Well, judging from my experience, i'd firstly get a decent guitar, a decent tube amp, a decent multi-fx, and then decent pedals.

But, from what i see though, you play lots of different styles like me, and i'd have to say that if you're just starting, you might enjoy a modeler a lot.

I have for instance a Laney LC30, and when i play with it through the Mesa Boogie Cab Clone, the sound is really not that much better than the PODxt simulation. And you probably being from Europe or US, you could get a more decent modeler like the POD HD for instance.

All in all the options are many, but if you have the urge to play lots of different styles and don't have much money, i'd get a good guitar with professional pickups first, then a decent modeler, than an overdrive analog pedal, and then a valve amp.

Never forgetting that with the decent modeler you can record and play along backing tracks, which is a very important thing nowadays.
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