Metal is cheesy and so are priest, it goes without saying and doesn't take away from the sheer brilliance of the album. The guitar work and vocals are astonishing, no modern band has even come close to bettering that album.
Painkiller is far from dumb, it's a very influential metal album.
Did the best gig of my life tonight. Was awesome.
I am drunkkkkkk haha.
Quote by beckyjc
If you're doing studio stuff, want good tone at home, or just want something light, portable and small to take out and jam with mates then i think a 5 watter is plausable. Obv too loud to crank at home.
I want an AC4 myself...

Why did you get one then?

Got it for those reasons, but 200 quid(And the lionheart is like 300-400, isn't it?) for an amp which is still too loud to crank at home, isn't loud enough for gigs and isn't all it's cracked up to be is lame. It's a good amp but if it was louder and sounded more like my old Laney GH i would be happy haha.

Maybe i just want another GH.

I do just want another GH.


Will check your stuff out Alex.
I chucked an old NOFX cover that i found on the other day and no one has listened to it so give that a go for me.
I think 5 Watt amps are a waste of money.
I'm far from a HT-5 bum boy.
If you do get a lionheart, get the 20 watt, and get it used.
I didn't mate, it might still be there though, gonna pop in tomorrow on my way from the gym and see.

I have more videos for joo guys, this time with a bassist, same place, same songs(And same t-shirt, haha) - cos we iz leik, so originulz.

My tone ****ing sucked that gig though.

Don't break your promise to the devil -
Streets of the Carrion Crow -
Demon Gardener -

Tell me what you think guys.
Got another gig this Friday, gonna be off the hizzle.

Check out the myspace for 'studio' recordings, they're pretty pants haha.

I made her piss herself.
Pictures would help, chief.
It's the 20.

'Excellent little amp, single channel 1w - 20w knob (While it may not be as useful as other scalers, it certainly does make a difference. At 1w full volume it's very spongey and loose, and as you turn up the watts it gets louder and tighter. At gigs I'd often set the gain and volume up full, then adjust the wattage control to get a volume I liked Smile ).

2 sets of valves, EL84 and 6V6. You can set how much of each you want via the valve control knob, so for a nice clean, set it to 6V6s, 20w, gain as low as you can before it's off, then volume full.

Egnater "Tight" and "Bright" switches (Controls treble and bass even more).

Suitable for 4ohm, 8ohm and 16ohm.

It also has an effects loop Smile

Loads of info and pics here

It's in excellent condition, nothing wrong with it at all. Comes with gig bag.

There's a vid on my Youtube page

Quote by beckyjc
Considering you can get em for like $500 on ebay in the US and theyre like £500 here, you're probably right. Plus I cant try it.

Id do it, yamaha SGs are sexy.

Weren't you after an Egnater rebel? Theres a bloke selling one on the BKP forum for 450
Cheers Bec, you can have my AOR haha.

Should i trade in my AOR and some money for a beautiful 80's yamaha SG?

I'm not a mesa fan really, tried an F50 way back when i was king of noobs and it did nothing for me. Maybe hold out for the orange? There's nothing worse than regretting an amp purchase, plus Mesa are silly money for what they are.
I am both talented and good looking LOL - OMFGSOLO - Dancey song - Sexy song.

No bass player but still sounds alright. I'm playing through my AOR into my 2x12.
Check em out, tell me what you think guiez. Out drummer likes to play the game 'Play at 3000bpm to make baz cry'.
Quote by akack

are the se series really not worth it? anybody got any other suggestions? my thread got a lot of s470 suggestions...

S470's are so overrated, i had the Deluxe one and it was just weird, neck angle is strange to me and the tone just wasn't that great, even with the swineshead i had in it.

The body looks cool as fuck though, no doubt about that.
I shaved my head, shit is so cash.
It's a Dean Z of some sort.

Alright, if you don't get any US takers, hit me up.
Hi mate, I'm interested, would you ship to the UK? If so how much would it be?

Frets are fine, your bridge is a mess, get it sorted.
Quote by stevo_epi_SG_wo

the TT has slightly more modern voicing where the GH and to a lesser extent, the VH have more of a vintage bluesy kinda vibe. the TT has 4 channels too which make it uber at everything

GH is nothing like a vintage blusy amp haha, it can go from modern ripping brootalz to sparkling cleans.

I miss my GH.

To the guy I don't recognise: Don't get an AOR, if you want a Jcm on steroids, buy a Jcm800 and give it some steroids (A tubescreamer).

P.S Your Charvel is fucking fantastic.
Life isn't shit when you have a bed to sleep in at night, a Diezel and a shit hot Charvel, Alex, remember that.
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I fixed my Charvel, it sounds awesome in the Diezel.

I failed my exams, didn't get into uni, have my final chance in Jaunary to get in, I don't think I will.

I've just summed up my life since the last post

This thread is oooooolllld

Awesome about the Charvel. Uni isn't the be all and end all, dunner worry.
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I think it's much more surprising that he's from Stoke-on-Trent

She's a babe, let her be.
Sounds good to me, can you hold it till Thursday? It'll give me time to chuck the money in my bank, you accept paypal?
Hey Jake, I'm interested in the Monitor, how much do you reckon postage would be? I'm in the West Midlands.

Use your Ibanez instead.
That guy is shite.
Yeah, it's wicked for that stuff.
Everyone knows akack is wrong.
'You have a face like a fire damaged apricot.'
Well, at least you don't have a face like a fire damaged apricot. *Glare towards little Ben*
Bahaha, I can't work out if it's just really shit g-funk wannabe tracks or really unfunny parodies.

Either way, you're a cock.
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I'll ride shotgun.

B4d B0yz 4 lyf