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You'll want a power amp if you want to be substantially heard, the ENGL comes with a 1.5 W SS power amp for like, practice and shit.

If you could I would get both, get an A/B box, stick the ENGL's power amp out into the "Return" option of the Blackstar's FX loop, and run them both.

That's the ultimate goal haha. And I know that I have to invest in a good poweramp, preferably tube. Which do you think would benefit me most to start out with?
I'm debating between an ENGL E530 preamp and a Blackstar HT100 head. I've played the Blackstar head at a local shop and it sounded really good (although I didn't really get to use a guitar suited to my style), but I wonder, also, if an ENGL E530 would suit me better? I play death metal and I like a nice tight, defined tone (and, for the record, more mids=good in my opinion). So, should I go for the head or the preamp?

*EDIT* My guitars that I use include:
  • LTD F400FM (E Standard)
  • LTD M-200 with Duncan Blackouts (D Standard/Drop C)
  • Epi LP/DiMarzio D Activator-X pups/Blackout Preamp (B Standard/Drop A)
So, I was gonna buy a new guitar amp, but I think I'm set for my two guitar rigs for myself and the other guitarist of my band (Peavey 5150 4x12, 5150 2x12 combo, Dime D100 head). Only thing is, the D100 sounds real sterile compared to my 5150 (obviously cuz of tube vs. SS). Would adding a tube power amp to the Dime D100 make it sound better when I play it along side my 5150? I'm thinking of an ENGL E530 cuz that's what I'll be able to afford. Let me know. Thanks.
How do you pad the strings without muffling the sound?

I just got an ESP/LTD M-200UC guitar from trade. It has a Floyd Rose Tremolo type bridge and it IS an amazing guitar, but whenever I hit an E5 chord and stop the sound really abruptly after hitting the chord, there is this reverb-like ring that comes from the GUITAR, not the amp as the reverb on the amp is turned to zero. Is there any way that I can stop this ringing sound? Thanks.

I can't get the head. I have no money, no stores round town carry good stuff, and the guy has the 2x12, not the head.
So, I'm trading my Bugera 333XL head and Randall RX412 cab for a 5150 cab and a 5150 2x12 combo. Good trade?
Does anybody know anything about the LTD M-200UC guitar? I'm in the market for a new guitar and this guy says he'll trade me the guitar for my Peavey ValveKing head that I'm trying to get rid of. It has all the features I'm looking for, but is it any good? Would it be good to play some old thrash? Let me know. I got less than an hour haha.

Thanks for the input. I've got a lot of research to do! haha But I'm kind of leaning in that direction currently.
So, I'm gonna be getting a new amp soon and I need it for thrash. I got a super low budget ($350 to $400 MAX) so here's what I'm considering:

Peavey Windsor head
Bugera 1990

I've played a Bugera 333XL for a long time now and I really like it, so I'm not worried about any quality control issues from them. As far as I know, both replicate old Marshall amps which, from the few Marshall amps I have played, are great for thrash. Which amp would be better? I'm not looking for crazy high gain obviously, I need a good crunch (Kill 'Em All-type crunch and similar). I know the Windsor isn't known for gain, but would it be good for thrash? Which should I pick; I can't decide AND I can't try them out cuz no stores locally carry them. Let me know!

Hi. I'm gonna be getting a new amp soon to set up a second guitar rig for my other guitarist and I'm deciding between a Randall RT100 and a V2. Which would be better for newer thrash-type stuff (Dew-Scented, etc.) and also older thrash stuff? I can't find any good YouTube videos and I can't find these amps to try 'em out. Thanks.
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what modules are you getting?

I don't know what you mean...
Alright, so I've decided to get rid of my ValveKing head and I'm gonna replace it with a Randall RT100 to complete my second guitar rig. I haven't ever actually played the RT100 -- and I can't before I buy one because of my location -- but from all I've heard, people say it's a good amp, even though nine of ten YouTube videos of the amp are horrible. So, do you guys think this is a good choice? Will it cover my needs for Dew Scented/Sylosis/Sikth influenced music? I'm going to be running it along side my Bugera 333XL head. Feedback would be great! Thanks.
Okay. What's your email address man?

I have a thrash project called Cross Pain. I've delayed the release of my first demo/EP for three years because I just cannot find a vocalist. I can send the songs to your email, you can record the vocals, then just send 'em back to me when you're done. I have five songs that need vocals. Please help!

Hello my fellow UG members,

Okay, so EVERY SINGLE TUBE in my treasured Bugera 333XL head just died on me after I got it back from a friend of whom I loaned it to for a gig. I don't know what he did to the amp, but I do know that the tubes are really horrible now. I went in to a shop to make sure it was just the tubes, and yes, I've confirmed that there are no circuitry problems or the like. Anyways, on to why I am making this thread. So, I very obviously have to replace the tubes and I have my mind made up that I do want EL34s in the Power section and I've decided on some relatively inexpensive Ruby Tubes. It is the Preamp section that I am wondering about. So, I can only really afford two different kinds and I don't know which to get. I am debating over the Ruby Tubes ECC83/12AX7 tubes and some 'high gain' Tungsol 12AX7s.

