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^^The Kinks DVD is live footage. They have a live album that goes by the same name. I wish they included the whole show, but the Kinks are fun to watch, they put on a high energy show from what I've seen and heard.

Cool. I know they're a really high-energy band in the studio; I just wasn't sure if that transferred over to their live stuff. That's awesome.
Maybe I should have specified about the Zappa one, it's one of those Making Of DVDs, you know, the Classic Album series? It's very good though, it's cool to see some studio footage and interviews and stuff from the genius that is Frank Zappa and the fantastic musicians that played with him. It also has some extra concert footage which I have yet to watch (with the exception of Montana from the Roxy in '73...that's right, ROXY FOOTAGE!!?!).

Ahh, right, I guess I do know about the Classic Album series. Although for some reason I was just thinking it was like a remastered re-release of it, you know? Like they were taking a bunch of classic albums and repackaging them or whatever. But now that you mention, I have seen those Classic Albums things. My older brother has the Dark Side of the Moon one.
But since we're on that topic (and very far away from Zeppelin ), Apostrophe' and Overnite Sensation are both great albums. I (as well as Dweezil Zappa) highly recommend them as a first listen for those who aren't familiar with Zappa.

EDIT: Seth, check your email

Dude, chyeah I want some Zappa! Just send me whatever you personally think is the best. Or everything Zappa you have. Or just... whatever you like. Doesn't matter. Any Zappa's fine with me. Thanks man.
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Here you go, it's a bit theory demanding with all the "b"-s and the "#"-s and weird mode names, but it's understandable IMO.

It's an awesome addition, though. Thanks a LOT.
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I saw that CD used for $4.99 yesterday but decided against buying it in favor of The Kinks- One More For The Road DVD and Classic Albums- Frank Zappa's Apostrophe'/Overnite Sensation.

Is that Kinks one live footage? Or is it like a documentary? Because I've always wondered how the Kinks are live.
And my older brother's quite into Frank Zappa. I should get some of his stuff. I listened to it when I was really young and it freaked my young mind out , but this guitar and bass duo stopped by the local guitar store and were trying to promote this one brand of guitars, and they did some Zappa stuff that I thought was just wicked. How's that Zappa album, by the way?
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By the way, am I the only one who doesn't really like Achilles Last Stand? I find it really boring and unnecessarily long.

Weirdly enough, as long as it is, I don't find it repetitive or anything. The atmosphere of the whole thing is just very eerie... it's brilliant. Plant's vocal layerings, Page's epic guitar battles with himself (if that makes sense), and that fricken bassline! I think it's awesome, and one of the best off Presence (I still think Hots On for Nowhere is better, though). But as long as it is, I've actually never considered it "unnecessarily long."
^What does that warning label say underneath "warning"? It's too small; I can't read it.
Anyway, here's the cover to my first album, where I did all video game covers:

'Tis quite bland, I know. It's kind of what I was going for.
Anyone remember Juzcook's Nintendo Music thread? I think that's what inspired me to get into video game bands. I, like, never even considered that they existed until juz's thread came along. The guy's a friggen genius.
Am I the only nerd here who enjoys some great, rockin' video game covers? There are few pleasures in the world greater than reminiscing about the 8- and 16-bit glory days through headbanging awesomeness. So let's talk about some video game bands!
Anyone else here into 'em? NESkimos, Minibosses, The Advantage, Entertainment System, Powerglove? Just to name a very, very few. Who else loves this stuff?

Well, I'm not sure if there are any explicit rules for switching between keys (actually I'll bet there are, but I'm too lazy to look for them), but there are a few tips I've picked up about it, at least to make key changes sound better.
The first method is to transition to the relative major/minor of the key you're in. It's simple and effective. Check out this Wikipedia page for all the relative majors/minors.
Actually, speaking of Wikipedia, check out this page for a list of different key modulations. There it gives a BUNCH of ways to modulate smoothly between keys. Plus, that probably explains it better than I can.
Hope that helps!
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Get one part perfected so that you don't have to think about it then just add the other part in on top of that. (Either singing or playing in whatever order you want)

I was gonna say that myself. That seems to me the smartest and most logical way to go about it (and that's how I personally do it).
Try learning the guitar part first, until you know it well enough that you can concentrate on other things while playing it. Once you've got that down, you can try adding the vocals over it. Over vice versa I guess, but I find learning the guitar part first to generally be the easiest.
And of course, like Mynabull said, practice practice practice.
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Just a question, what albums did you hear before you heard Powerslave? Im interested to know what people think of the older albums when they have been introduced to the newer albums first. I started with NOTB, and from that on every album seemed to be just as great with its own theme.

