Honestly, We'd searched high and low for a singer and couldn't find one in our city that suited our style, so our keyboardist decided to do it himself so we could actually get things underway. We're open to getting a standalone singer but there really isn't anyone we know who can do it so....
We've had this out for a while but I'd thought I'd post it here to get us out there a bit more. New Paradigm is an Progressive metalcore band from Adelaide Australia. Also linked a mix of our upcoming album for anyone interested.

Like our facebook for regular updates and other goodies.

Thankyou and enjoy!
New Paradigm, Progressive Metal from Australia
I think intelligence effects openess of and general view of musical genres. Not sure what would classify someone as smart but I got a score of 98% for year 12, and I listen to everything from Skrillex to Periphery to Dave Weckl.
Hey guys, been a while since I posted here, I'd love it if you could check out my band New Paradigm (pa-ra-dime, for those of you who might not know). We are a metal band from Adelaide, Australia that are a tad progressive. Influences include Dream Theater, Protest the Hero, Opeth, Symphony X and Periphery.

Arif Maribdolbhagi of Protest the Hero
Tommy Rogers of Between the Buried and Me

Both write amazing and inspiring lyrics
Dear good people of UG,

Check out mah band New Paradigm, Progressive metal(core) band from Adelaide Australia, check my sig for Links. All of the demo's we have are more towards our metalcore side, should have some more prog stuff up soon.

not bad, that clean section was so BTBAM. Some clean vocals thrown in there somewhere (refering to the whole song not just the clean section ) would have made it so much better though. But I guess my perception and opinion is flawed since I listen to James LeBrie all day.
I actually prefer the sound of the telecaster to the strat. But the strat would probably be more versitile. Fender also do some decent electro-acoustics, I picked one up for $600 Australian, bit expensive I know but it sounds great.

Just go down to your local music store and try some out. Actually playing them is much better than looking around the internet for one.
there is actually a sub genre of metal called neo-classical (but you probably know that already), that includes artists like yngwie malmsteen and bands like Symphony X (who are heavily malmsteen influenced). Symphony X have been known to blend classical orchestral music into their songs, Michael Pinnella does most of the work on his keyboard (strings, choir, harpsichord etc.) while Romeo plays classical style leads over the top. For example, songs like Smoke and Mirrors, The Damnation game (which actually cites Bach's "Solfegietto") and Out of the Ashes. Also, Pergamum (pretty sure thats how you spell it) has an awesome metal cover of some classical songs on youtube (I think beethoven's moonlight sonata might be in there somewhere) that really shows the simularty.

Metal music should (imo) always be treated as a composition rather than a collection of riffs. Just one of the many reasons metal is superior to most other forms of music. I you ask me, metal is just modern classical music.
I'd listen to some stuff and just try and work it out line for line. Metaphors aren't hard to understand if you think about them in an logical manner, For example, I had no idea what half the Protest the Hero songs were about until I actually sat down and listened to them (without multitasking). Listening to and understanding music like that helps your song writing ability incedibly, the more cryptic the better it sounds.
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Yeah, we're all picky about the way we sound in the overall mix. It sounds great though, the bass has a really good tone to it

I gonna go ahead and disagree about the bass tone part.....just wait until I get the cash for a musicman bongo 6, I want a really punchy john myung-esque sound.
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Thanks man! Yeah we're really influenced by AAL thanks a lot for the comment, that's quite a compliment.

I'm definitely liking your sound as well. I can hear some Dream Theater influence and maybe some power metal too. Very intense stuff man. You guys definitely have a really good sound going. The mix of the songs is actually pretty good to be honest. I couldn't do any better myself. Good stuff!

Yeah we probably will release a ep or full length in the future. Just need to get our name and play some shows first. If we ever got to Australia I'll definitely hit you guys up so we can play some shows!

well I'm the bassist and the bass wasn't mixed at all how I wanted it, so maybe that's it XD
Dream theater - Metropolis intro
Dream theater - constant motion
Dream theater - erotomania
Dominici - liquid lightning
Symphony X - serpents kiss
Symphony X - Set the world on fire
Symphony X - wicked
Symphony X - Dehumanized
Anything by Protest the Hero
Periphery - Icarus Lives!
Avenged sevenfold - blinded in chains

I'm not sure how good you are but the guitarist in my band was playing these songs a year after he started learning, so they can't be that difficult. But I'm a bassist, so what would I know.
The fact the prog strays away from the typical song structure is the exact reason so many people forgo it. Pop is popular for the same reason metal is, it's easy to get into. whether you are into pop or metal depends on your personality. Progressive music is popular with a certiain niche that enjoys more than the standard, because they find the standard boring. Just like some people like more complex video games (like a zelda game over a mario game) or more interesting movies (Inception over a stupid animated movie). The majority of people alive today prefer not to think, simply because its not required. I'd actually prefer a 17/8 time sig over a 4/4. Why? Because 4/4 is boring and repetitive.

Also, does anyone know how progressive house got its name? because when comparing it to prog metal I rage sooooo hard.

And just so you know, my parabolic curve ends at blotted science/spastik ink.
you're promoting on the wrong website dude.
I don't think your music is agressive enough for all that growling. also, you lack melody, and since there aren't clean vocals to provide it, it gives a very lack luster feel to the music. Also, I think your riffs could be more creative. check out 'circles' from my band (link in my sig). Might give you an idea of a creative riff.

I'd suggest listen to bands like Protest the Hero, Periphery and Between the Buried and Me. I'd suggest listening to less 'standard' metal or hardcore stuff. It all Breeds generic bands. Also, eq the guitar better, sounds very muffled.

