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does anyone know of decent pa monitors? around $700 and can take a little bit of absue, the louder the better
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If MrFlibble were still with us he'd be the first to mention that other than gold-plated hardware and block inlays, there's absolutely no difference between a Custom and a Standrad. Made side by side with the same woods, on the same line, just finished differently. Definitely not worth the extra $200 IMO.

i have played many epi les pauls both standard and custom. they have different sounds to them its not just the gold hardware
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Will it be nigh on impossible to bend notes with them ?

no, it will just be a little harder on your fingers
well the standard is great, if u can get together a little more money go with the eipiphone les paul custom they are built a little bit sturdier and have a fatter darker sound
a custom made prs mira, african basswood body, maple top, p94s in the bridge and neck with a diry fingers in the middle, wide fat neck, in tabacco burst with an ebony neck with pearoid block inlays

the amp would be a mesa stiletto head through 2 marshall 1960AX cabs
p-90s arent that noisy distorted and if it really makes you feel better u can use a noise gate.
as guitars go if u want cheap ($100-$500) an epiphone les paup junior($150 but u have to install the p-90 yourself) or epiphone les paul special (not special II)
or if u have $800 go buy a gibson les paul junior
a marshall 300/400watt tube/solid state hybrib combo amp i forgot the exact name but i played through one at guitar center with an american standard p bass and it sounded amazing
prs. most prs guitars sound pretty good and are built like tanks. if u can get about $400 more u can get yourself a prs mira x which sounds very nice and is INSANELY light its a dreak to play standing up
epiphones les paul custom. they are imho the best built epiphones u can buy. they are pretty versitile. they are a bit heavy tho. the regular epiphone les paul custom is just a little bit higher than the epiphone les paul custom silverburst tone wise.
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either a gibson or martin drednousht body style acoustic guitar
im going as a big really doesnt envolve anything i wouldnt wear every day
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i picked up a bass for the first time 2 months ago as a joke and turns out i am good at it O_o
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picked out my new bass i will be recieving it next week
so you are supposed to submit only music created with a computer or synth?
a black sharpie and sign a part of the guitar that doesnt come into contact with ur arm when u strum
epiphone limited edition les paul custom silverburst.
they are a little bit lower/darker in pitch then regular lp customs.
they have that nice fat heavy sound to them.
go to a music store, play a buch of guitars and basses, buy whatever feels right in YOUR hands
sticker it up with MEANINGFUL stickers not just random crap
if its a eb-3 you did awsome if its a eb-0 u got ripped off
play something for comfort and feel not looks
go right for a song that you like no matter how hard it looks. if u keep trying to learn it in a week or 2 u will have it down.
vintage mod p bass they are amazing
a combination between the 2 find a bass that u think sounds good and feels solid
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