I honestly can't remember the last time I cried apart from once. But that was 6 years ago. I might get emotional sometimes and my eyes will get wet but crying I can't recall
Brooke Fraser has the voice of an angel and I like a bunch if her songs even though they are the usual God is so ****ing awesome-BS
I've been playing guitar for 2 years now and have finally produced something of my own that I think is somewhat listenable. The instrumental is an unfinished, 50-second video with some mistakes that I made with a cheap acoustic and my brothers camera.

Some feedback and constructive criticism would mean the world to me, so if you could check it out I would appreciate it greatly.

Here it is:
I've been playing guitar for 2 years now and have finally produced something of my own that I think is somewhat listenable. The instrumental is an unfinished, 50-second video with some mistakes that I made with a cheap acoustic and my brothers camera.

Some feedback and constructive criticism would mean the world to me, so if you could take some time of your no doubt hectic schedule to check it out I would appreciate it greatly.
I used to play the first Kingdom Hearts game for days on end when It first came out. When I deleted the save file the game clock was well over 400 hours. I don't really play video games anymore so nothing really compares. Maybe all of the Halo and Modern Warfare games put together would come somewhere close
What if the circumcision would be done for medical reasons? When I was born my foreskin was too tight and my parents were suggested to circumsize me, which they did even though it's quite rare in this part of the world.

I think it would have affected my sex life substantially more if I was left uncut, as it could have led to micropenis (There MUST be a more sientific term for this)
I don't write songs. I write MUSIC
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OK. Now I'm getting kinda worried
Start out slow, gradually increase speed as you go along. Make sure to play clean.

Also at only 1,5 years I wouldn't expect any kind of killer speed anytime soon
Luther Allison and Albert King in addition to the ones already mentioned
It's actually an old viking tradition. If there was a dude with an axe inside the building you're entering the broad gets killed first and the dude has an opportunity to draw his weapon.

Take that feminists
I've never met anyone who hates Dire Straits.

And no-one should for that matter
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There's probably an Ab in there too.
I'm pretty sure this is the C minor scale, and I'll try to (!) explain why.
First of all, the Cmaj scale is just C D E F G A B C. As you may or may not know, the minor scale is nothing more than the major scale with a flattened 3,6 and 7 -> giving you C D Eb (!) F G Ab(!) Bb(!).
Also, you might know the minor pentatonic scale is just a regular minor scale without its 2 and 6.

The formulas for the major and minor scale can easily be memorized by the following (W=whole tone = 2 frets, H = half tone, 1 fret):
C major ( C D E F G A B C ) would be W W H W W W H ( and so as would any major scale )
A minor ( A B C D E F G A ) would be W H W W H W W ( and so as would any minor scale ).

If you check that C minor scale you gave us against the minor scale formula, you'll see that it's a perfect match (except for that Ab you forgot to mention )
Hope some of that made sense.

Thanks. This helped loads, and not just with the question I was asking.
The scale is C D Eb F G Bb C, so basically just the minor pentatonic with an added major 2nd note. I tried googling it but found nothing
Sure, I'm game. Sign me up

EDIT: So are we supposed to post results, pictures etc. when we are done? 5'11 tall and currently 158 lbs, most of it fat. I don't really need to lose weight, just build muscle.

I've thought about a regimen of light calisthenics workout when I wake up and when I'm going to bed, running & gym 3-4 times a week plus I would ride a bicycle anywhere I went.

Would this be enough to get me ''in shape'' by July when I start my compulsory military service. My current situation is not abysmal but nothing to brag about either, my legs are pretty strong, upper body not so much.

Also if someone could give me some diet tips that would be stellar.
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I want to reinstate the term Vaginahurt. Does anyone agree?

Why? Women have butts too, usually even more so than men
Too many to list here but I did see a made-for TV called Friends and Crocodiles. I thought it was quite thought-provoking, albeit not really a great movie
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Is your avatar john frusciante?
I dont think so!
Im his biggest fan ever, but just because you said that im gonna go write a thread about how i can never listen to JF again because someone else is obviously lying that he likes JF.

Speaking of avatars, when I look at yours from a distance it looks like Rorschach with a really big red wig
I once snatched a Dunlop Jazz III XL from a local music store's testing room. Since then nothing else has compared
November Rain & KOHD
oh shit, I made a mistake in the OP. I meant artificial harmonics, not natural

Thanks for the replies anyways
Do pitch harmonics and natural harmonics mean the same thing?

Just something I've been wondering for some time
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Doyou have any idea what the name of that sax solo is at 3:14?
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I think there's like 6 billion people on the planet. So I don't think there are literally billions of cops, period.

We officially broke 7 billion this year. I say officially because there's no way to actually know how many people exist on the planet
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That one works.

And totally off topic here, but I haven't seen a single '12er yet.

I have. I even responded to a '12er's retarded thread
I wouldn't consider myself that much smarter than my friends, I just tend to think about stuff a lot more than they do
Hockey all the way b*****s
Nnnnnooooooooope. When I listen to music I listen to what sounds good in my opinion. If something is really technical I can appreciate it, sure, but it's not something I look for.

For example take the Foo Fighter's song Up In Arms. Not a long song, quite short actually and basically just power chords. Still I enjoy it very much and the solo is probably the easiest thing next to Smells Like Teen Spirit but still it sounds good.

Just my 2 cents
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you put the bridge on upside down

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I'm curious to know: how fast does the average guitarist progress in around 6 months of playing? Everyone is different and judging how a person progresses might be hard. But I don't have anyone to compare my playing to and I want to know if my practice is paying off and if I should invest in some lessons. Could someone give me an idea from personal experience or link a tab? In terms of playing ability, what should be easy for me right now? Any feedback is appreciated.

If this thread is deemed pointless and gets deleted oh well. To give an idea, I can play Little Sister by Queens of the Stone Age all the way through like the song.

Even the solo? The rest of the song is just power chords and after 6 moths you should have no problem with those. Remember that you pretty much suck major ass for the first year you are playing since in that time you are just learning the basics. How are your bends? Can you hammer-on/pull-off properly? Do you know the open chords and/or a few barre ones? Are you alternate picking? Are you holding the guitar properly? Do you know any scales? Those are the things you should think about first, then we can start talking about learning songs. Though it would be good to learn a coupe of very simple ones.

And for future reference, direct questions like these away from the pit, not the right forum
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But I'm winning at life.

Did you really stop that bus? Because I think it was just BS
I'm 19, how the hell am I supposed to know how I will feel as an old man?
Anyone who sincerely answers yes is an absolute moron. I guarantee that not 2 days has passed after this one when people have already ''discovered'' a new date.

and lrn2srchbar
I have a soul patch, but lately my beard growth has really kicked in and I'm contemplating about growing an actual goatee. I've even done some tests with a black marker
Voted for the bottom one in protest of the fact there is a no-siblings option but not one that says I don't have a sister
Play proper music ololololololloloz

But for realzies, where the heck is Wareham?
I've never understood why you have to put active humbuckers on a Tele.

Get the ESP, and when you get the money a proper Telecaster
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It's for a sckool project.

I Really doubt that
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omg just realized how sexy the pics i posted were.


i luv bein a gurl

GTFO troll, you are not a girl.