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Got a small bit of shooting in today. Couple hundred rounds through the pistol.

Finished up with knocking down six 6” plates at 7m in 3.4s from the draw. Not great but I’ll take it. Super easy drill too. Didn’t plan on shooting steel today so I just kinda fell into it when I was bored

That ain't too bad. You're not Rob Leatham, but you're pretty competent. 
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I'd likely rather just save up for something that's the proper tool for the job and be my "buy once, cry once," scope. Heard great things about Swarovski, do you like yours?

I do. 

You should of course get what you want, but there's a huge amount of corksniffery when it comes to optics. Which is why I own several of the "name" brands... I wasn't immune either. 

Now they mostly stay in the safe. I've had the Sightron on a 7MM STW for well over a decade, and it's been used to compete to 1,000 yards and take rock chucks to 1,500. It's a lousy hunting scope, as the dot tends to get lost in any background that's present, but for targets and varmints, it's a great tool for the job. I'd have to look at my log but IIRC I've got about 1700 rounds on it, and it still tracks and maintains zero as expected. I've got north of 5,000 on a Nikon M-308 on a heavy barreled .308, so I can't complain there either. 

But as always, get what you want, because disappointment sucks worse than waiting. 
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Fuck me good glass is expensive.

Believe it or not my crosshairs are too thick. My rifle can do 1/2" MOA but when I'm punching groups at 200 yards I can't see the hole past the reticle.

Looked for some more precision focused scopes but holy shit, the cash they want...

Definitely going to have to compromise on zoom for better tracking and reticle.

What is your budget? I've got a Sightron 4-16 with an 1/8 moa dot that would solve your problem, and IIRC it was less than or around $400. Nikon also sells moderately priced scopes, some with a fine crosshair and 1/4 dot. I don't have any with that reticle, but have a few others. (Nikon is, IMO, the absolute best "bang for your buck" optic on the market today.) You might also look at Nikon's "see through" BDC reticle, which I do have a couple of. A Nikon Prostaff 5 BCD will run you around $400 as well.

I also own a couple of Zeiss, one Swarovski, two Nightforce and probably a dozen other various manufacturers. I've never felt disappointed by my Sightron or my various Nikons.
trashedlostfdup , If you're certain you don't want more kids, it's a good idea. Recovery is not too painful (but not painless either). I had mine because my wife had medical issues that made chemical birth control inadvisable and condoms suck!

Yes, they are technically reversible, but it's a FAR more involved and expensive process. Don't do it if you're not certain.
H4T3BR33D3R , the rumors of my demise were, as always, greatly exaggerated. 

Also, no, I was never banned...

And not "back" per se, just stopping in to say Hi.

It doesn't appear much has changed.
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Well, I replaced the F2 fuse and the 4 diodes. Still nothing.

I'm going to try new power tubes, assuming the fuse didn't blow again, and if that doesn't work then I'll take it to a tech.

Diodes are directional, are you certain you installed the new ones correctly?
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Fat Lard two state Attorney's General and four federal judges so far have disagreed with you, why do you think you have the secret understanding of the legality of this and they don't?

Because it's the 9th circuit etc.

I'm not sure the ban was necessary but there's significant evidence that it's Constitutional and would likely be upheld at the SC.
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The more important question: You're alive?

Followed by: Where the hell have you been?

Finally figured out that although there are some awesome folks here, there are some that I don't need, or want, to be around, even virtually.

But yeah, I'm doing fine. Too damn many projects though. You?
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i see used chinese organs all the time on my craigslist for free.

Why are you perusing the personals?
The tears of the Clinton supporters are sweet indeed!!
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Annealing that shovel seems to have worked, Arbs. So my shovel guitar is well on its way now.

I need to find me some 1/2" angle iron to make a nut out of. Well that's the plan atm..

Glad to hear it, waiting to see (and hear) the end result!
C'mon, most of you have got more experience with that than in living without electricity, Internet or smartphone...
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I have tremendous hands. I can palm a basketball no problem. I got no problems there

So how many balls have you palmed?
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So much for building a guitar out of this shovel. I can't drill through the blade.

Anneal the spot(s) where you want to drill with a propane torch (red heat, reduce heat slowly, air cool). The steel is pretty low quality, should anneal easily.

