Shame on you.

I just popped my head in the WTLT thread for the first time since this new thread and goolz is still a humongous, throbbing cock.
If i'm ever down that way I'll do it for free.


Seriously, I might do if I have money soon.
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U have a bass baz? Wat type? Mia jazzes are teh secks

****ty Peavey Milestone III, first guitar thing I ever had(I played bass for 6 months before I realised guitar would be more fun), It plays wicked but the sound is just really weak and wank, the neck is winrar too.

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Somone come and fix my Charvel

I would love to.
Neck is falling off my bass.

Gooood times.

American jazz plz.
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Jesus its so hot i think im going to have a stroke 0_o

what songs are you doing baz?


Drifting -

Don't break your promise to the devil -

Streets of the carrion crow -
My house is free this week so I am gonna get absolutely thrashed on many occasions then go the gym and sit in the steam room to pwn my hangover.

My band will also be doing some demos at my house so if they're good I'll put a link to em on here for j00 guiez.
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Pretty good, ta. I'm still alive and have a job


Good to hear, life's as good as it gets for me at the moment, except my granddad being on his deathbed it's all going pretty good.
Just finished college, turned 18, band is going well, will be getting a job, have a lady, have done most of the things I wanted to achieve this year already.
Price lowered: £200 + P&P With Bareknuckle nailbomb.

Make me an offer, could do with getting rid of this.
Hey Dent', how's life treating you?
20 quid a month here, I can just about pay that, going to try get a job on Friday aswell.
I'm still a sarcastic, greedy, poor, angry, wanker. Except now I have a social life, a girlfriend and nothing to do for a year.
I joined a gym and did 4 hours of sweating today.

Good times.
I might as well be looking at a blurry mess.

Oh wait, I am.
Ahh, yeah I was gutted, all I got was a mouth full of clunge.

I am tremendously hung over.
II am sio ****ing fffrunk ii couldn'rt goive a ****/
It's a magical pedal which takes a bunch of money out of his bank and throws it down the drain.

A.K.A Ring mod.
I payed like, 112 quid to get my AOR revalved, serviced and fixed, I only payed 175 for the amp!

If you like the amp then I reckon you should just stick with it and get it sorted. Make sure he has some sort of guarantee on his amp work though, with my guy I made sure that if i still had any other problems then I could take it back to him and he'd sort it.
Shaving is actually the bane of my existence.
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I'm just a kid.

I'm 18 and I have an 11 year old Spanish girl mustache.
Becky: If you like your VC why not just get it repaired?
Real men wet-shave their 11 year old spanish girl mustaches.
Yeah man, chuck me a PM and we'll sort it out. Hows 60 quid shipped sound?
Ibanez SZ320 for sale

£170 + P+P(About 12-15 quid)

Specs and description taken from some site:

''The Ibanez SZ320 electric guitar features a Mahogany body, thick 25.1" scale neck, large frets and two humbucker pickups -for an array of crushing tones.


Descendent of the curved, mahogany Ibanez S but with a much thicker body and a 25.1" scale that has a different feel than the 25.5" scale of an S.

3 -pc set-in neck for better upper fret access and sustain.
Graduated string post heights and thru-body stringing provide equalized string tension, precise articulation, and an all around great feel.

Heavy-duty Gibraltar III bridge allows for heavier gauge strings and features no sharp edges.
Duncan/Ibanez pickups.


* Neck type: 3pc Mahogany SZ set-in neck
* Body: Mahogany body
* Fret: Large frets
* Bridge: Gibraltar III bridge
* Neck pu: Duncan/Ibanez (H) neck pu
* Bridge pu: Duncan/Ibanez.''

Pretty sweet guitar, really good condition, but I don't play it much and really have no use for it.
It currently has a Bareknuckle Nailbomb in the bridge (Which I will leave in for an extra 50 quid) but I will replace it with the stock Ibanez/Duncan pickup if your don't want the Nailbomb.

Could do with selling this pretty quick so show you're interested ASAP via PM or on here.

Prices once again.

With stock bridge pickup - £170 + P&P
With Bareknuckle nailbomb (worth £100) - £220 + P&P

Make me an offer if you don't agree with my prices.

YOU CAN ALSO COLLECT LOCALLY FROM THE STOKE-ON-TRENT AREA (About an hour from both Birmingham and Manchester.)

Pictured: Middle

More pictures on request.

Steve, much appreciated, we've recorded that song in the studio and it was absolutely **** hot(I'm not being big headed, it was just really, really good) and we were ready for a mixdown but the bloody studio has died and we're not sure if we can get it back.

I saw Reverend and the makers a few weeks ago, class live band and the keyboardist made my pants go WHOOP DOOP DOOP.
Hey d00dz.
From a gig we did on Tuesday at a battle of the bands thing, I'm on the bass machine.
Original song by us, the rap I do at the end is a bit from here:
WARNING: Scream at the end will kill you so get ready to turn the volume down.
I've enjoyed my year of cruising along, now I have a day of pure stress which will probably leave me with a brain hemorrhage and piles.
Fuck fuck fuck, just done a fairly good gig but I have to do literally a years worth of essays in one day tomorrow.

Annoying times.
Suicide Girl, Scteeve.

I saw the pictures, Alex, they were not pretty.
It was Ruth, absolute babe she is.
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For reasons Baz is well aware of, I don't think I could masturbate if I tried right now.

EDIT: That sounds so wrong, if Dave sees that he'll have a field day.

Holy **** Tim, holy ****.

She has a SG account and Tim was lookin' for nudes, unluckily for him he found them.
TS brang a knife to a hobo fight.
I really really want a 4x12 with G12H's in.
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Oh come on, he's clearly the weakest in the band.
The DT singer is awful, really awful.

Gotta love the fat girls getting their boobs out, though.