It's normally around 31 Mb/s up and down.
Hello pit.

I am currently looking for semi high end headphones. I currently have Sennheiser HD 215 but I have been thinking of changing since they have become damaged. I have been looking into Grados but I've heard their SR60i and the SR80i models have a very unique sound which I might not like.I'm looking for closed headphones that have a decent sound for the money. They don't need to be very portable although it would be favourable if they where not quite as big as my current Sennheiser HD 215s that are quite clunky.

I don't have any specific price limit but I think under 150$ would be preferrable.
I know a guy who dry humped a girl that's half retarded. He "dated" her when he was in 4th grade or something to. The girl told her mom about the dry hump so the mom spoke to the guys mom that said "it's okay he's just experimenting." (his mother also has like 7 kids or something.)
He has not reached puberty yet and gets semi boners while taking showers at the gym.
He went to my friends house once and he told him that he wanted to **** one of
the girls in my class in the bottom. He also tells his friends stuff like "hey see this porn movie I am downloading it's going to be sweet" he's 16 when all of this happens.

Most annoying POS that exist.

BMI is 19.

I have lower BMI than 96% of males in my country.

I have lower BMI than 84%of males in the world.

If everyone had the same BMI i have it would remove 63,069,616 tonnes from the total weight of the world population.

I'm also most likely from DR Congo.

I'm skinny.
COD 2 server IP address.

Can i take your virginity to a galaxy far far away?
A friend of mine recommended that I would join this forum, I have been lurking and barely doing anything since.
Guthrie Govan, I really don't know why but he is the closest one to a idol for me.
I don't get nervous a lot in front of a audience but when playing in front of friends and family i get nervous.
Well i would have a big problem here since we don't even have a army.
Watch porn and fap together
Black/death metal still sounds the same.
Simple answer, no. But maybe i will no one knows
i normaly get 3 mb download speed with that but my ping is always the same
I am very sorry but your hand is going to fall off
Hello pit, I am here to ask if there are any famous people that listen to metal.
I know Jim Carrey does but do you know someone else?
everything but red and maybe brunetts
The guy looks like a pervert
five finger death punch - bad company just learning the riff
Quote by Duffman123
It's good aye, but I would recommend the clip + instead.

how about the battery life, it says on the website that the clip+ has 16 hours of music play and the fuze+ has 24 hours
So here is the thing my old sansa fuze went into the washing mashine and broke
so there i was looking over the internet i saw this mp3 player called sansa fuze+
and i was wondering if you would think it was worth buying?
this is our national anthem
it's nothing special and most people here think it's to slow
like pee, i forgot to wash my hands
The Beatles 40
Rolling Stones 38
Soundgarden 35
Primus 32
The Doors 27
Dream Theater 25
Queens of the Stone Age 26
Megadeth 19 hurt
Opeth 17 heal
Childhood's end-Iron Maiden
Disposable heroes-Metallica
Pity for a dime-Creed
When will this end-KoRn
this is gona kill all tourism in iceland but i also have a video that makes everything better
Megadeth 35 HURT
Rolling Stones 35
Soundgarden 36 HEAL
The Foo Fighters 34
Dream Theater 25
The Beatles 29
Primus 30
The Doors 21
Rebecca Black 9
Queens of the Stone Age 17

You know that one time when Lamb of God released the Sacrament Producers Edition with all the drum files and guitar files and shit separate so that you could EQ things differently and kind of produce the album yourself (even though most of the files already had bunch of reverb and delay )?

That was cool. Are there any more albums like that? Because that would be sweet.
i know this guy and well...he's a douche like burgery said but in the class you really don't get to pick friends since there are only 5 male persons in the class out of 10 persons (i wanted to comment somewhere but didn't know where to or what to comment about)
i am from iceland (i am actually a friend of burgery) and we don't tip i have never seen that here but we don't think that if you tip that it's a insult
note:if you translate sigur rós from icelandic to english in you get foo fighters
it would be awesome to get those tabs