In other news, moderator elections don't strike me as an awesome idea. Although I'd like to moderate, 3 months seems like a waste of time.
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That is the first time I've heard a cathouse referred to as "the company".

Don't be a hater because you can't afford the door charge...
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Welcome to the team, Danny! If you PM me your email I'll get you started with all the mod tools.

Going to the LA amp show tomorrow!

I didn't cast a deciding vote, and your continuous passive-aggressive jabs were mentioned as one reason you weren't considered, but not by me. Other mods/admins see this stuff, Arby. If you want to keep insisting that it's just me with a vendetta, that's your right, but eventually you might consider that your own attitude is a factor. You're only hurting yourself here. I don't care or dislike you half as much as you seem to think.

Danny's a great choice. As to the rest, uh huh...
First question is can you legally build there? (Zoning etc. )

If so, builder costs are highly variable, based on location and availability.

If you act as your own general contractor you can save money, but I suspect you don't have enough knowledge to make certain you have all the permits etc. and to avoid getting fucked by your subcontractors.'ll need to find a competent general contractor or 3 and explain what you want to do. They should be able to quote you the build by the square foot and that will give you an idea what it will cost.

If you can make it happen it sounds like a solid idea.
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I'll try to be nice, diligent & fair. Scout's honor!

Hmmm...maybe I should change my avatar. Libra symbol? Green Lantern emblem?

I've no doubt, you're a pretty solid citizen.
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Oh crap!

They asked me, but didn't TELL me.

I note that you were gathering fans even before the "promotion" like that brnwozniak fellow...

Congrats. As you probably know I stumped for it as well, but had no real expectation due to my run-ins with he who shall remain unnamed.
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Yeah he's pretty regular getting on here, I don't think I've noticed him in a week at least... Maybe he's having too much fun with his Amplifire?

I think the honeymoon is over, at least from the last post of his I read...

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Well, after 3 long fucking years of hunting around, come Monday afternoon I will be joining the ranks of the employed.
Hours 6PM - 6AM.
Working at Tesla putting together batteries.

Congrats! Hope it works out well for you!!
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I agree that you need to be rational about the changes you have to do. But the different powers and groups are doing it pretty okay so far. My country for instance went from like 60% renewable to like 95% renewable and it didn't "fuck the lives of millions of people". You seem to imply that the actions proposed by people are somehow harmful for people (in some way) and thus they should not be done.

The one thing is indeed that in some countries oil-based energy is a much more economic energy source than anything other, so they may incur an economic penalty if they tried to switch completely. That is indeed a problem, but one that many scientists are investigating. Hopefully we can take good political actions there too, to convince such countries/places to make that extra effort and not impact the lives of too many people.

There is indeed a debate regarding this kind of stuff, but it all revolves around what we and those countries can do and how. It never ends up in "let's not do anything, ya know?"

I feel like there should be a penalty for excessive use of "indeed"...
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The assumption that everything that a modeler does is somehow about tube amps ain't necessarily so, and as we expand our universe with these things a bit, I think you'll see a lot more applications as well.

The assumption that I said anything about "everything" ain't necessarily so...but let's be honest, it's still in the majority.
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That said, the kid I sold my '82 diesel Mercedes to still seemed pretty stoked about it. But it definitely wasn't fancy.

But it will last forever...

I'm actually looking for the right price on an early 80's 300CD or similar (Actually need the OM617.952 engine and assorted parts, but a donor car is the best way to get everything I need...) and I'm being cheap, so it may take a while.
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Does this technique raise any ethical concerns/question?

I don't see a problem here. If using medicine to avoid a disease is "playing G_D" then I can think of quite a few things that qualify, and I don't suspect there are a lot of folks clamoring for us to give them up. This is advanced medicine of course, but so was vaccination in the 1800's...
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Why cant he run the headphones into the lo-input with the volume super low in the first amp or the line out into the effects return?

He can.

It's not likely to produce good results, but it's physically possible.
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You could say that about some people on the list already.

I think he provides good insight most of the time but I will concede if thats the concensus.

Yeah, but I like you.

