What do you mean by flamming? I'm not up on the recording parlance, so please forgive me.

And it's actually more ghetto than a loop; for the drum track which I laid down first, I just recorded one of the keyboard's preset drum beats as it repeated for eternity. This was done because I'm lazy and figured that would be easier than using software to loop it.

Haha, and yeah, I know what you mean by putting in weird punctuation to make the rhythm more accurate. That's cool that you've worked with it too.

Thanks for listening to the tune! I appreciate your thoughts.
Hey all! My bro and I recently finished this tune called "Computers"... we were having ourselves some fun with the text-to-speech recognition program Windows Narrator. But I'd love for you to check it out at the link below and, as always, any feedback is appreciated!
Hey everyone! My little bro and I recently threw together a cover of the Neon Tiger theme from Mega Man X3. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback on it, so if you're interested, check it out here:

Thanks guys!
My tip: watch tons and tons of movies yourself. I've dedicated nearly 90% of my life to this premise.
For editing, my little bro and I just use Windows Movie Maker. It's simple but not childishly so... it does what we need it to do, basically.
Here's a short silent comedy that my bro and I made a few months ago:
Haha, rock on indeed, man! That was cool stuff! The intro, though very sweet, kind of gave me the wrong impression of what the rest of the piece was going to be like. I love how it starts quiet and sweet and then all of a sudden you're melting faces with the riffage. I got a bit of a Megadeth vibe from the guitar work.

I'm actually going to have to disagree with DTay and say that your tone is awesome. Although that basically boils down to a matter of opinion. But I'm definitely a fan. Thanks for critting my piece, and more importantly, thanks for introducing me to this beast of a piece of yours! Rock on!
First off, thanks for critting my tune, man. I really appreciate it.

I'm a huge fan of the intro to this. It's very airy and cool. And then BAM, you jump right into ass-kicking electric riffage. I loved the riffs in this, and I also really like how you made it sort of like a dance number.
Overall, I'm very impressed with this. It reminds me of something but I can't quite think of what it is. Sort of like Muse, but not quite. Anyway, it's pretty awesome.
Hey guys, I've got this weird folky acoustic number called "Little Jack Ham's Song" that you may be interested in checking out. The best way I can describe it is by comparing it to Syd Barrett or the Beatles. But anyway, check it out if you're interested and let me know what you think! I always love getting feedback! Thanks.
I really appreciate the feedback I've been getting for my previously posted tune, so I've decided to share yet another one with you guys. This one's a brief metal piece entitled "Space Pirates!", the title of which I hope will prevent the need for further explanation, haha. Please check it out if you're interested, and I'm always hoping for feedback!
Haha, your page rocks, man.

The tunes are pretty badass. You can almost never go wrong with combining metal with video game music. You picked two really cool tunes to cover as well. I can't wait to hear what other themes you do!
Hey guys, I'm Seth Lilly and I recently began uploading some of my homemade recordings onto Youtube. Sorry about the vagueness of the genre description; I don't really know how to classify my music. There's some metal, some folk, and even some classical influence in it.

Anyway, I'll stop boring you with the details. Here's the link to my Youtube page. Check it out if you're interested and I really hope you enjoy the music! As always, I appreciate any feedback.
After having watched The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly for about the hundredth time, I decided to write my own Morricone-esque western piece. And this is the result. I'm excited to hear what you guys think of it!

I'd appreciate any feedback.
Quote by randomthoughts
What's the key signature to Black Dog? I think it's E major, but I'm not sure.

Um, I'm guessing it's A major? Because the chord that's played after each line in the verses is an A major chord, and it kind of sounds like the tonic to me. I could be wrong, though.
Quote by mikko_9119
I had no idea who the Breeders were, so I checked them out and I realized that they sang Cannonball... good song

I've heard Cannonball and a couple other Breeders songs whose names I can't even remember. Pretty forgettable, I thought.

So does anyone here have Frank's latest solo album, Bluefinger? I haven't checked it out yet, but I've been curious about it. Seems pretty cool, from what I've read about it.
Quote by psychodelia
I have already suggested White Stripes, and I believe that would be one of the better options.

Imagine hearing "Black Math" AND "Since I've Been Loving You" at the same damn concert...
Since you've gotten me off the topic of Zeppelin (imagine that, eh?), does anyone else think that the White Stripes' "Elephant" album is, like, the greatest thing to have come out in the last ten years? It's a nostalgic masterpiece. Sounds like it came out 40 years before its time. And... it... rocks...
Quote by brucehead
SOME hip-hop is good. don't you dare say that rappers like MIMS & soulja boy & those rappers that rely on a catchy chorus have talent. i give credit to Eminem, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, and other rappers who create meaningful music.