Hmm... let's see if I can remember now.
Clearly I can remember burning NotB off of my brother once, curious to hear what Maiden sounded like. I think it was the only Maiden album he had. From there I loved it, and I think it was Piece of Mind that I got next. And then Somewhere in Time. Also,somewhere in there was Dance of Death, because I remember being pumped for that album to come out after my newly-found Maiden fanship.
Basically I got a crapload of Maiden albums in a small amount of time. It's all a blur, really. I think that was almost the most obsessed I've ever been with a band, except for Metallica and Megadeth.
(I apologize in advance for this being so damn long)
Well, being the fan of prog rock that you are, you may be floored with the concept of song composition. Prog rock has crazy compositions. Since you're also a fan of classic rock, think of it more in THAT field. Because you do NOT have to compose something as ridiculous and complex as some prog rock can get.
1. What to do to make a song? This is a really open-ended question. Ultimately, it's completely up to you. You need to first construct some motifs/melodies/harmonies, maybe do some variations of those, and then find the proper way to arrange them in your song. You're the painter; your easel is blank. Do whatever you want with it, really.
2. Your song can only be as good as what you, the creator, knows. Experiment with whatever you can to help you come up with the most logical song you can think of. Experiment with different chord progressions, variations of certain melodies, harmony/counterpoint, key changes, etc. If you can imagine it, it can be a reality in your song.
3. To create your song, start with whatever sticks out to you the most. If you have a catchy melody in mind, work some chords to go underneath it, or maybe a harmony to go with it. Maybe you'd wish to start right from the intro, and then build onto that to get going into the verses, chorus, or whatever. Working with arpeggios is good too, but just try not to make it sound like a rundown or runup of a scale or chord. Use arpeggios sparingly, and instead try a more melodic approach. Because listening to a bunch of 1-3-5-8 8-5-3-1 runs could get rather annoying. But arpeggios can still be used. Just don't overdo them; use your imagination to come up with something a bit more complex.
4. The fun part about being a composer is that YOU decide what your composition should be. There's no pressure to stick within any boundaries or templates of composition. That being said, though, there are a few key parts that you may want to at least KNOW about for your song; you don't have to use them, just be aware that they exist (keep in mind that these are all merely suggestions, and how I personally view them):
Intro - pretty self-explanitory. You can introduce a melody or a motif that you may not return to until the chorus, interlude, or even outro.
Verse - Maybe a somewhat softer, mellower atmosphere than the intro and chorus, just to provide good contrast. Be sure to build up for the
Chorus - Should be catchy, and definitely provide a good melody. If you experiment and come up with a really catchy, great melody, make a mental note to try and put that in the chorus.
Interlude - Can be softer, to contrast again with the chorus (generally it can be found after the 2nd verse & chorus). Here you can incorporate a key change (perhaps to the relative major/minor of the key you're in, or otherwise), or a variation of a specific melody introduced earlier.
Outro - Bring the song to a close. It should usually be big/epic (though not always), and should probably restate or expand upon a previous melody.
5. Any knowledge you currently possess about music can certainly help you; it can never hurt you. The more you know about music (time signatures, key signatures, counterpoint, etc.), the more you have under your belt to potentially USE in your songs. Here, I'll throw some links down for you that might help you out:

Musical Composition


Song Structure (Much better than how I explained it )

I realize (as I hope you do as well) that this is a VERY open-ended subject, and that basically a song can be anything you want it to be. But I hope my suggestions (because that's what they were; suggestions and suggestions only) can at least nudge you in the right direction.
Good luck with your song!
Well, let me first say that if you had considered playing the bass part to that song, I would've laughed and immediately told you to rethink that.
But overall, this song seems pretty tough. For starters, what level of play are you at? Because this song has some more advanced techniques (soloing), like tapping and sweep picking. The main riff has some big finger reaches you might have to do as well, which may be uncomfortable if you're not used to it.
Overall, I'd give it somewhere around a 9/10. I mean, it's not simple by any stretch. It can be made massively easier if you already know sweeping and tapping. So work on those (start SLOWLY), build it up to speed and I suppose you could learn it. Everyone has a different level of learning. But since I'd never heard this song until just now and am only judging by the vid you posted and one of the tabs of it on UG, maybe I'm a bad source to get info from. But from what I know of it, like I said, it's definitely not easy.
Remember, though; if you work hard enough, you can basically learn anything. So eventually you could get this down.
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I think hes saying a black person hit his car because he blocked his way. Then his car didn't start up anymore, and if he wasn't hurt (from the crash) he would have tried to beat him up. (?)

