Soon I hope
Discord is good shit. I was never able to get into IRC or feel comfortable with it. Call me a poser pussy homoman if you wish. 
I still see relatively innovative bands pop up now and again.  The fundamentals of the genre don't have to change. 
Been on an Electronic/Ambient kick lately. Discovering new stuff and listening to old favorites. Lately it's been:

The Knife - Silent Shout
Shpongle - Are you Shpongled?
Amon Tobin - Permutation
Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works
All four of the Eno/Eno-related Ambient albums. 

and a few others.  
Bolt Thrower - In Battle there is No Law

Fucking love this album. It'll probably always be my favorite Bolt Thrower album. Fucking crushing.

Mgla - Groza

Getting myself more acquainted with this band. Really great stuff. I love the drumming. I'm a sucker for good drumming so Mgla suits my tastes nicely. 

Now I am become...

Way late to the party but I've been getting into Arghoslent. I've heard a few tracks from them but I never really "got it" because I was expecting it to be Death Metal or something. Once I just freed my mind from all that dumb shit I just started to hear the riffs. Sick band.

Also listened to Queens of the Stone Age's new album Villains and I really enjoyed it.  They rarely let me down. Great band. 

Other than that

Autopsy - Mental Funeral
King Crimson - In the Court... and Red.
Iggy and the Stooges - Raw Power and Fun House.
Slayer - Show No Mercy.
Kreator - Pleasure to Kill. 
Pestilence - Consuming Impulse.
Wulkanaz - Paralys.

Those are the most played albums as of late for me.
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When are you nutjobs getting back on irc?

The hip kids use Discord now bro
Queensryche along with Iron Maiden were actually my two first Metal bands. I vividly remember listening to a Queensryche compilation in my pops' car and later listening to the album myself. The self-titled EP will forever and always be in my blood.

I never got into Operation Mindcrime as much. I dunno why.  In fairness, I haven't listened to it in years.
Just poppin' in to say how ridiculously good Paralys (and Wulkanaz in general) is

Alright? Alright
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You can't apologize in advance for something you already did.

I was gunna edit it into the original post but then I was like nah

 Really it's just because I'm retarded
P.S. I apologize in advance for that awful attempt at Seinfeld comedy
Slayer has done this and quite a few other bands have as well, as far as I know. 

I assume it has to do with convenience. Just play in one tuning for a few of the same songs and you don't have to keep swapping guitars/tunings back and forth every song.

What's the deal with Hot Rock Songs threads on the Metal forum?

It's not Metal and nobody here gives half a shit anyway!
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Can anyone explain the album cover of Onward to Golgotha?

Big fat green dildo with teeth and fingers devouring jesus on the cross head first while jesus was donating blood. 
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One of the greatest lead guitar performances in all of death metal.

By fucking far. That album tripped me out on first listen because for whatever reason I didn't expect it to be as remarkable as it is. 

Lately I've been using Powerslave's neat little guide for USPM. Power Metal is probably the only genre where I've only heard like one or two of the essential bands, which is a shame, so I decided to give it a fair shot. Queensryche was one of the first metal bands I ever heard and truly loved along with Iron Maiden, so I have no reason to just ignore Power Metal. 

Anyway, it's been Ample Destruction on repeat and Crimson Glory coming up next.

Fuck yeah

Hell of an album.  Melodies and riffs fit for The Beast himself.


That's just factually incorrect.
Boneyard sets the tone for that whole album impeccably. From the very first chord everything falls into place. 
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It's such a fucking incredible game. I ever got into Zelda, but the creativity of the game and its 'explore shit yourself you dildo' atmosphere is beautiful.

Soundtrack is equally impressive. Suits the landscape over just general listening though. 

Itching to play it now, but I haven't even gotten around to buying/playing Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne yet. Backlog never ends.
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breath of the Wild soundtrack.

Holy fuck I'm out of the loop.  I had no idea that came out already.
Oh man I haven't listened to Ben Frost in a while. Brilliant son of a bitch that one.

Impetigo, more Godflesh, Incantation and Danzig.

I don't think I could ever get bored with Horror of the Zombies.
That's because VG has become the music.

Today it's still Godflesh but I'm thinking about listening to Killers because I've been on a steady diet of only Iron Maiden's self titled for months now.

