Oh god, who let that guy in here?
Nobody cares and you're probably a shitty, generic, metal guitarist anyway.
In super short:
-Had bad feeling about night
-Went to grotty student house party
-Bunch of shifty looking asians turned up, i predicted that this would dramatically change the demographic of the party
-Shifty Asians were asked to leave, did so after a while only to boot the door in after and some nerd rang the po po.
-We got a taxi into town before the po po turned up.
-Partied like a bad ass mother in town.
-Got into the funniest fight ever after I called a guy 'Shaun sack'(His name is Shaun ball).
-Partied some more.
-Went home.

Only spent 20 quid the whole night, GOAL.
Lesson of the night: Always trust your gut feeling.
I made 200 quid in 2 and a half days and didn't even sell my body.

Another day another unwilling singer/songwriter. You'll get one someday Tim.
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post a pic of one then baz.

deodorant. thank god.

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.. -. -.. .. .- -. ... / ... -- . .-.. .-..

i can play the race card too.

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-. --- - / .- / ... .. -. --. .-.. . / -... .-.. .- -.-. -.- / .-- --- -- .- -. / .. .----. ...- . / . ...- . .-. / ... . . -. / .. ... / .... --- -

So racist and sooooo wrong.
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So seeing how dis is a Laney thread, thought I would chip in, anyway, I have been looking at the GH50l recently and seems to impress me.


Das ist sehr gut.
Get a better fuzz pedal, Muffs are lamez.
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2 Years of fact retention that's followed by 3 more years of fact retention at uni.

Sup negro's, Barry has a life now, shit is so cash.
Hey man, sorry about that, i've been working.
I'll pm you now.
Bump, could really do with the money from this.
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P-90s. Normal singles don't sound right for metal.

Honestly, you should go with a stacked single or a single-sized hum. Anything else is asking for unacceptable levels of noise and feedback.

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Damn straight, b!tch. You're free to hang as well, but you have to write me a love song, give my best friend head and walk through a gay area with your shirt off and see how many times you get hit on. If it's less than five, you're not worthy.

Get a life, you wart.
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I have about $500 after visiting India, and if doesn't go on gear it's just gonna go on booze and drugs. So it might as well go to good use.

As for UG and the internet...I'm a weak person.

So I was just hangin' in the forum..beeun a cul dewd.

D'you reckon?

2 tracks, sloppy, made up as I went along, repetitive.

Did this a few months ago, only just chucked it on a CD and put it on my comp though.
Not really mate, I'm in need of money and don't really need any more gear.
Bump, come on guys.
5 Years at Christmas and I'm the king.
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I still remember having a 10GB HDD, that was fun. I once deleted all mums documents to install HoMM 3

I once had a 4GB hard drive.

That's right.

Oh the good old days.
New laney models?

EDIT: Ah, the Prisim and the Cub, I've heard nothing yet.
Yeah, went back to do the second year.
Fuuuck, I should not have gone out and got drunk last night, but at a quid a pint i couldn't refuse.
Quartwe past 4am, bare tired., burying my grandad today, bad timez
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ooh, how much?

Make an offer mate, it's in brand new condition, still got the box, footswitch and all the papers etc, I'll even chuck in a speaker lead.
I'll be selling mine if you want it, I'm in the midlands.

That drum and bass tune is up, only a rough mix but it's sounding fair sweet, it's called Driftin', get on it, tell me what you think.

Don't listen to it on laptop speakers cos you won't hear mah sik base dawgz.

Cheers ears.
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Does it make me a terrible person if I nearly collapsed laughing at wheelchair tennis?

EDIT: Okay this is getting silly I just looked up "wheelchair tennis" on wikipedia and it informed me that Holland makes the best tennis players whose legs don't work. WAY TO GO NETHERLANDS.

I am awful.

EDIT2: I wonder if the umpire's disabled too and he has to get wheeled home in that massive chair.


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Obligatory video of my shit band that cuts out right before the best bit, with many cock-ups. God bless university. I'm playing drums.

Dude, get a bass player that can play in time haha. Drums were sweet though.

Awesome band name.

EDIT: Stereotypical awkward classical playing Asian ftw.