I am curious as to if the Tungsol tubes would completely screw up my clean tone and/or make less headroom, perhaps. Also, the Ruby Tube 12AX7s that I mentioned have me very interested as well. The other guitarist of my band (Judgment Hammer) uses a Marshall JCM2000 TSL 100. On Musician's Friend, when you look at those Ruby Tubes, it says in bold "Get that true Marshall tone!". Obviously my 333XL isn't any Marshall, but I don't want to completely be the opposite of the other guitarist's tone. PLEASE HELP! I know pretty much nothing about how all this works.

Thanks a ton,

So, this could be average tube maintenance problems, but I'm not sure. Recently, when I plug into my 333XL head, it makes this crackling/popping sound. The sound still plays like it should, but there's unusual crackling and popping that worries me. When my friend was over he described it as "sounding like there was sand in my cab". There isn't those crackling and popping sounds when I use my ValveKing head, so I don't think it's the cab. Could it just be that my tubes are dying? It still has the stock EL34s and I've only had it for maybe 6 or 7 months. Sorry if this is all very confusing sounding. Any help would be great. Thanks.
Just want to know if I can run this through the effects loop of either my Bugera 333XL head or Peavey VK head. Thanks.
All sounds good to me. I don't know as far as suggestions. Maybe add some very ambient strings in the background? Just barely audible. I don't know. I don't usually work with this kind of music.

You got some nice gear by the way!
Okay, I don't know if this is "illegal" on UG, but I'm gonna do it anyways. I need help writing lyrics for my new song . . . I also need someone who can do vocals for it. If you can do funeral doom or just really low style vocals, please help. Please! The song is called "For You" and it has a doom metal atmosphere. Very slow and crushing. It's dedicated to my lost lover. Please help with vocals and lyrics. Thanks.
I know, I know. What's wrong with your 333XL? Or your ValveKings? I just want a solid state to use for some death metal and I heard that this one was pretty good. I also heard that Cannibal Corpse (early on) used them and got great tone. So, is the Crate GX130C Any good? Thanks.
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You guys, I think I know what kind of tone he's shooting for.

Take that solid state sears amp out of your closet and brutalize it with a Digitech Death Metal.

Haha, you get it!
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I would use the Bugera with the TS7. Start with all settings at noon and adjust to taste. Don't turn the bass too high or it'll get muddy. Don't remove too much midrange to keep it from sounding thin.
Start by sticking the SM57 directly at the center of the speaker, very close to the grille cloth. Move the mic diagonally across the speaker towards its edge to find the best possible tone.
Generally, closer to the dust cap = brighter, closer to the edge = warmer.

If it's still too bright, place the mic at an angle, such that it is perpendicular to the speaker cone, rather than to the grille cloth. Alternatively, hang it vertically in front of the speaker. This should give the darkest pssible tone.

EXPERIMENT. There's isn't just one way to do it.

Thanks! Finally someone who wants to HELP! I'll try it out.
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what's wrong with your 333xl?

I just use it for thrash and the VKs for -core music. The tubes just don't seem to give me that early death metal sound.
Can you recommend me a good amp for Death Metal for $200 max?
I heard that Cannibal Corpse used to use the Crate GX130C heads in the early days.
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The ValveKing doesn't sound like the 5150. At all.

Trust me.

I know, I own TWO. Why is nobody helping?
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The ValveKings can actually sound AWESOME in person.

Coming from a guy who owns TWO.
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is a beat up marshall 30th anniversary cabinet for 200$ a good deal? it has celestion g12-75's i think.

i was looking into valvekings but wasnt uber impressed with the sound, but i guess what can i ask for for only 500...

The ValveKings can actually sound AWESOME in person.
Peavey Tube Vypyr, Peavey ValveKing, Ibanez TBX150H...
I say send it back and get a new one. I love my 333XL more than some much more expensive amps that I've played.
The Ibanez TBX150H head is pretty versatile and is a great solid-state (no matter what anybody else says). Also, the Randall RX120RH takes pedals great and so does this one Raven head that I can't remember the model name of.
A little too simplistic for my tastes, but that's not what you're asking. It really does sound great, man. You did a fantastic job and I hope that you can only continue to improve. Great job.
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wow that sounded awful


Can't help you with settings and stuff, maybe ask them, they don't seem like they'd ignore your call for help.

Their new stuff is better, I promise. haha
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asking for settings is not allowed, try asking in the ultimate settings thread


You really are playing the Grumpy Old Man thing to the fullest aren't you?
Okay, so I'm wondering if I could get the tone of, or similar to, this band ( They use Peavey 5150 heads, with Behringer 4x12s. Don't know if they use an effects, but one guitarist uses a Jackson RX10D Rhoads guitar with EMG 81 in the bridge and 85 in the neck.

Which settings would help me get closest to their tone? Also, what microphone placement (be VERY specific)? I have and use a Bugera 333XL head, Peavey ValveKing head with Fender Groove Tubes, a Randall RX412 cabinet, and a Peavey ValveKing 1x12 (stock). I have a Shure SM57 mic, Ibanez TS-7 Tubescreamer, and DOD R-431 31-band EQ also. The guitar I use is an Epiphone Les Paul Standard with VERY HOT DiMarzio D Activator-X pickups.

So explain which amp would get me closest, then the settings, then the VERY SPECIFIC microphone placement suggestions. Thank you.
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Sorry. Changing the speaker is easy peasy. Easier than changing strings on your guitar. I out-lined how to do it in the VK thread but hit me up if something wasn't clear.

Nah, it's all good. I didn't see where you said how to do it...