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The guitar sounds great in this track, really mellow, and is clearly well recorded. I like the track overall and can't really hear any obvious flaws, though as I tend to tell most people I'd love to hear some vocals, though that's just a personal thing really. Also I know this isn't what you wanted to have critted but your instrumentals sound awesome as well. I also liked your page :P

The acoustic demo I recorded, I just recorded with Reaper and one of my mic's on my lap. Haha I'm surprised the tone I got from it just sitting on my lap.

Oh no prob I'm glad you Liked them! More fans is always good! Those 4 songs I did at my dads studio so he was in control of how everything sounded and how it was mixed. He knows a bit more than I do at this stuff. :P Thanks again!

Oh and yeah I would love to hear vocals in all my stuff. I don't have anybody that knows how to write music and sing. I'm one of the only few where I live. :\
Love this! This will definatley pretty sweet when you get some vocals in it! Guitar tone is awesome and love the different things you do with the style. Keep up the good work!

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alright so I started messing around with some new recording stuff, including drum loops, and made this song today for a new demo that I'm working on.

the song's here-->

and just leave a link if you want me to crit anything in return

I like this! The guitar could be fixed up a bit, but at the same time, I like the way it sounds with the song. Its unique! Vocals are pretty good too! Keep up the good work!

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I think if someone grows up on Iron Maiden, after a while you don't really need to hear them a lot to still take influence from them subconsciously because the songs are so catchy a memorable. Lol I wouldn't have guessed you were a Gaga fan. I'd take your music over hers any day

I do love Maiden though, but I've had a lot of people tell em my stuff sounds like Maiden stuff and I'm always tell them "LOL WUT?? NAWW" One reason I came up with that name Call it a Curse. Everything I listen to, I try to play. But it comes out differently. :\ haha and yeahh man hardcore Gaga fan right here. I got all of it. :P
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Drums are compressed, I found it's overall hard to get a good drum sound with Drumkit From Hell though! Will check out your's

Okay I wasn't too sure if they were or not. But definatley try to boost that low end and I think it will sound much better. Awesome hope you like some of it!

Thanks man glad you like it! Haha whats funny is, I dont listen to Iron Maiden much. I like 'em, and I have all of their stuff, but I just don't listen to them much! Idk why. I've been listening to Gaga a lot lately. Lol pretty weird huh?
I like the song! Pretty sweet! The guitar parts are pretty sweet but you have the recordings up too loud and you get that buzz. Try to add some compression or lower the overall volume a bit and you can alleviate that buzzing. The drums could use some EQ'ing and compression. I'm guessing their digital right? Just boost up some of the lower end and you can at least make it sound a bit better.

Overall, sweet song! Keep up the good work!

As silly as this may sound, for my acoustic I just recorded, I got a pretty nice sound from having it on my lap. Not muffled or anything.

Listen to the new acoustic demo on my page to hear what I mean:

I EQ'd it a bit and added some compression and I'm surprised how well it turned out from laying on my lap while playing at the same time.
Not bad! The video made me want to tinkle a little bit tho. :P Haha but honestly, I think it could use a couple drum fills between phrases. Other than that, I liked it! Keep up the good work!
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Very nice man. Great recording, guitar sounds excellent. Very relaxing and some nice chords and melodies.

Nice stuff!


Thanks man! Glad you like it! I'll check your post out and comment on the thread.
A lot of the things I post on my band page, my father records most of my stuff as he owns a recording studio and has been in the business for about 18 years. I only see him a few times a year so I'll record what I want to record there.

But, the other day, I felt I would give it a shot and use some of my stuff and try to make a descent recording as well as an okay song. I know it's not gonna sound tip-top awesome, but for doing it all in 20 minutes, I thought it went well. Could I get some feedback though? It would be MUCH appreciated!

I'm in school now but I will try to get to all of your C4C's! Promise!

Give it a listen here. Can't miss it.:
Theres not much there, but for some odd reason, I really like it. I like the hidden melody you can kinda hear behind it. Love the title too. :P Now I wanna buy a ship......

Mmmm I love it! Could be a bit louder. Get Wavepad or something to boost up that volume! Other than that, love the strong feel you have going with it and love the double bass at the end.

