Alright as the thread says, I've only been playing guitar for about three years, but I've been extremely serious about it and practice several hours everyday. Just a couple weeks ago I played my first show with my band. Now I'm trying to get out of borrowing amps from friends and need something that can get plenty loud enough to compete with a drummer who plays about as loud as is possible on an acoustic kit when I can't mic my amp.

The problem is my budget is about 350 dollars and below and so this limits me a lot. Right now there aren't any stacks that are loud enough or have descent tone quality enough that I should bother with (I'm told by others). So I've been looking at combo amps and I've used some tube amps, but generally when I have they gave me problems and I'm just not sure that I feel comfortable relying on one tube amp for gigs when something is more likely to go wrong than using a regular one.

This has lead me to a few that might work:

Fender Mustang III (100W)
Ibanez TBX65R (65W)
Vox Valvetronix VT50 (50W)

So far leaning towards the fender, but I'd like to hear any other suggestions you have that I overlooked.

The main thing with the amp is that I want lots of nice clean tones that combine well with pedals, particularly right now the Boss OS-2 since that pedal is used in most of my songs. Right now I tend to use a moderate overdrive/distortion that is used in Nu metal and alternative rock. I would compare it to the sound of Linkin Park's hybrid theory distortion/overdrive. My favorite bands and therefore ones that I would probably sound most like would be Incubus, Muse, Queens of the Stone Age, Deftones, Black Light Burns, and A Perfect Circle.

Right now I've been using my friends Peavey Valveking 112 and I like the volume range on that, maybe just slightly higher, but I'm not sure how tube amp watts compare with those on regular amps.

Thanks for the help!
That's the problem, I'm an honest person, and I do not have any sexual feelings going into this, I strictly wanted to do this because I do care for her and if I could be the person that helps her I would.

Part of me definitely agrees, but I also feel pretty bad just because if she stays on the same course, the end is going to be empty and sad, and I'd feel like it would partially be my fault for not stepping in, but when you put it like that it does make me sound like an asshole...

But I also wonder if the reason she hasn't left him to begin with is because she's convinced that no one would want her which sounds like something he would tell her.
Alright, I'm posting here for the first time so I can hear others' opinions of this situation.

I recently started running into a girl who I used to be friends with in highschool. She's really sweet and caring, but also timid and easily influenced by others. Back then she sort of had a thing for me, but was too shy to make any moves. In the few years that have passed me and most everyone lost contact with her because she started dating the most egocentric, poor excuse for a human there ever was (not to mention he's damn ugly). And because of her personality, her life is absolutely controlled by this asshole, even though he has been caught cheating on her and even though he treats her like shit. Regardless of her friends telling her to ditch him and her catching him cheating on her, and the fact that he hasn't worked at all in the last three years and has been entirely supported by her, she still is with him and defends him. I think this is the reason everyone kind of lost contact with her. Even her parents disowned her and stopped speaking to her because of this guy. To make it worse she is engaged to him, but based on their financial situation and the way he acts I don't think they'll ever marry.

When school ended I didn't have her phone number, and everyone else deleted it because they stopped talking to her, but I met her at her work place which is Jack in the Box (she works there 7 days a week from 8pm -6am) and got it from her. I started texting her a bunch. I've always liked her, but I think besides me liking her, I would like to be in a relationship with her just because she works so hard at work and in school and if anyone deserves an extremely good life it's her, and I think she's pretty much condemned herself by dating this guy.

So the question I'm asking myself is how much can a person change. I'm wondering if there is a way I can convince her to leave him. Right now she seems happy that I started texting her, and I even asked her to do some artwork for my band and she sounded excited. I'd also like to convince her to come to my next show by herself, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to. Does anyone else think it's possible to make this work with time and how would I go about it, and if you don't think she can be convinced to leave him what is your reasoning?

Thanks for all your help!
This is my first time here and I could really use a hug. Lately I feel like I've been stuck in the same place physically and mentally and I'm having a hard time getting out. About a year ago my girlfriend of four years broke up with me pretty sudden and without warning after a long distance relationship, but it had been fairly manageable. She was what I'd call my first and only love and we met in high school. For the past 9 months I've been trying with plenty of effort to forget about it hearing all the typical "there's plenty more fish in the sea, and there will be more lovers in the future and its not the end of the world" and I believed them, but I'm really not seeing any progress. I'm angry all the time when I used to be an extremely calm, quiet, content person and I've always been extremely moral and kind-hearted to everybody, but lately I just keep telling my self I don't give a shit about people I'm in contact with and I'm often filled with rage. Every time I think about her in particular I just can't get it out of my head and start going through every aspect associated with it to try to figure out if there was something wrong with me or not. I visited her for at least a week every month and she was the most virtuous girl I've ever known and it seemed during most of it she loved me more than anything in the universe. This lead me to believe that the distance (which had been there for about one year at the end of the relationship) was just too much for her, but I keep finding undeniable proof that now she is dating someone in the navy who is on the opposite side of the United States. All this has occurred in the less than a year, so did my time with her really mean that little? I always gave her what she wanted and NEVER asked her for anything including money or sex, I was just content with what she offered me. And i was very committed and prepared to spend the future with her. I think my problem is that since it's been over I've been trying to move on and hopefully find someone else. I go to a university as a full time student so I talk to TONS of people every day and yet everyone seems like they've already got their lives planned out I feel left out of them as well as left behind from all my friends in high school who just forgot their friendship with me and moved on. Frankly I've got lots of people that call me "their friend" but I can only think of one person who I would actually call a friend and he does his best to try to understand me, but it's not enough. I try not to feel angry, but it inevitably happens and gives me headaches, brings out tears, and makes me tired physically and mentally.