Well yeah, but the same could be said about any genre of music. SOME rock is good, SOME country is good, SOME classical is good, etc. I think people focus on the negative aspects of hip hop more so than with any other genre of music. You don't hear people say "AC/DC wrote dirty lyrics; rock and roll as a whole is a terrible genre!" yet you hear similar claims about rap all the time. Of course not all hip hop is good. Duh!
Quote by BOC15
Well that is basically my point right there ^^ Of course those people from Rolling Stone is going to say taht because as i stated, that is basically the most popular album, althouh it sold 11 million records, The White Album sold 19 million... So you got to understand the difference. Just proving a point about how the not as popular ones are going to sell more, apparently.

But... doesn't having less sales... make it... less... popular?
^ I loved the order of commentary in that post. Fear for life, bribery, and then congratulations.

By the way, what exactly does a CC do? (Not trying to demean it or anything) [Okay, maybe I am]
Quote by DownInAHole.
Well, it's not that Geddy is feminine. It's just that his manliness simmers in comparison to Alex and Neil's masculinity. I bet back in the day, on the tour bus, Alex and Neil used to use Geddy for sexual favors, simply because they were tired of the groupies. That, and Geddy gives sweet blow jobs. >_>


Erm, I was kind of only referring to his voice... because it's in the upper range and all...

This got kinda weird...
Quote by psychodelia
I was surprised as a young child to learn that Pink Floyd were British... I mostly listened to Wish You Were Here and Dark Side of the Moon, and the accents fooled me.

I used to think that Geddy Lee from Rush was a chick. Like, I was convinced. Kind of embarrassing, but come on, it's a valid mistake, right?
Quote by zeppelinpage4
Of course geographically speaking, Zep most certainly is not southern rock.

Yeah, no shit! Why would an English band be even remotely categorized as Southern?
Quote by schmyler_taly
How wrong is my music teacher? He says Led Zeppelin is Southern Rock.

Like, thiiiiiiiiis wrong:

Tell him this.
Quote by abdulalhazred
ummmmmm no.....Dune was horrible ad never ending.

What?! Dude, there were only six books in the original Herbert saga, and the only reason there are so many now is because Kevin J. Anderson and Frank's son Brian are continuing the saga based off of some of Frank's old notes. The original saga consisted of simply six books, which is less never-ending than, say, your Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia. Just as a point of perspective, anyway.

Oh, and it was not horrible. That's a fact.
Quote by slayerific
To Tame A Land>>All other Maiden songs

Yeah, that's a great song. Have you, by chance, read the "Dune" books by Frank Herbert? 'Cause that's what that song's about. The first one, "Dune," is without a doubt the greatest book ever written. And that's that.
I just found the Camp Chaos version of Aces High and I think it is now my favorite Maiden video of all time.

Those Camp Chaos videos are pretty hilarious. The Number of the Beast one is pretty great too.
Has anyone else here seen that alternate music video for Man on the Edge? It's an easter egg on that Visions of the Beast DVD. You have to watch The Trooper 3 times in a row (it's the sixth song, so three sixes... hardy-har-har ), and then you can see the alternate vid. It just has clips from like old-school black and white movies where people are getting hurt and falling down and stuff. It's actually pretty good. Doesn't hold a candle to the Holy Smoke music video, of course, but nothing on this earth really can.
Quote by Reject_666_6
Isn't that natural? I thought that Maiden was much more well-known than Van Halen everywhere outside of North America, and they're a little more loved in North America too.

Yeah, but VH is doing their reunion tour, Roth's back with them for the first time in, like, 20 years, so it's kind of a big deal. I think that's the only reason Lib was surprised. Because yeah, Maiden are considerably better than VH, it's just that they're not doing a once-in-a-lifetime reunion tour at the moment.
Quote by BR00TAL
Ive just been studying and analysing Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring.

Man. That guy was insane. Insane, but brilliant. I have him to thank for alot of the music I listen to today.

