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So if the same song wasn't performed by a7x you might think differently?

Not entirely sure what you mean by this. A cover? Or originally?

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I disagree with almost every point Kai made in that post. Even though this is a guitar forum, you don't need guitars in all music.

Hehe. I never said that you did, I listen to plenty of stuff with no guitar at all. But a huge factor of Avenged are Syn and Zacky, and without them i'm never going to like the song as much.

And Carl, I hope you don't mean me.
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So just because there's no guitar it's the worst?

Erm, pretty much. I've always thought the main ingredient in my liking of Avenged was the riffs and Syn's technical lead (solos). I think taking it out, is like taking the heart out of the song. And though I do like listening to Jimmy and Shads, both amazing voices really, the song suffers without the guitar.

For me anyway.
Not a bad album, but if i'm honest - my least favourite.
I don't necassarily like the ballad approach that has been taken to the album, considering my favourite album was Waking the Fallen.

In no way is Portnoy a bad drummer, and he has done a great job, I just think the songs lack the density that they carried while Jimmy was on the drums, as I think you can see from the Nightmare Demo.

I really like the song Buried Alive, and it's definitely the best track on the album, probably because it has the most 'epic' guitar work, where as other songs just seem unmemorable, or don't stand out at all. Soungs like Victim and Tonight the World Dies - Just seem empty. I really am unsure what to make of Fiction. I realise this is the last 'sample' of Jimmys work, which in a way forces me to like it, but honestly it's the worst song on the album - such little (or no) guitar work.

Obviously it's hard to make judgements after listening to this album a few times through, maybe songs will grow on me as the play count increases, maybe it wont. But right now, though i'm not dissapointed, my excitement for this album may have been a little much.
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But seriously, Fade To Black is closest to making me cry, same with I Won't See You Tonight (Part 1)

^ This, though they've never made me actually cry, they both come close.

As well as Where Did You Sleep Last Night - by Nirvana
Ausie is my favourite, or of course the Classic English (posh) accent.
Absolutely j'adore Muse. Went and saw them Live last November, and had one of THE best nights of my life - the instrumental work that all three of them pull off is just incredible and genuinely i'd say it's better live than in the studio.

Was tempted to see them again this summer, but I heard Avenged were playing newby, so bought tickets for them instead.

Superb Band though! <3