Also Cianide - The Dying Truth
Jesus FUCK Godflesh is really good.

Been just listening to Swans and Godflesh along with some Chopin and Debussy because nothing goes better with Godflesh and Swans than Images for Piano II
That's more or less how I feel about Timewind. It's cool, same with irrlicht, but not something I'd listen to all the time. Much bigger fan of Tangerine Dream than Klaus, though. Rubycon all day every day.

I tried to get into Tyrant but they bore me. I don't get the praise.
Soundtrack to LISA is wacky. Love that shit. Need to replay that game and get around to the Joyful one of these days.

Had to listen to Fire in the Brain tonight. Maybe Klaus Schulze later.
Goddamn, I don't know why I've never noticed. I think I've seen you mention it one time.

Discovered that album way too late, but Jesus I must've played it 20 times with no breaks in between.


Listening to Order from Chaos - Stillbirth Machine at the moment. Desolate, alien and evil, just how I like it.

Been on a bit of a punk binge, sifting through the relatively small number of punk releases I like. Most recently Negative Approach and the killer Faith/Void split. Planing to explore Industrial a little. I've honestly never heard Godflesh before, and only heard a few early Swans albums. That's the extent of my familiarity with the sound unless you count stuff like Nitzer Ebb.

Before that I was listening to Biosphere - Microgravity. Neat album. I'm really into minimalist approaches to techno and ambient music, so it hits the spot nicely.

Binged hard on Finnish death for a while with new found love for Adramelech as a reward.

Played Don't Break the Oath nonstop for a while the other day.

And before all that I was on a strict diet of pure heavy metal. Manilla Road, Manowar, Iron Maiden, etc. Along with some new stuff like Sumerlands.

That reminds me, how come nobody ever talks about Oz? Fire in the Brain has to be one of my favorite heavy metal albums ever.
Been revisiting Psychostasia as of late. Interestingly enough, revisiting Demigod before this gave me a different perspective on Adramelech. I think it's a bit unfair to compare it to Nespithe. Psychostasia has this violence and savagery that sets it apart and carves a unique mark next to Demigod and Demilich.

Fuck me I love the riffs on this goddamn album. Seriously. But is it just me, or are the drums a bit bland? Doesn't ruin the album, but something about the drums doesn't click with me.
The title of best Black Metal band from Poland goes to Graveland, my friend.

Ive neglected to give Mgla a real listen yet. I really should get around to that here soon.
If you have ever used anything other than the dark (like my soul) theme then you are false. Get out please.
Shit, man. I need to get myself into Thin Lizzy as well. One of those bands I've always been meaning to give a shot but just ignored for some stupid reason. Little Girl in Bloom was sweet perfection to my ears.
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The point was that it was supposed to be absurd. I don't understand how you didn't realize that. The dirty kid that claims to smell like moldy lawn realized it. Why didn't you? You don't happen to make watches or hats, do you?
To be fair, I wasn't completely sure it was a joke. I just treated it like it was because whether you meant it as a joke or not, it was a joke.
Digging the fuck out of Flame Acausal. Something about it his hitting the spot right about now.

Here they are
I had a feeling this thread was only going to lead to great things
I'll have you know I look absolutely fabulous on a daily basis and smell like the morning after it rains.
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Sure, there are women in metal, as VG advertised, but they seem to take kind of a traditional womans role within it, not wanting to be the centerpiece of all the attention.
What do you mean by this?

Personally, I've never found hyper-masculinity to be an incredibly important aspect of the music. I suppose you could argue it's more important in traditional Heavy Metal, with the Conan the Barbarian imagery and whatnot, but I don't really give a shit either way. That's why I'm not really sure what there is to discuss. It's clearly male-centric, as I said, but that's just the way it is, and there's nothing more to say as far as I'm concerned.
Listening to that Carnivore track just gave me an ad for Metalhead Dating.
I'm not really sure what there is to discuss here.

I've always found it fairly obvious that Heavy Metal is a more male-centric genre of music.
While I actually agree about watching films on a phone, I cannot agree when it comes to music.

I notice zero difference going from my computer to my phone, and I notice little to no difference when listening to music on vinyl.

As I said, it could be that I'm just incapable of hearing what you people seem to hear, but if that's the case then there's nothing I can do about it.