C4C my stuff?
The drums need to be fixed up they sound a bit wrong. Possibly add a bit more compression and reverb. The bass drum sounds good though. I think its just the cymbals I think that sound weird really thats all. The guitars sound pretty good! Love the rhythm guitar! Really powerful! Keep up the good work!

C4C my mastered tracks?
Sounds good! The beat is really good but gets kind of repetitive and annoying after a while (but I think thats the point. lol) The vocals could use a bit of work but I can tell you were going for that 70's 80's feel to it so thats kind of the way it should sound i guess. Other than that, keep up the good work!

I was expecting something, well, lame. :P But I REALLY like it! Its pretty catchy and the overall sound quality isnt bad at all. Now its stuck in my head.... :P

Keep up the good work!

C4C from my post: I like the melody the guitar part is going for I dont like the tone though. It should probably be a bit louder and EQ'd a bit. Vocals sounds pretty good I dont like the screaming part though but thats just me. Drums could use some reverb but overall not too bad!
Sounds very different! I like the techno feel to it. I would polish up some of the vocals on it and EQ it a bit more but other than that, FAR OUT! Keep up the good work!
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Sounds good. Not too much to take issue with. The vocals will make or break this song. Wouldn't change a thing.

Would you mind Critiquing "Thinking of You?"

@Guitar Hack

Just C4C'd on your post!

@aaron and androidkata and adonin

I'm c4c'ing on your posts right now!
Pretty intense! I think you could add some reverb and compression to the drums to make them sound more realistic and maybe make the guitars a bit brighter because they sound a bit muddy to me right now but other than that, I liked it! Keep up the jammin!
Sounds good! The only thing I would fix is the amount of reverb you have going on the vocals. I think it's just a bit too much but other than that, I liked it! Keep up the good work!
@Androidkaita and adodin and aaron

Thank u both glad u like it! There are more songs on that Youtube channel as well as a link to our Facebook fan page if u wanna check them out.
Currently i dont have internet to my desktop Im using my PSP and i cant check them out now but i will PM both of you your C4Cs when i get it back. Promise!
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Really awesome, it's not too metal, it's not too light either. The vocals can really make it or break it, depending on what kind of sound youre going for. Is it going to be sung/grunted/screamed?

Thanks I'm glad u like it! As for the vocals its gonna be sung with a melodic feel, that you might find in a Gaga song but at the same time, it'll flow. We're still working on that and hopefully it works out nicely.
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WOW that guitar wants to KICK MY ASS!!! AND IT IS IT BROUGHT CRASH CYMBALS TO HELP! so far luvvin dat energy! I'm lookin for the message and the message is to have fun and be a rockstar about things. nice lil chord progression kickin, den dose drums breakin it down. OK BRING IT BACK! OH SHIT I THINK GUITAR SOLO COMIN IN!! Let see what happens after this dramatic bridge. GUITAR SOLO OF MEGAMANIAC PRO PORTIONS!! haha ok this was a lot of fun looking forward to the vocal parts! KEEP GOIN

share da luv, bruv!

Hahaha awesome man I'm glad you liked it! Sorry it took soo long for the C4C I was outta town.

C4C time: Sounded good man! Keep up the good work. It's kinda silly but I still liked it. And im not a big rap fan. Keep spittin them rhymes!
I like it! Very unique! Guitar quality isn't the best but I really like it!


Just pick whichever you want out of the 4. Thanks!
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Very nice! The song is very well written, it goes on an epic journey. I like how raw everything still sounds, but somewhat polished at the same time. Sweet tone too. Eff yeah.

Haha thanks man! If you wanna like our Facebook page, we have a link on the main Youtube channel! Glad ya like it man! You have anything you want me to C4C for you?
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Love the clean tone intro; nice and full.

The drums are obviously all natural, which you don't hear in a lot of recordings theses days. They sound balanced, but they sound a little dry overall. Maybe blending in some room samples would make the tone sound a bit more interesting.

I realize this is an instrumental, but it sounds like it was written to have vocals. If it's not going to have vox, then maybe adding some keys, or a lead guitar would give it some more variation.