And if it was a white person that hit his car, would he have referred to him as a "white person," or just a "person?"

Think about that.
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I really dislike hats off to roy harper. Too much backtracking and spazzy slide playing.

It pales in comparison to the previous 4 tracks on Zep III, true, but it's still a cool song. Plant's vocals are goofy, but the lyrics are totally classic blues.

Well I ain't no monkey. I can't climb no tree,
No brown skin woman gonna make no monkey out of me

And, what I think is one of the coolest lines in any Zep song:

Gave my baby a twenty dollar bill,
If that don't get her, Sure my shot, shot, shot-gun will

Plant doesn't mess around! It's a weird song, but I still like it.
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The middle quiet section in that song is totally unnecessary in my opinion. I fast forward it every time,

You kinda just contradicted yourself there, don't ya think?
That middle section is great. It shows the Mariner sailing through haunted waters, with the curse becoming a reality, and it brings a much-needed tense atmosphere to the song that works to contrast the parts both before and after it. (That was a much smarter thing than I'm used to writing ) But I NEVER fast-forward that song. It's brilliant in its entirety, even the middle section. I've never seen it as unnecessary, because otherwise how would we know that the curse has taken effect?
When does the contest end? I'm considering doing a bitchin' version of the Green Acres theme. But I hope I have enough time to do it...
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I entirely agree. In fact, I think that both Led Zeppelin III and Houses of the Holy were both major stepping stones towards Physical Graffiti.

Even though Led Zeppelin III isn't my favorite album by the band, I enjoy it thoroughly, and could listen to it many times through without getting bored of it.

I know, same here. It's nowhere near my favorite Zep album, but it's still so incredibly awesome that it doesn't even matter.
Does Page use a steel slide guitar in Tangerine? Or is he just incredibly good at wah? I've been wondering this for a while now. I had a friend who asked me a couple weeks ago and I genuinely didn't know.
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So, to reanswer your question: I believe many people didn't like the "overall" change of the album from heavy Blues-Rock influence to Folk influence.

Sadly, I think you've got it about right there. Although I personally think Zep 3 was one of the most important albums they ever did. I see it as a major stepping stone to Physical Graffiti.
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I've been playing "The Evil That Men Do" quite a bit recently--it's probably one of my all-time Maiden favorites.

I think that might be Bruce's best vocal performance. Either that or Mariner. But The Evil That Men Do is spectacular. It's one of the most towering, monumental Maiden songs I can think of.
...albeit with cheesy lyrics.

"Love is a razor and I walk the line on that silver blade"
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I didn't read all of this thread, but why all the hate for led zepp 3 in general?

About 4 of my favorite zepp songs come from that album, and its also the best sing/strum along album. Why the hate?

Where's the hate for it? You're not reading from, like, 500 pages back, are ya? Because I thought every one of the regulars now loved it. I love it, anyway. I don't think there's any hate.
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If he's still banned, go look at his last post IN the thread. It'll explain everything.

Ah, so it does.
He walked right into that one, to be honest. You don't screw with the mods. They're superior in every way.

[/mod ass-kissing ]
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Because he did a pronunciation of Necrophagist.

Why do I not understand this?
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...don't have his number, and he was banned from UG too

WHY?! What would have prompted that?
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^^heh, nice

I run a myspace fanpage for Psycho Motel, check out some of their songs there, be warned this is most certainly not Maiden think more Alice In Chains and Led Zeppelin and you'll get the picture:

Kinda reminds me of Soundgarden. But it's a really awesome and interesting style that they have. I've never before even heard of Psycho Motel. That's awesome you run the fan Myspace page for 'em. Thanks for the link.

Oh crap! That was multiple sentences!
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Seeing as were down to one sentences:

Adrian Smith's work with his Psycho Motel and ASAP projects are simply brilliant.

To keep in the singular-sentence spirit, I'll have to instead rely on semicolons to separate my phrases, thusly making a seemingly long post only contain one sentence; regarding those two Adrian projects, I'll have to go check them out; it's nice to get such recommendations from people; you know, this semicolon idea is actually pretty brilliant; maybe it'll catch on and become super-popular; you know, if we ever have a period famine or something.
When the vocals came in it made the song sound differently than I was expecting from the intro. The vocal harmonies are eerie but really well-done... kinda reminds me of Alice in Chains vocals.
The fuzzy guitar tone is awesome too. Like, it's a massive overload of fuzz that fits really well.
The drum issue has already been addressed, but that doesn't really bother me that much. It could be improved, that's all. Although it doesn't necessarily need to be.
I'd give it a 9/10 because it was a great, short little song (could've been longer!). Thanks for critting mine, and keep up the good work! Your tunes are all sounding pretty good.
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well I was trying to point out that if he doesn't want his song to sound bluesy, it would be a bad choice. I realise the obviousness of the statement.

