Awesome night was awesome.

My feet are killing and I'm all sticky but the download stream thing is fair good so I'm happy.
Oh no no no, oblivion is a place of win.

I am a happy guy .
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Baz has either finished college or been dumped.

Neither. Since when did people need a reason to drink into oblivion? You fucking fanny.
Well done, cuntmouth.

Birthday was win, cheers guiez.
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Hello Baz!

That video is awesome.

Hey James, good to hear stuffs going well for you.

Guiez, I am 18 in 47 minutes.
I would wank to this video if there were tits in it.

Although, thinking about it, there are a bunch of tits in it.
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^Did you smell burning though? Maybe try blowing a fan on the back of it?

I love my acoustic. It plays nice, sounds awesome and is the only guitar i've had no regrets about.
^Not my pics but it's the same as that, it's pretty gay with the binding and the inlay looks like tiny swastika's in places but it's all good.

EDIT: Acoustic with the plastic bowl back seem so wrong to me.
No probs, luckily for you(And unluckily for me) I had my GH and my AOR die on me in the past.
Gooooood times.
Well, even if the fuse inside has gone, it's a bad idea to just go replacing it because it's blown for a reason. I'm actually gonna hazard a guess at it being the pre's. Sometimes when a pre dies it can take a power valve or two out with it(in my experience) so that's another reason to not turn it on again.

Also, it'll still need biasing, all amps need biasing. Even if there's the switch on the back there's still a trim pot inside for biasing.
'Cos it's banjaxed and you might fuck it even more or blow the new valves. Is there an internal fuse in the VC's? If not check your fuses, and if there is open it up and check the fuse.

Typo galore today.
Don't switch it on again.
Someone lend me a G System for a grand.
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you suck man.

Morning everyone!

Actually...I blow.
She also looks like she had a stroke and didn't realise.
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then david cameron arrives in his toyota prius or even better, on his bike (with a man in a lexus following him with his things) and saves the day

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Seriously, why? I know that you guys have an immigrant problem, but do some people seriously think it's so bad they need to elect a neo-Nazi party?

A few reasons.

1.Some people are just stupid enough to vote for a party who blasts their ears with patriotic wanky propaganda.

2.Some people are just fascists. "YEAH GET THE BNP, FUCK ALL THE PAKI'S OFF"

3.Some people are really misinformed and are blinded by this British jobs for British workers tosh which is just their thinly veiled way of saying that only white British people should have jobs in the UK.

4.Some people are just so pissed off with the current situation and are too ignorant to find out about another party so they just vote for one they recognise to be British 'patriots'.

Blah, the Nick Griffin can suck a fat one.
The UK is fucked enough with the BNP getting seats in European parliament. At least fuck my family or something.
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Fuck work, fuck managers on ego trips, fuck the idiots I have to work with, and fuck everything else.

If you don't hear from me tomorrow, I'll in the local jail house for multiple homicide.

That is all.

Fuck the blues
Bahaha, I kill bears with my bare hands for a living.

I've only used the Britewires, never used the humbucker ones.
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I'm half Indian.

How do you think I feel about cricket?

What's de blaaaaaahndest ting on de menu?
Cool, what do you like about them over other strings? I probably shouldnt buy them, i'd probably get shot by some fender elitist for puting them on my strat!

To start with they're really consistent, and they're properly vacuum packed(Unlike those guff daddarios where they're in bloody sandwich bags) so you don't get them going off before you put them on. They're really consistent, good quality control(Go on, someone make a joke about Gibson quality control ). They don't sound overly bright and tinny when you put them on and it takes them a long time to start going dull and scabby.

EDIT: ^Awesome, let me know what you think, some are uber rough and there's something I'd change about all of them but oh well.

Angel is probably the best, but the double tracked vocals get on my boobs.


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taking a risk here and guessing that one or two of you actually care, but it seems everyone in a place called yorkshire is a massive raving facist

the general election is gonna be scary

I have been raging ever since I found out.

Sickens me, it really does.
On my electrics, yeah, no point in using anything else really haha.
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i guess no shippies to india so.

that acoustic looks nice baz. get some clips up sometime. i wind up playing my acoustic more than my electrics these days too.

I've had a bunch of acoustic songs on my profile for months...

And there's one that i haven't put on UG but it's on my sound cloud thing in my sig.
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I have no idea how to re string a acoustic, mine probably needs it. Action needs to be lowered as well, again no idea.

Most of my pedals will be up for sale at some point btw, just thought I'd let any of you know,.

If you take the bridge out there's more than likely some shims of plastic which you can take out to lower the action.

What pedals you got brah?

QUESTION: Why do all the girls wanna fuck me now that I have a girlfriend?
I've got a Crafter, but it's not a shit one haha, I put some 10's on mine and it's real nice.
I play a bit of everything really, if it sounds cool and I can sing it alright I'll learn it. I play my acoustic more than my electrics now.

Pics of the acoustic, not my personal one but it's exactly the same.
It's a bit gay and OTT with the binding but it sounds and feels good, I'm not really a fan of the inlay either(Some bits almost look like mini swastika's... ) but oh well.
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doesn't ANYONE here play acoustic!?

I do, sir, just put some new Martin strings on it and it's made it even better, really chimey and bell-like

Went a party of win last night, I was banjaxed, some lol-worthy pics will no doubt appear on bookface.

*Signs on and lives on the streets*
Yeah, I'm hoping they have some sort of contingency plan but if not we've just gotta start again. They're not your average external hard drives either, which sucks.

Check the edit^
Nice to see you're liking the stuff guys, much appreciated.
We're pretty pissed at the moment, for the past few months we've been going into the studio at college on our days off and battering 10 hour days in there, most of the songs are ready for mixdown but over the half term some music tech-ers went in to do some work and the studio(and hard drives we saved onto) is ****ed, so until further notice, all our work(Which is like, 60 man hours and our coursework) is gone.

Worst of all we were one day away from getting them on myspace and getting gigs off the back of them so for the time being we're back to square one.

I'm getting the DVD of our proper gig where I was drunk later so we'll have some more videos of originals up soon.

EDIT: Here's the myspace if you're interested, the song on there is a just a rough DI'd track, live in the studio, we did a few months ago. Brendans vocals are shockingly bad cos the track was too high for him, we play it a step lower now and have a harmonica solo instead of a guitar solo. It's waaaaay better.

I'm on bass
1.Slide a length in her
2.Piss all over her
4.Smash out of the window
5.Run home naked
6.Tell friends epic story.

That's how I'd do it.
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oh well then it must be good

You guiez should check out my soundcloud stuff.
I chucked a new cover up there this week, it's the top one, a bit different from what I usually sing but it was fun(And also really quite rough, but it's supposed to be).

Let me know what you think.
Drag me to hell is pretty cool actually, if you like the evil dead films(I love them) you'll probably like it, it's really cheesy in places but will **** you up.

It has some lolz in as well.