Good job though. Personally, I sample everything to hell, so I always have respect for someone who takes the time to get a good organic drum sound.


Thank you very much! It was actually written for vocals we just don't have them done so I'm releasing the instrumental tracks for them just so I can get them out and about and start getting noticed by people on Facebook so I had made a page and everything. Glad you like them! Also, just got your C4C. Check your page!
All I can say is.. "Ummm whoah" haha I love them! I don't like the vocals just because that's not my style but musically it has a good sounding level and quality. It might just be me, but the bass drum sounds a little to high-end. Could use a more bassy boost. Overall, I like them! Sounds real good! Keep up the awesome work!
Update of my previous post for my first song I posted, here are the Instrumentals to our Instrumental EP. Any thoughts would be awesome! I'll C4C anything you got!

Not only is the picture cute :P I really like it! Has a punk feel and the acoustic chord progression and shuffle sound awesome! The chorus part, the vocals get a bit messy and the drums could be a bit louder but other than that, love it!

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Thank you! Just C4C'd your post!
Not bad I like it! The guitar is ha a bit of "nasaly" tone to it but it's not bad! Drums levels should be brought up because it's a bit hard to hear them. Other than that, it's pretty cool. Crazy riffs!
Alright thanks a bunch for the critique. Just critiqued your song on your post!
Sounds really good! I love the chord progression and the uptight sorta "shuffle" it has. The vocals need to be a bit louder and have just a bit less echo in my opinion. Other than that, is sounds awesome keep up the good work!
Guitars have a bit of the RUSH feel to them. The vocals aren't bad a bit shaky in some parts. Everything sounds real good though I liked it!


I only put one song up so far. We have 4 instrumental versions done but I'll post those later.

I posted 1 out of the 4 instrumental tracks for our EP. We dont have the vocals recorded yet but I would love to get some feedback on how this one sounds and I will C4C anything you got!


Nice! The only weird thing is the sudden tempo change in the end of the phrases but it still kinda works. Keep up the good work that was awesome!

C4C (song I'm trying to get lyrics for):

I wasn't sure if I should ask for help in the lyrics section but I'm guessing posting my song in the recording section is better. Could anybody possibly help me out with lyrics for what I have so far and I can go from there? I will give credit to anybody who comes up with lyrics that fit this song!

Edit- I forgot I faded it out, it actually does the whole thing twice so if anybody is intrested in helping, I'll send you the rough track. Intro, Verse, Chorus, Intro refrain, Verse, Chorus, Bridge (not done) Chorus.

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Right on dude.

It'd sound pretty sick with some drums underneath and more low end, but it gets the gist across for sure.

My only beefs are that the piano starts a bit choppy at the beginning and the guitar tone completely lacks middle frequencies, creating a gap in the spectrum.

Definitely has lots of potential bro, keep it up!


Thanks! I'll mess with the mids a bit more and see if it sounds better.

I checked out the songs on your page. They all sound really sweet! I think my favorite was probably "The Harbour". Awesome sound!

Thanks I'll give them a look!
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both of those songs are sick! They sound very Trivium to me. Have u heard trivium? u should listen to the ember inferno album.. you sound influenced by that. But the riffs are really pretty cool.

Thanks I'm glad you liked them! I've heard of Trivium but surprisingly I'm not a big fan of them! Maybe I'll give them a try again sometime.
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Being totally honest, at first I was a wee bit bored, but that changed as soon as your guitar came in. That kicked ass. If you had a rhythm guitar, drums, and bass come in at :40, and maybe something else in the intro section to spice it up (or a different synth sound), I think that would be awesome. It's not really my style of music at all, I'm not much of a metal person, but I loved it. I particularly liked the part that started around 1:45ish, nice work.

crit mine?

Thanks I'm glad you liked it! I'll definately take your ideas into consideration.

For your C4C: Straight to Voicemail- It's different! Sounds pretty unique. Vocals get a little rough in some parts but it's still solid IMO.
3st Place- I like this one better. It still has that unique feel. Kinda mello for my tastes but I still think both were really good! Keep up the good work guys!