Not a consensus, just my opinion. Yesterday he said that he didn't think that tube amps actually exceeded rated power when overdriven...
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To be clear, if it helps the discussion at all, I said "generally SS amps will be softer..." not always, not exactly, not scientifically. I was just saying if you take a run-of-the-mill 20w SS amp (which in such a general case, it is often a bad amp altogether, but besides the point) and a normal 20w tube amp, the tube amp will likely have more volume on tap. Not saying that SS circuitry is scientifically softer because of the components, but that general SS amps are not as loud as a general tube amp- because of the issues with general SS equipment listed a few posts up.

That's a lot of "general"izing.

And not real useful...
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How about Will Lane? Is he on?

No, and for good reason. Decent guy, very limited knowledge.
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Not always, and that's immaterial anyway.

No, it's really not. I don't even disagree with most of what you've said, but this is just silly.
Going this afternoon to look at a 2003 Mercedes C230 Kompressor Coupe for my youngest son as his daily driver for the last 2 years of high school (nothing fancy, just transportation, we'll get him a real car when he starts college...), all snark aside, is there anything I need to be looking closely at with these?
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Interesting, I wonder if there will be a sound improvement.

Would almost have to be, wouldn't there?
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Here's where "general consensus" depends on the idiots doing the consensus (and on the idiots who believe them).

I'm running three 1500W solid state power amps. All three are cheaper than a 100W tube power amp from the same company. That doesn't mean there's anything "cheap" about them -- just that with modern technology, it's far less expensive to make them, not because the tube product is designed and built better. There is this, however. There's very little market for tube amplifiers or, for that matter, tube components on the planet these days, aside from a relatively small number of guitar players. Thus, the components will continue to be more expensive over time. Tried to find a replacement picture tube for your 21" color TV recently?


What you're often careful to NOT note is that you're running modeling technology in front of those power amps to make them sound like the tube amp you're dismissing...
I'm one of the highest paid people at the company, and when the beancounters questioned that late last year my boss told them that he would be happy to fire me if they could find him 3 people to take over my job(s) at a lesser price.

I'm replaceable, as is everyone, but it won't be cheap.
Nobody won.

Hillary supporters will shout that Hillary won for ...reasons...

Trump supporters will proclaim that he won for other reasons.

At best it was a wash, with neither side committing any extreme gaffes.

It was pretty pathetic really.
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Yes, but I don't just want to play something from my phone, I want to be able to play from my guitar to my amp in real time with tonebridge modifying the tone along the way, Sorry if I'm misunderstanding what you're saying.

Which is EXACTLY what the iRig does.

Guitar into iRig, iRig into phone, phone processes, out from iRig to headphones/speaker/amp.
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LOL. It wasn't until the rightwingers took over the Supreme Court that they ruled the militia clause meaningless. Personally, I'm against mentally insane people being well armed, but that's just me. Perhaps this is a right that should be ignored, like due process, or the right to privacy? The GOP certainly doesn't seem overly concerned with those far more important rights, do they

It's already illegal for mentally ill people to purchase firearms, but that wasn't your initial claim, which addressed the no-fly list.

I support all of our rights, you seem to want to pick and choose according to your personal dictates. Which of us do you suppose actually supports the values of Liberty?

It's telling that you bemoan the GOP's alleged disregard for due process while in the same breath requesting something that does exactly that. Hypocrite much?
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The gyrations people go through to justify guns always amuses me. They'll point at these shootings and say stuff like "well, if SOMEBODY THERE only had a gun". Yeah, somebody there had a gun...the shooter.

As long as we have loose gun control laws the USA will have to deal with excessive gun violence. The fact of the matter is this: in a country with a population over 300 million people, a good % of them not even living in reality anyway (evangelicals, for example), it's almost a minor miracle there aren't MORE gun deaths per year in the USA. The Republican Party opposes even basic common sense gun control measures, such as restricting potential terrorists on the "do not fly" list from legal gun purchases. The 2nd Amendment does have the words "A WELL REGULATED MILITIA" at the front for a reason... the Founding Fathers of the USA didn't want complete whackos running around willy nilly armed to the teeth.

Oh look, another "progressive" that supports removing constitutionally guaranteed rights without due process and doesn't understand independent clauses.