I cant figure it out the picking part in the second verse. If someone can would you please tab it out for me it would be greatly appreciated .
wrote this song a few years ago and want to finaly finish it lol
its in my profile in mp3s slow acoustic
I need a singer and someone to write lyrics to my mp3 song, its slow acoustic check it out in my profile thanks
M-audio fast track. listen to my recording in my mp3, its what i used and i use it hooked with my mac.
let me know if i should change or add anything :P
In my profile i also need a vocalist for this
Quote by Joshua1207
I would be interested in something indie, not really metal.

what bands are close to what you want to go for?
How to read music is the most important thing you can do, take your time in learning what every symbol means, once you know what it is telling you to do you can pretty much teach yourself. least thats what i did :P lol
Ok i never made an online band before but i have recording equipment and garage band so this shouldent be too hard.

I love to play metal like metalica, slayer, bullet for my valentine and megadeth mostly. but im open to anything. i would love to do originals and covers.


Just post on this thread if your interested, thanks \m/
i got the tab book lol
im down for guitar, i have recording equipment and am commited
i can do guitar, i have recording equipment