Ferrules should work just fine. 
That isnt binding. That is paint on the bevels. 
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The scale length difference means you really aren’t going to get close.

Not true at all. The scale doesnt change the sound enough to say that. You put the same pickups in that guitar as a les paul and it will be pretty much the same.
Ive been wiring pickups for 12 years and never once used a multimeter.
To me, that sounds like a terrible solution. You can find used 7 string pickups for way cheaper and better sounding than duncan designed. 
It took me about 20 builds to get them to sellable quality. Price i spend varies a ton. Parts and wood are all different prices.
I consider all of my guitars far better than fender and gibson. Its not hard to do. Gibson is pure garbage these days.
I dont know why you are waiting to clear coat it. You shouldnt have to wait to put clear on it. Clear should go directly after the color coats.
All jacks have at least 2 prongs.. Stereo have 3.
The only way this could have happened is if you wired the pickup directly to the jack or your wiring is incorrect on the pot.
Veneer is always around 1/42" thick. Anything more than 1/16" is a drop top, not a veneer.
Veneer, especially maple isnt very prone to cracking. Ive bought hundreds of sheets of veneer and never had a problem unless they got smashed in shipping.
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sashki Dude I tried to download it but I can't, it doesn't show a download option

Thats because the link is over a year old...
NO idea what this even means.
You are making it sound like it created orange peel once you started sanding. That is impossible.
But yes, you have to sand it flat before you re spray or else it will just orange peel more.
No, you dont grainfill before applying a veneer. Plus maple doesnt require grainfiller.
Also, you never finish first.
IM just curious why 1 extra fret makes that big of a difference. 
Just get some knobs with a set screw. It will work fine.
Did you buy it new? All GFS pickups come with a diagram.
To me a drum sander is irreplaceable. I use it for a lot of stuff in my guitar building. But dont get one that is narrower than your body width. Its almost impossible to get it set up perfectly to do it in 2 passes. Get one at least 16 or 18" wide.
It will still work fine, it will just be a little bit darker sounding and the taper will be different.
There isnt really a way as far as i know. Bu the real question is why do you need to know?
If you send them a picture of it they may pay for return shipping.
That is the lowest quality guitar LTD makes. Warmoth necks cost more than twice what the guitar costs. You are much better off upgrading the whole guitar to a 400 series or higher.
11-56s should be great.
Answer me this... Why are you even posting on an interactive forum, if you just fight with everybody and only listen to yourself? That defeats the purpose of a forum. And trust me... If any of your future customers do background checks on you (Which they WILL) and see this, you are done for....
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Well if you think about it you guys are collectively claiming that shape of body, nor the woods have any affect on tone.. So basically all guitars sound the same to you guys depending on the pickup.

There's more to tone than just the pickup and amp settings.

Why is that so hard to believe?
Ive literally had 2 completely different guitars that ive built, took a pickup and put it in one, then took it out and put it in the other, and it was basically identical... You are just making things up in your head and trying to say they are fact. Even the most extreme tone voodoo believers dont ever even mention shape. And you are ridiculous man.... 90% of the guitars i make are mahogany bodied strats with humbuckers. And they sound like any guitar with humbuckers, nothing like a clanky, single coil strat... Because a single coil strat is what makes it sound the way it does.
Yes, i am . Because i have done it. But you dont listen. Ive said that like 10 times already.
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The shape does affect tone. More mass means more sustain and the shape also impacts how it resonates. Like I said, there's a reason why a solid mohagany Strat with EMGs still sounds like a Strat, and not a SG with EMGs.

Again, when have you EVER tried EMGs in a strat? Or singles in an SG? I dont believe you if you say you have.
I give up on you man... You just dont get it. Have fun.
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The baritone scale kinda muddies up the tone a bit, so I'm thinking Dimarzio D Sonics will handle the lows good and also help brighten up the sound a bit and give the guitar more range.

Again, The exact opposite of the the truth. Longer scale makes the notes more clear and defined, due to the higher string tension. That is the point of a baritone...
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An SG with Fender pickups won't sound like a Strat, or the other way around.

You don't know what you're talking about.

Andy why exactly dont i know what im talking about? Have YOU ever tried it? Nope, you havnt. You are reading some strange stuff to believe what you are trying to convince others of. Shape is the LAST thing that decides tone on an electric guitar. I have made around 10 different shapes and none of them sound any different than others.
Man, you are just digging yourself deeper and deeper. I dont know if you are delusional and just really do believe what you are saying, or you are just trying to convince yourself and others that yous somehow know things without any proof.
Actually no, A mahogany strat sounds like a strat because it has strat pickups... and doesnt sound like an SG because an SG has hubuckers or P90s. You put single coils in a sg and it will sound teh same as a strat.
Man, you are really playing into this whole Voodoo thing. You arnt willing to take advice from experienced people. I know what its like to get roasted on a forum... But you really arnt helping yourself out at all here. You are stuck in your own pride of thinking you know what is best, even though you have no real experience.
And again... You cant tell the difference between a set neck and a neck through. Its all in your head.
Ive delt with people like this before. I once told this guy a guitar i made had Stainless steel frets. He played it and said he was amazed at how different it sounded and felt, until i told him they were normal frets...
Whats not to love is that is all extremely standard. Again, why would anybody buy something standard from somebody theyve never heard of, who hasnt built guitars before, over just getting it from a reputable source?
And to answer your statement from earlier about swapping the fretboard wood and "defintely" hearing a difference, I already said i have done that hundreds of times. No difference whatsoever.
Out of the 130+ guitars ive made, i have never had a single one sound different from a different fretboard wood.
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I'm after a dark heavy thick tone. The ebony fretboard should brighten up the tone quite a bit, same with the stainless steel frets. You'd also think that a mohagany Strat would sound like an SG right? Well apparently it still sounds bright and Straty, so I'm trying to counteract the brightness.

I already know that I'll have to experiment with pickups to get the best results and that's what I'll be doing. Might even go with Dimarzio Dactivators.

I'll try out an EMG 81, Dimarzio Dactivators, Invaders, Dimebuckers, and whatever else I have laying around.

Fretboard wood probably has the absolute least affect on tone out of the entire guitar. You arnt going to hear a difference in brightness from an ebony fretboard.
You cant assume that duncans have the same color coding. They dont have the same as GFS. That is your problem.
The bridge and radius doenst have anything to do with the floppyness of the strings. The only thing that affects that is string gauge and scale.
Here is an insane build i am getting close to finishing.
You could do that. But what is best is to take the difference between the last fret of a 6 and 7 string, and widen the whole template by that number.
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I did just soldered to where the old pickups went but this time since dimarzio has a green wire I put that with the red.
The bare/drain wire I grounded to the pot

Well there is your problem...You should look at the color codes first. The red is the hot. the green is the ground. You need the green and the bare together as a ground and only the red as the hot.