Brandon Marshall got a 3 year, $30 million extension, very happy with that. Also he donated $1 million to mental health charities today, definitely one of my favourite players
Haven't been on here in a while, the Bears draft seemed decent. Pissed the Rams took Donald one pick before them though, but Fuller seems like a nice pick to learn under Tillman and as a nickel corner for now.

Is there a fantasy football league this year?
So they're speaking to him for an investigation report for 'a suspicious incident', that's all. She got wasted, went to bed with Kap (has a sexual history with him) but they don't have sex and he leaves. The other two poke their heads in and she told them to get out, they do. She then blacks out and wakes up in a hospital bed, and the police want to find out what happened between her blacking out and waking up. She never made a complaint of sexual assault.

I don't even like Kap much, but this seems like nothing
The Bears are finishing the preseason against Cleveland, for like the 10th year in a row. They like to end the preseason on a game close to home so it's less travel
I can't wait to see him in the NFL, really hope he succeeds.

Also I thought he was trademarking all these things because a teammate tried to do it first? May as well protect his name in case he does pan out well
guessing that all but confirms we're going DT in the draft then. still have issues with depth in all 3 phases of Defence though
Melton to the Cowboys
Peppers gone, and Bears signed Lamarr Houston and Ryan Mundy.

still have room to resign Tillman I think as well, maybe Melton instead
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So Kaepernick has OPENED contract negotiations at $18m a year according to Ian Rapopprt...well done Baltimore you've let every average QB in the league get paid like one of the elites.

same as Cutler isn't it? But his deal is really flexible and I can't imagine Kaepernick, the superbowl playing QB getting paid less than $20m, especially with the raising of the cap

looking at them again, I wouldn't mind the new Bucs kit, if it wasn't for the numbers
It looks more like an Arena league uniform. Which idiot signed off on the digital clock font for the numbers?
Speaking of shitty owners, Cadj what can you tell me about Chris Robinson? he is now in charge of the company that owns the Coventry stadium, heard he's shite
so that college player who said 'god told him to leave the combine' has gone missing.

Hope he's found soon and gets some help, or a Titus Young or worse situation is going to happen
eh, I'm only a casual wrestling fan and I would have got it for the PPV's/Mania. Seeing the lineup at the moment, I don't fancy paying $60 for it. Maybe i'll change my mind on it, i'm still pissed that Bryan is facing triple h and the main event is going to be that shitfest of face orton against a heel batista. Plus apparently Cena dislocated his knee, so Cena Bray is probably off as well now

Plus the RAW's aren't on the network, so I do watch them would be streams anyway. And **** CM punk. If he doesn't walk out, they wouldn't have the Bryan/Kane/HHH story to **** up with
yeah... i'm not getting the network now. Not after that abortion of 3 hours (apart from the end).

The End was great though, shame the rest had to be so deflating
when you get to the superbowl and two NFC championship games in 3 years, you don't fire the coach because he's an arse
cheers, i'll probably sort it out then. Never really watched much wrestling until last summer, so plenty to go through it looks like
can more than one person use it at once, like netflix? thinking about splitting it with my brother
for the bears it has to be defensive BPA, or whatever they don't fill in free agency. Clinton-Dix if he falls to them, or the best DE/DT they can get
surprised there's no mention of Jeter's retirement announcement in here?
congrats daytripper, smitty and SG striker, nice to see a city win its first championship.

I can't believe I wasted my morning watching that, the only plus side was sherman did nothing of note all game so he can't make it all about him again
I woke up at 6 in the morning for this, tempted just to go back to bed if it stays like this

also terrible no-call
Quote by SGstriker

In all honesty, Minneapolis from what I've heard is a great place. If I could move anywhere, I'd move to Montana or Minnesota.

Montana is ****ing awesome, especially Bozeman
Coventry showing everyone how to do a a4 paper protest properly

also if you don't win like 6-0, you suck
the image that came a day or two later was the worst bit.
Just a warning, if you can't look at bad leg breaks, don't click
This link
The only one i've really felt uneasy at was Kevin Ware's leg break. But even that, and the subsequent picture I can look at. For some reason I don't cringe too much at them
I might not even watch the superbowl this year. Would have to find a bar at 6 in the morning in Vietnam, and pretty much any other matchup I would prefer
the only way I would cheer for the Broncos
and that was a great drive until then
what a stupid play
can't settle for a FG there
Quote by AtomicPunk7

I'm dying

If I was him I'd have a poster of that hung up in my room

and Clinton-Dix doesn't drop past the 10-14. If no one takes him I think the Bears might, unless there's a great DE/DT drops to them.

Who are the best DE's and DT's apart from Clowney this year? I don't follow the draft or most college football
This is how close that field goal was

apparently he was offside, which is why Ed was clarifying things at the end, but still
yesss hope the niners or panthers win it now, possibly the chargers
so much ****ing holding on that Pack 4th and 2
If I had any money, i'd be tempted to go to the Arsenal game. Bet tickets are like £70 or something.

at least it's an away game so SISU get less money
Lacy over Matt Forte or Marshawn Lynch? Well that's bollocks
I rank Cutler around about or just slightly below Flacco Rivers and Eli, a bit below Ben, and just above Romo. Looking at the rest of the contracts for that group, 18/year with a lot guaranteed is the going rate.

looking forward to seeing teams having to struggle to pay these rookie QBs though. If Flacco Romo and Cutler are getting these figures, what do you think Cam, Kaep and Wilson will want?

Also, I still don't get why people (apart from Denver fans from 5 years ago, I wasn't following the NFL back then so I don't get it too much) still think he's a dick?
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If Cutler can actually stay healthy for once the Bears will compete, but that's a big question mark. Let's face facts, the guy's injury prone, and McCown coming out of nowhere isn't going to happen on a regular basis.

they mentioned that in the press conference (apparently the longest ever one at Halas Hall??), that Cutler has been out a very close % of games as Rodgers has, it's something like 12 over his career with the Bears.

It does depend on if he takes care of himself though. What's got me excited is that him, Marshall, Jeffrey, Bennett, Forte and their 7th round pick Marques Wilson (another tall powerful WR) are all going down to florida to work out during the offseason. Jeffrey went down with Marshall last year and look how he turned out, so that core is going to be beastly next year

18/year with the first 54 guaranteed. 2-3 million more a year than I was thinking, but not awful. Think it's a bit more or about the same as Stafford's extension. It's the same price as Romo's with one more year