I know, I was just being an ass. I know that's a surprise to no one.
But bluesy isn't necessarily bad in a minor key. Actually, a friend of mine wrote a ballad that was in the key of F#m at the end, and it erupted into a solo revolving around A blues. And it fit, strangely enough. If used correctly, the blues scale can come in handy.
But don't worry, I knew what you were trying to say with your previous comment. The opportunity for me to be an ass just looked too good to pass up.
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Otherwise E blues could sound nice, but it will be bluesy.

You don't say?!
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The post got a bit messed up...And the photo is....Yeah...

But now you can compare...


Wow, that is weird. Especially because you found it doing a Google image search under YOUR name!
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This thread has been brought to a whole new level of ridiculous stupidity that for some reason is quite amusing that I never thought was possible.

I honestly think the Zep video game idea is one of the best we've had in a while. Oh, the possibilities...
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lol I just attached it...But yea,dude,thanks!


Sure, sure. SO MUCH FOR ME TRYING TO BE HELPFUL! [dunks head in vat of gasoline]

And that pic does nothing for me unless you happen to have a pic of the girl you have a crush on. I've never seen her, so I can't tell you if the girl in the pic you posted looks like her or not, y'know?
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My favorite part is how Lulu's hand is reaching down, so I made Plant a Lemon-Tangerine-Harmonica penis, and it gives the image of him masturbating.

Edit: Actually, that's not her hand. I assumed it was, but looking at the unPhotoShopped imagine I can see it's not. I can't figure out what it is.

It just looks like a freakishly misplaced strip of bright glacial rock (probably a result of the N64's graphics). Thanks for telling me what that all was, though. I could kind of tell what the harmonica was, but I was completely lost on the other 2 things. Still an awesome pic nonetheless.

EDIT: ledhead, the JPJ PacMan one's hilarious! That's such a great facial expression you've got on him!
^Oh, no you fricken didn't! I can't believe I didn't think of that! AWESOME!
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I posted the photo but I don't know how to do it...

Look at the image, and then right-click it with your cursor hovering over it.
Then click on "properties" (should be at the bottom of the menu it brings up).
Copy the Address/url it brings up (kind of near the center of the box it'll bring up).
Now to post the image here, you'll have to first put up image tags. They're like this: (img)paste your url here(/img), only instead of using ( and ) use [ and ].
Does that clear it up for ya?
This is a song I recently wrote after being sickened by thoughts about increased racism in our society. And I gave it a nice country atmosphere to sharply contrast the lyrics. Only it's about an extra-terrestrial; but the concept applies to humans.
So... erm... yeah, you probably just want to listen to it, is all. So here's my Myspace page with the song on it (listed first), and you can access the lyrics from there as well. As always, feedback is appreciated!
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Brilliant perspective. But not true.

Dimension is another world, existing in the same place.

That sounds backwards. Length exists in the same world as width, only in a different place. Why would that concept be inversely applied to higher-numbered dimensions? At what point does the next dimension exist in the SAME place as the previous dimension, yet in a DIFFERENT world?
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I, no, it does look good. But rocko will make it look amazing

Why the hell do I bother talking to you?
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Oh please... You can trust Wikipedia for everything that they tell you, right...

I've gotten so much wrong information thanks to that site.

Like what?! I hear stories of people finding wrong information from there, and I NEVER have. And if there is wrong info, the right people spot it and edit it immediately. It's a godsend for nerds like me.
Are you just trying to get me going, man? Because I get really freakishly defensive about Wikipedia, as you may already know.
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I know what people mean when they say ghosts exist in another dimension. What they mean is that they are capable of moving in a fourth spatial dimension. A dimension is not another world, it is just a direction.

We also exist in this fourth spatial dimension, if it exists. Except we are just not capable of moving in it - we are stuck in the same part of it.

Imagine humans are two-dimensional instead, and can only comprehend two dimensions. Their world is a plane ... think of a sheet of paper. Now imagine you are not a human, you are a ghost, and capable of freely moving in the third dimension. You can be right beside a two dimensional human without them knowing, but if you move a little through the third dimension and into their plane, then to them you appear to materialise as a two dimensional figure.

This is what people mean when they talk about ghosts being in another dimension.

And for the record, I don't believe in ghosts.

I think that is one of the most clear and concise explainations of dimensions I've ever read. Seriously, I could never have put it better than you just have. Brilliant, sir, truly brilliant.