To sum this all up, I'm afraid I'm wasting my life (even though it sounds stupid because I'm only in my early 20's) and that even though I'm trying to fight through I don't see any progress.

Right now I'm doing well in school, but I'm afraid after I'm done I'll ultimately be doing something somewhere the bores me the rest of my life and makes me feel rage towards everyone I've known and loose my self esteem and identity because I don't care.

The only thing that truly defines me and makes me happy right now is my music for my band, but that alone isn't enough to keep me sane for the future if we're not successful.

I guess I just want someone who has felt this way at this time in their life to tell me it will be okay, and with time I will rediscover peace, content, love, inspiration, and a more definite identity.

Also a hug would be nice
It seems like you're asking two things here: which song should I play to impress a girl, and which song should I play to make this girl love me, and they're two separate things. The first one is easier, because it's not hard to find songs that nearly everyone can enjoy, the second one depends more on the girl, what kind of interaction you have with her right now, and what her past experiences have consisted of.

For the first one, when I'm just showing off to girls I don't really know, nor am i really that attached to I would go with:

Hotel California - The Eagles (Spanish acoustic version off of Hell Freezes Over)
Love Song - The Cure / 311 (this ones bores the hell out of me because it seems so typical and obvious, but it works)
Blink - 182 - All The Small Things (you'd kind of have to hit the right crowd, but the song is catchy and I haven't heard too many females that say they hate it)
Solutions - Bush (Self explanatory if you know the song)
Stellar - Incubus
Scar Tissue / Can't Stop / All Around The World - Red Hot Chili Peppers (again this one seems typical, but any girl who is impressed by guitar/ singing should succumb to these)
Such Great Heights - The Postal Service

And now the main difference between the first and second list is that because you're trying to focus on what makes that person special you have to choose a more unusual song which may be harder because you need to specifically know what they like, and you need to be more aware of how they feel towards you, as well as convey what makes them so interesting to you in the song you choose. So I can't help you pick one, but I can give some examples of mine:

Riviere - Deftones - this song for me kind of represents waiting for somebody to come along and it worked great as a song to perform for a lover because it conveyed how I felt stuck at some place / point in my life and needed somebody to come along and help me out of it and that however long it took I would "wait up for them" even if it meant sacrificing a lot my time, money, love, anything to be with them.

Kingdom of Rust - Doves I've recorded myself doing this song and sent it to someone when they were a long distance away on a trip because it shows them that I felt willing to put trust in them, no matter how far away or how long they were gone, and that while they were gone I thought of them constantly.

A Praise Chorus - Jimmy Eat World / Everlong Foo Fighters - kind of self explanatory

On Top - The Killers / Undisclosed desires - Muse - I would use one of these if she been through a lot of rough situations and I was trying to tell her "hey I know you've been though a lot and you have every right to not trust me, but I promise if you give me a chance to show how I feel for you and how I'm willing to treat you it'll be worth it and as soon as you feel uncomfortable with me we can part ways"

Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve I've used this one before because it was her favorite song, and it kind of matched her opinion of life she had which was "hey this is my life and if you want to tag along with me that's fine, but I make my own decisions and go where I want, so as soon as you try to change that we're through" which I respected and by playing this song was showing that respect for her.

Island in the Sun - Weezer - if the girl you're trying to impress is simple, then sometimes you need a subtle, simple, and fun song to play, and I would use that if this was the case, although for me if a girl is too simple, there's no chance I would ever date her.

Now if you're really awesome, you'd just write your own song, it takes practice, but it's not hard once you get used to it and there's a lot of girls out their that no matter how bad the song sounds they'll still love you for trying to create something solely for them especially if you combine the elements from the second list of songs to create something that matches how you feel toward them and the situation you two are experiencing now, which is how the great majority of love songs are written to begin with...

Hope this helps dude
Hey there! She's So Provocative is a 4-piece Reno based band on the rise, and we have our first show for sure on August 23 at the underground in Reno. One thing that stands out in our band among listeners is that we don't stick to one specific genre, instead we write what we want and therefore we get songs ranging from really soft progressive rock up to alternative metal. Right now we've got some demos recorded and are hoping to get in a studio soon and record an EP. Any way you could help support our band is greatly appreciated which could be checking out our demos, liking us on facebook, or going to our show on the 23! Either way, we're glad you took the time to read this and hope you enjoy our music. Constructive criticism and advice is highly welcome

Putting the party in your mouth and the after taste back in your bedroom.

-Team Provocative