does anyone know what guitar company bjorn agren from razorlight uses? thanks.
anyone know about good capos? i'm looking for one cause recently i've started learn songs that use capos. i don't really have a price range so any suggestions?
i have this classical guitar and recently its been giving me trouble. first of all i've had it for 3 years so i don't know if that has something to do with the prob. on the d string the wire wrapped around the string is coming off at 2 places 2nd fret and 4th fret. and it keeps coming apart each day. i've being playing for a year so i don't really know about fixing guits. so should i get a new string or get it fixed? any suggestions ?
thanks guy. think i'll get the squier. i saw a lot of reviews on other sites like guitar center but i wanted an honest opinion.
anyone knows which one is better in terms of quality and how long it lasts? i'm looking a guitar that can at least last for 2 years. and which one can sound great for any type of rock but with a indie or alternative sound. not looking for one thats good for metal and hard rock really. any suggestions? thanks.
the 1st part is really cool. nice work!
ur better than me in songwriting. the part about the bikini sounds a little strange but otherwise its good.
does anyone think razorlight lost its edge and got a little cheesy in the last album?