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GF dumped me for no (good) reason after 7 months, cause she was too "busy" getting pissed with mates to see me, then told me she was a pussy and should of tried harder cause she missed me, then asked me to get back with her, i said yes, almost positively certain it's not going to last.

My best mates going to be homeless within the year, so i need a job fast so i can go flat hunting with him. Macro rejected me so far.

I'm pretty positive i've failed AS level music, media i'm unsure of.

I've started a bit of hobby electronic work, building, modding pedals (Succesfully managed to break my big muff, lawl inuendo.), "aqquired" a mim strat from the school with no electronics, no nut, so i'm doing it up squier '51 style. Got everything besides pups atm.

Oh and my valves are brokez.

And I has no money.

And I went to the beach today and got sunburnt.

But otherwise well.

How bout you guys?

Sounds like same old then?

My life is going pretty damn good now, nearing the end of my college course, got myself a ladyfriend, 18th is in just over a week, band is doing quite well and i've got nothing holding me back now so i've got to take life by the bollocks and achieve what I want.
Might as well change the whole set really, it'll be worth it.
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I'm just glad it wasn't me. I convinced one of the other trainers (not the guy who died, although I knew him also) once to open it in the evening so I could take a girlfriend there.

I am also very glad that it was not you, sir.

Cheers guiez.

Here's an original
If you're using laptop speakers it will suck because my bassline is king in that song.
Apologies for the out of tune woahs
If I could cry, I'm pretty sure Andy Timmons' playing could make me cry.
My life is getting better.

High-5 to you folks.
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Sovtek mig
Laney AOR
Ceriatone jcm800

Only the Protubes are JCM800 replicas, the normal AOR's have the added gain stage and slightly different circuit.
Kept this one quiet Fazzle.


My band are playing at Britannia stadium, sweeeeeeet.
My band is playing at Britannia stadium on the 30th, not on the main stage but a smaller one within the stadium, hopefully gonna be rolling in gigs off the back of that.

Tonight was awesomesauce multiplied by Judas priest.
I tried a gcb95 the other day, what a joke that thing is!
You have wah even with it turned off.
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I don't not like them because rich folk enjoy them, I do not like them because they sound exactly the same whenever used in that application, and that application is incredibly boring and unoriginal.

You've heard the blues, right?
--. --- --- .-.. --.. --..-- / .--. .-.. --.. / ... ..- -.-. -.- / --- -. / -- -.-- / -... .. --. / - .... .-. --- -... -... .. -. --. / -... .-.. .- -.-. -.- / -.. .. -.-. -.- .-.-.- / -.- - .... -..- -... ..
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Forgot the turn around.

I didn't. Just didn't care enough to put it in in the right place.

I, IV, V, I, IV, V, I, IV, V, I, IV, V, I, IV, V, I, IV, V, I, IV, V, I, IV, V, I, IV, V, I, IV, V, I, IV, V. Etc.
The guys accent is what makes it, on the speaking parts when he's like 'Gonna ditch the joint and have a glass of water'. Wicked bass line and just an awesome song.
Smash the pinata is a tuuuuuuuuune.
I haz a charvel str@ + a 62 Mexi Reissue F3ndr.
Sort it out lad, or I'll buy it off you, serials.
You have a mothers milk in the Shovel, sorted.
Because you have just about a Diezel and your bank can't take the beating.
I am honored.

He's so far up his own arse that he didn't understand I was saying he's up his own arse.
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Still didn't sound like Joe B, even if it was part of the Sloe Gin solo.

EDIT: I listened to that one too. No comments to provide, though.

Hey guys, whats going on?
So there I was, rockin' out on my Gibson Telecaster into my Marshall Bassman...
Stanley blade + pedal feet = pedal board friendly.
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^^ no.

^ my neighbors called the watchman three times over the last week. and i'm not even playing loud. no fanx.

Are you in a POW camp?
Touche God, you've done it again.
Take it to a tech, the same thing happened to me, there's an internal fuse, but don't just replace it and pray, it blew for a reason, more than likely one or more of your power valves have failed.

I payed 40 quid for the fix, this included new valve sockets and a power valve.
Played a wicked gig earlier then went on the piss and got the girl.

Baz - 1
God - 0