I'd also suggest getting a better vocalist, someone with an awesome clean voice aswell as growls (hard to come by I know). Look up 'Bloodmeat' by PTH, if you haven't heard the song already. Great use of both clean and gutteral vocals.
holy s*** dude thats awesome! can really hear the Animals as leaders influence in there. Gave you a like, I'm really impressed and would like to hear more.

Give my band a look if you want, just note that the songs we've recorded are terrible demos (our keys player can't mix for s*** and it was recorded with a cheap-o guitar, not to mention the over-compression) and that we have some more progressive stuff (like 12 minute long stuff) upcoming.



We'll probably end up sounding a bit like these guys (keys player and drummers old band)

Satoria - godspeed

Are you gonna release an ep soon? I'd love to hear some more and being in Australia I can't really get to one of your gigs....
Hardcore with a side of protest the hero and periphery. I like.

I'll give it a like from my personal profile since I'm not an admin for my band (keys player does the fb page). If any of you guys like prog check out New Paradigm.


Hi guys,

If you're into progressive metal, metalcore, or metal in general, checkout New Paradigm. We are based in Adelaide SA, unfortunately we aren't gigging yet due to the lack of a frontman, but we have instrumental tracks up for a few of our shorter, less progressive songs (one of our tracks is shaping up to be 12 mins +).

Check us out on Facebook and Youtube

Thanks in advance!
wow I'm impressed. Good to see some quality prog coming out of Australia. If you're interested check out my band (from Adelaide) New Paradigm (

btw you're cover art is insane.
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I totally agree with Sudaka.

I played guitar for quite a few years, and one day I literally woke up and said "I'm gonna buy a bass". Bought one that day, and I've barely touched my electric guitars since.

Lol I did the exact same thing.

I've been playing almost 5 years now, and my continually evolving playing style and skill has kept me interested. When I started, I was listening to and playing mostly punk, until I got bored of that. I got into funk (RHCP, Primus etc.) and that stuff is fun as to play. I now listen to a lot of progressive metal, and play in progressive metalcore band New Paradigm.

I now play to technically challenging stuff like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Protest the Hero, BTBAM, Dominici, Periphery, Liquid Tension Experiment etc. That stuff is VERY fun to play.

So yes, bass is fun. but only if you aspire to do more than pedal notes all the time, in the same way that endless power chords on guitar get boring.
If u go to my profile the song is uploaded there
If you heard the "I just gotta get out of this masquerade" bit live, you might change your mind. It came from the old lyrics we had to this song before we scrapped them. That part sounded awesome, so I kept it in, since it fits with the them of the song. I'm going to revise the rest of the chorus however.
I did properly crit this, then my internet ****ed up when I went to post it. I'm too lazy to do it again, so I'll give it to you in a nutshell.

- While poem form is always a good start, it needs more structure
- Last section should be changed
- Second to last section is kickass
- "A mothers head still rolling" sounds a little brutal (and misleading) for the section its in
- I think the music behind these lyrics needs to be very progressive, moving and epic, something like "the divine suicide of K" by Protest the Hero.

Sorry I didn't re- write the whole crit, but I'm a little lazy :P
**Thinks of the joker doing the "do you know how I got these scars" thing**

but srsly, this is purdy damn good. Although the lack of rhyming is kind of annyoning. Some half rhymes would have gone down nicely.

Other than that, the lyrics seem pretty deep, and well thought out. nice work.
Some pending lyrics for a song by my band New Paradigm, check my profile to hear the instrumental song.

Hear now what we say, justice is poetic, just like the words we speak
You shall not dine with angels
The likes of you will find your way to the seventh circle; the flaming sand is where you lay, winds blowing endlessly, confusion for eternity
Come seek your true salvation

Why do you speak with tongues of fire, I cannot understand your means
Tell me the truth and not this twisted story that you believe
I just gotta get out of this masquerade, away from the lies and deceit
Of those who claim everything must be as their parents told them to believe
Are these visions you see as genuine as you’re telling me they are?

The well of giants is saved for sinners of the likes of you
Your words can never harm us though your blasphemy will guide you through
The pits of the inferno? Have you ever seen them with your own eyes?
Believing without seeing is what will bring us to eternal

Light is not present within your
Heartless monsters are searching for
Truth lurks deep in the depths of my
Mind erased for ideas of a
False god

Heresy is a matter of opinionated hatred towards a godless people
Masked by fear of mortality


If you haven't already guessed, it deals with the idea of people pushing their religion down other people's throats. Some references to Dante's inferno in there, nice work anyone who got them (I didn't really hide them that well though).

Feedback would be awesome. remember that most of the stuff is growled/screamed.
Greetings people of! I only ask for a few minutes of your time to check out my band NEW PARADIGM, a progressive metalcore band from Adelaide, Australia. We have just recently released instrumental demo tracks, we're currently working to clear the absence of vocals.

The demo's we have up are more our metalcore side, but we've got some really progressive stuff, as well as some really technical stuff, in the process of being perfected. We have a very diverse range of influences, including Dream Theater, Symphony X, Protest the Hero, Opeth, Children of Bodom, Between the Buried and me, and many more.

Check out our demos on Facebook or Youtube

Any exposure would be great!
well, I'm not hatin' on ya but a genre would have been useful. Since I'm not smart enough to figure it out from the lyrics (although it seems like something heavy-ish), I'll just take an in-general view. personally, I'd change the last line, "bugger-all equation" seems a bit boganish. And the "expert timing" line seems kind of out of place. That's just my opinion though. If you want more ideas lyrics, I'd suggest listening to Protest the Hero (if you don't already), they have great lyrics, very clever and meaningful. "C'est la vie" and "wretch" are some of my favourites for lyrics. Then again, you may be very good at writing lyrics and won't need my input. I dunno. Anyway it seems more of a verse than a chorus to me.
well he's better than me, thats for sure. But since I play bass, I guess that's no surprise.