I really don't see the problem. People need to cool their shit with some of these things. Having said that, I can proudly say I didn't vote Labor haha.
I do believe a hull is the outer, under side of a ship. So, you get to study philosophy with rats and barnacles. I'm at least slightly confident that you will not be the worst student in the class.
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Brokencyde. They mix screamo, rap, pop, and electronica, and by far are the worst band on the face of the planet.

When my friends and I first discovered Brokencyde we challenged each other to seeing how long we could listen to one of their clips on youtube before we got mad. I won, lasted 13 seconds.
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DSO are crazy, and they have a song called Ragdoll Physics??? :O!

Here's a linky dink:

Can be a hard song to find if you're just following links around youtube. Get's a lot of comments from people that were actually researching ragdoll physics
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Ephel Duath is like this. EDIT: Ephel Duath is a cross between jazz and metal, I just listen to War From A Harlot's Mouth and they sound like straight up deathcore.
Diablo Swing Orchestra is a cross between metal and swing.
The Gloominous Doom is a death metal and ska.

It's possible the songs he showed me are the only examples of the fusion. It was a couple of years back, and as I said it was only a few tracks and I didn't like them lol.

Diablo Swing Orchestra is awesome, Balrog Boogie and Ragdoll Physics blow my mind every time
War From A Harlot's Mouth. Some manner of death metal (or something deathy) crossed with smooth jazz. Only heard a few songs because a friend was showing me and I did not care for it at all. Essentially it went from ridiculously heavy to jazz, then back to heavy.
I'd sell it, no point in keeping a guitar you don't want just for it's rarity (unless you have plans on selling it for lots in the distant future). The money from that Jackson could get you a good guitar that you'd rather play. It would get you up from the Schecter price range to the proper ESP stuff.
That's a toughy, maybe a polar bear, or any great cat, lion, tiger, puma etc.
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I'll just be in my corner then...

No, no. FIRE, be in the FIRE (which could totally be in a corner if you want it to).
Australia is a tip free zone. They charge us far too god damn much just for the drink, they can go die in a fire if they expect a tip.
I use 10-52 when playing in drop d and e standard. 12-56 for drop c. Never tuned lower than that, but seriously, anything less than 11 for drop b is silly business, either that or you have the hands of an 11 year old girl... with some sort of degenerative muscle disease.
Track and field. Isn't that just sports with all the good bits taken out? Also Kenya.
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The vast majority are needless, but a good overdrive, a noise gate, and a wah (and maybe a delay) are somewhat necessary.

I really want to agree with the noise gate, but I haven't found one yet that doesn't screw my tone, if I did find one I would however use it for sure. Wah I shall some day get, but I much prefer to play rhythm so haven't really needed one at this stage.
I pretty much agree with you. I'm not 100% committed to that cause just yet, but so far every pedal I've bought has ended up not in use. We'll see how I feel when I change amp though.
I don't know the regions, but the accent of the local villagers in Hot Fuzz is god damn hilarious, I can't take anything they say seriously. The worst is that cockney lower class accent. Can't stand it, I live in the area of Australia that has the most English immigrants and I come across it all the time. I'm so sick of it, that if I meet an attractive girl and she has that accent. Instant deal breaker.
InB4 you're sleeping on your hand :P
Congrats mate! My best mate is getting married next weekend and I'm shitting myself because I have to do the best man speech. Pretty sure he's getting married just to make me do a speech >.>
Two identical EMG's on a guitar is pretty common. ESP do it on a few guitars as well. Should still sound fine, and each pick up should still sound a little different due to position. No idea why it would sound terrible.
I'm looking at joining as an officer myself. The benefits are awesome, the pay is quite good (especially when you consider the benefits). Though I'm looking for a career, not a free university degree. Plus bitches be loving the uniform.
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The stuff on the Japanese so much better than the what they have in the US. I get sad whenever I look at that site because I know none of them will ever be imported here

Yeah, that's one of the few upsides for living in Australia. We get to pick between USA and Japanese models. USA for a cheaper price, Japan for awesome selection.
I only ever use Doritos for nachos. CC's are lame and I don't know what else would be used.
Also try looking at the Japanese website. Much bigger choice of guitars to be had there. I'm not sure if it's true, but it seems that they only offer what's popular to the USA, but the Japanese site runs nearly everything.
Not sure what kind of price range that is really, being in Aus. But Schecter do pretty well priced guitars. Dean are also worth looking at (but make sure you see the guitar in person, as their QC is dodgey at times).
I use the "Not Even Slinky" strings on drop c tuning, so over tension sure as hell ain't a problem. It shouldn't affect your speed too much, I personally find that I slow down a little if my strings don't have enough tension, as the string just gives way to the pick stroke a little much for me, but certainly nothing huge and that's just a personal thing, not a rule.
The only problem I had was I made the mistake of reading the series in order of release instead of order of events. Anyone else do this?
I used to love the **** out of those books. They lead me to some truly great fantasy series, and because of that series I was reading the Wheel of Time and LotR instead of Harry Potter during my school years.
If you've been a member here since 2005 and you still bought Behringer, you must really not read anything but the pit very often haha. However, I'd be surprised if you couldn't just get some parts from another company, maybe even replace all four so they match.
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Trivium actually uses Axe Fx's too now lol.

Oh, didn't know they'd made the jump. I assume it has only been since In Waves? What noise gate do you use btw? I'm in the market for one at the moment (learning some songs from In Waves funnily enough). I'll be waiting for that new sound clip too, as I'm looking at those two amps myself, also looking at the Diamond Nitrox, but it's hard to get info on.
If you're going for djent, I'd definitely say the second one then, with a noise suppressor of course. Though I know Trivium use Peavey and Periphery don't even use amps, they use those Axe-FX things.
I like the second one better, whichever that is haha. Hard to rate tone for me though, as it's all preference really. I preferred the second just because it sounded that little bit more tight and evil. Had a certain amount of aggression the other just didn't have.

But seriously. Cool tat.
Having only read this article, I'm with Josh on this one. Seems like his old band mates are trying to take his band rights out from underneath him.
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Check his amp before you say that...

I was just answering the question stated. I would've normally said to get a new amp too, but I have a headache and cbf
EC-1000. Absolutely fantastic guitar. Though, you can't really go wrong with either of those two.
ESP RZK-1. Been wanting one for so long.
A friend of mine picked up a Warpig (or it may have been a Nailbomb) a few months ago and he absolutely loves it. Makes everything sound super mean, so much so he has to turn the gain back on his amp whenever he uses the Bareknuckle equipped guitar. I'm looking at getting some in the near future myself, they seem really awesome.
I've tried it a few times and I hardly last a minute with socks on, feels so god damn weird.
On my drop c guitar I use 12-56 strings. I use 10-52's for drop d tuning and I was finding that gauge far too floppy for drop c. I find it's roughly the same tension using these thicker strings, but they feel extremely beefy under the fingers.
I hated high school, university on the other hand is definitely the best years.
Robinhood: Men In Tights
Die Hard (All of them)
aaaannnnnddd, I can't really think of a stand out third, maybe Smokin' Aces, not sure really, any number of movies could make that spot.