to Stoke for a weekend" I went to a deth can't bang while trying to catch Megadave's wristband, and in Stoke I was playing poker and having drinks with three guys. I'm not gay.
She also, after my Ireland trip, accused me of giving her herpes. Which is funny, cos the first "sexual partner" (no actual sex cos she was too scared her mum would find out) was her.
Her whole basis of thinking she had herpes was cos she had a cold and had some dodgy shit around her mouth two weeks after I left her.

Jesus was that an awful situation, my friends still take the piss out of me.

Another breakup (that wasn't actually about realising I could do better) was cos I swear this girl was insane. Like, actually insane.
Though she went on like, a 3 month depression binge when I left her...
I recently found out (been about 3 years since I was with her) that she knocked on my friend's door, handed her a peach then just left.
Scared me...

Slow down there kiddo, why the hell did you come to stoke? Zee place is a shithole.
Fuciiikkkkkk, just droove home wth a mate who was drunk, bad decision.
Didn't get pulled thooufgh
Oh, Alex, forgot to say about your tunes, wicked tones, some parts could be tighter but it's good, you're improving. Craig, that acoustic duo was awesome and made me want a mini Accordion so baddd.
I chucked some new stuff on my soundcloud recently, the bad religion one is shit but it was fun.
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That is so ****ing sick

I know man, there's talks of us covering it at the next gig.
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the new gorillaz song is soooo much ****ing win

Is it better than this?