Yeah, that piece is nuts. I still can't get over the fact that music that harsh was being made in that time period. But, at the same time, it's beautiful. That staccato tritone-ish part (hard to explain, but hopefully you get what I'm talking about) is awesome.
Quote by zeppelinpage4
Who not just go on about the solidification of cooled magma (molten rock), with or without crystallization, either below the surface as intrusive (plutonic) rocks or on the surface as extrusive (volcanic) rocks resulting in dark or flint colored formations on the side of a peak with a topographic prominence over a defined value?


You've lost me...
Quote by Page&HammettFan
Speaking of Gallows Pole, how many of you have listened to the lyrics very closely before? I just did yesterday for the first time, and that song is amazing!

Yeah man, the lyrics are totally the best part. The hangman's a total douchebag, and it's hilarious.

^^And shit, guys, you're totally besting me with this Zep songs in other words thing! Nice.
Quote by negativecreep92
Its good, but Stairwell to heaven is better.

However, none can hold a candle to "Northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent that includes the Indian-administered state of Jammu and Kashmir consisting of the Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Ladakh, the Pakistani-administered provinces of the Northern Areas and Azad Kashmir, and the Chinese-administered region Aksai Chin". No? Too much of a stretch? Sorry.
Quote by Bornlivedie UK
Rolling Stone are ****, who takes them seriously?

Sometimes they are shit. Other times they are unbelievably right on the nose and I couldn't possibly agree with them more. But sometimes, yes, I strongly disagree with them. It mostly depends on who's doing the writing. People like Rob Sheffield (probably spelled that wrong) are usually right, while other writers can be consistently terrible. It's not the entire magazine itself that bad, just certain components of it, ya know?
Quote by BOC15
That is just like the Beatles you know. Their greatest selling album was their White Album (basically one of the most greatest selling albums of all time). Although from what i've heard around from here is that most people like Sgt Peppers the most (which i infact also like the most. I don't necessarily know about most of you.) Not to stay off topic with YES or anything, i just dont know much about them

Though Rolling Stone magazine placed Sgt. Peppers at #1 on their list of 500 greatest albums of all time. Sorry to keep with the off-topicness, but I'm just throwing that one out there.
Quote by soulflyV
Also, Number of the Beast, great Maiden album or greatest Maiden album?

I say both.

Nah, my personal favorite from theirs is either Seventh Son or Powerslave. Seventh Son as a concrete whole, and Powerslave when you look at all of its songs individually. Number of the Beast is a cool album and all, but nowhere near my favorite.
However, Invaders is quite hilarious. The chorus especially. When Bruce sings "Invaders" there's that really happy-sounding bass run, and then the next line is "pillaging." Then "Invaders" again, the cheerful bass run, and then "RAPING!!!" Hilarious stuff. Run to the Hills gives off that same odd vibe for me. Really dark, bloody subject matter done in an almost ignorantly uplifting fashion. Funny thing is, I can't quite tell if it was intentional or not. Maybe it's better left unknown.
Well, it's glaringly obvious that this is incredibly different from the original. However, I applaud you for the change. It worked be-a-utifully. It's just as dark, gritty, and disillusioning as the original, but in a startlingly fresh way. It has this gripping nightmarish quality to it that's just so damn appealing. I don't know exactly how you've done such a fine job with the song, but the bottom line is you have. I'll stop rambling like I'm intelligent and know what I'm talking about now. I loved it, and that's all there is to it. Excellent work. More Stones covers in the future, perhaps?
Quote by Thursdae
I've come to realize that best and favorite do not have to be the same thing when talking about albums. As a musician I judge the album which is best. As a listener I judge which album is my favorite. I'd say Relayer is their best, with CTTE as a close second.

Okay, I suppose I can understand that. However, in my personal opinion, what I consider my favorite IS the best. Although using an outside example, I might somehow think that Dark Side of the Moon is Pink Floyd's "best" album (most important), while Wish You Were Here is my "favorite." Alright, I can see that. Cleared that right up, it did.
Although in Yes's case, my favorite and what I consider their best (based on the little I know of them) are both still Close to the Edge.
Quote by fenderbassist12
whats that song that goes "na na na na". it starts with an acoustic guitar. i know its not hey jude. i dont know if it really is the beatles it just sounds like them. i heard it on the radio and it sounded familiar. its driving me crazy.

You sure it's not "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" by Steam? Because that's the only other song (besides Hey Jude, of course) that comes to mind with the "Na na na na" lines in it.
However, there's a part in "Your Mother Should Know" where the melody is sung in kind of a "na na" fashion. Though in reality it's more of a "da da" than a "na na". So, like, I'm not sure if that's it either. Sorry if I'm not helping.
But yeah, it's probably best if you post some more lyrics.
Quote by DayTripper1967
no offense, but yes is kind of for nerds. sorry.

Yeah? And your point is...? I'm a nerd, and I like my Yes. And that's all there is to it, okay?
Quote by BrainDamage
It could be a reference, but besides that, pretty much all of Jon Anderson's lyrics don't make any sense at all (for example, that "bluetail, tailfly" section in Siberian Khatru...I remember reading that Anderson came up with that by writing words that sounded good together ).

Yeah, and isn't "Khatru" itself a completely made-up word? Sounds like it to me, anyway.
Quote by GoodCharloteSux
^ I really haven't been able to get into Bossanova or Trompe Le Monde. I have to travel and hour and a half to band practice and Ive put them both in on the car trips and they don;t give me that same kick in the face as SR or Doolittle, it'll come with time though, just like these did.

Trompe Le Monde took quite a few listens for me to get into. But now that I've gotten past that, I think it's a brilliant album, just about as good as Surfer or Doolittle. However, I haven't heard Bossanova yet, so I've no idea how it sounds. Trompe Le Monde's an incredible album, though, once you pass that threshold of "meh".
Quote by GoodCharloteSux
So anyone else besides me like Doolittle more then Surfer Rosa....?

Umm, a couple years ago I'd have disagreed with you, but lately I'm loving Doolittle slightly more than Surfer Rosa too. There's just something irresistable about it; it's brilliant how it's produced like a pop album but lyrically and musically it may be the darkest bunch of songs they've ever put out. It's a weird thing that's always drawn me to that album.
Gotta give an honorable mention to Trompe Le Monde, though. I just listened to that album yesterday for the first time in a few months, and holy crap is it awesome. Frank Black just may be the best songwriter since Bob Dylan.
Quote by pandora_grunt
This assumption has risen because of the fact that most people that know Through the Fire and Flames as their true best and only song (I feel otherwise), mainly because they heard in on Guitar Hero 3

Well, the threadstarter never said any such thing, mind you.
It is a sad day for Dragonforce fans indeed. Especially for those who were fans before Guitar Hero 3 came out

It's a sad day simply because a threadstarter forgot to include a title of a song in their post? Why should it even minutely bother you? It was a simple, common, minor mistake, so stop jumping all over the threadstarter for it. You're blowing this way out of proportion; the Dragonforce fanbase as we know it has not been shattered into a million pieces all over the space-time continuum because of this isolated, innocent event. Jesus, get over yourselves.

But I digress. The threadstarter asked a simple, legitimate question, and we shouldn't be arguing amongst ourselves about such a trivial matter as how we apparently harbor an unnecessary and moronic hate for anyone who plays Guitar Hero and likes the songs off of it. What do you say we all stop the flaming and try to directly answer the threadstarter in a mature, adult manner?

Here's where I leave, because mature ain't really my thing.
Additionally, I love how you all are making the assumption that the threadstarter is a nerdy Guitar Hero fanboy, and thusly flaming him for it. Real delicious hypocrisy at work here, folks.

And threadstarter: even though the intro's done on keyboards, a recent issue of Guitar World magazine had the entire keyboard intro fully transcribed to a guitar tab. So, like, that's the only way I can imagine you'd get an idea of how it's (kind of) done. Hopefully that helps. I'll not say something childish like you're an idiot because of Guitar Hero or anything, because that's just... well... childish.
Quote by negativecreep92
It has to be Spinal Tap.


Say, you dudes have any idea what We Have Heaven is really about, or is it just one of those proggish nonsensical tunes that has nothing to do with anything? Because there is mention of a "March Hare" in the song, which is from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland book, but I have no idea where the "Moon Dog" comes from. Anyone have a clue, or is it just nothing?
Quote by Ardius
Actually, Back In The Village is another song by Maiden based upon The Prisoner TV series. It refers to Number Six being "back in the village" in itself a reference to one of the episodes where he actually leaves but eventually and ironically he realises he has to go back.

Ah yes, Back in the Village. I knew that; don't know how I forgot the entire title. And yes, I'm aware that it's about the show The Prisoner.
Think of it as a sequel to their song "The Prisoner" as much as 22 Acacia Avenue is a sequel to Charllotte the Harlot.
But yeah, still TV show nerds, lol.

Yep, yeah, gotcha. That much I knew. Thanks for clearing the title up for me.