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I have one "alternative" station near me, and they've been sucking a big one lately. I would think the whole point of an alternative station is so I'd hear, err, something else!

If you go, like, 20 to 30 miles north of where I live, I think there are some good alt rock stations to be picked up. But Lake Crystal is kind of in FM radio purgatory. All we get here is new country and classic rock stations; and literally, that's almost entirely all. I can scan through the radio here and pick up no less than 4 classic rock radio stations and 3 country stations, 2 of which play new country and all of which manage to play bad country. There's, of course, Minnesota Public Radio, which plays classical music; which sounds awesome to me in theory, but it manages to play the lamest classical garbage I've ever heard. And just as I was starting to like classical music. Reminds me of the time I got Highway to Hell and just assumed that all other AC/DC albums kicked an equal amount of ass, so I got a bunch more one Christmas; or, as I call it, the most disappointing Christmas ever.

About the only reason I have to listen to the radio is Nights with Alice Cooper. Anyone who plays Traffic and King Crimson is alright with me

I'm not sure we get that here. We get the House of Hair with Dee Snider, and even though he's an obnoxious prick it works in his favor. He's hilarious and he usually plays some awesome hair metal (3 words I previously never used consecutively in a sentence).
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I just heard Four Sticks on the radio on Christmas Eve. That was so cool. The radio stations here used to completely suck, but now they only semi-suck I've been hearing all kinds of stuff that I'd have never heard before lately. Good Times Bad Times, Dazed and Confused, When the Levee Breaks -- which has amazingly enough become popular down here.

Whoa, so your radio stations just switched from playing mostly no Zeppelin to some Zeppelin? Wow, that's diversification at its prime!

I wish we got more than just classic rock stations here...
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Why does no one like Four Sticks? That is my favorite song from IV.

It's one of my favorites from IV as well. That song and Battle of Evermore are essentially the two reasons I love IV as much as I do. When the Levee Breaks doesn't hurt either, though.
I agree that it is far from their best (and it is also good to see that you have a similar view on Plant's vocals during this time, as I had expressed many pages back), but regardless I still believe it is a great song.

Hmm... well, I sort of agree and at the same time sort of disagree. First off, I prefer later Plant vocals over earlier, like I've said hundreds of times (quite literally hundreds, I'm sure ). In addition, I think ALS is one of Plant's best later vocal performances, and easily the best vocal on Presence.
But I think the main reason I like that song and that album in general is Page's manic guitar riffs. It's totally raw Page; it sounds like a live show only where Page is playing flawlessly. I'm a guitarist, and to me, the Presence album is pure sex.
That being said, I agree with you that ALS is an incredible song. Not one of Zep's best by far, of course, but still awesome.

Okay, I kind of sound like I'm arguing during some of that post. Just as a disclaimer: I'm not. (I think that may be improper use of the word "disclaimer," but I don't really care)
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The only good thing Rolling Stone Magazine has done in the past 15 years is put Zeppelin on the cover. Everything else that they've said or done is/has been garbage.

Not an RS fan? They have the occasional terrible article, but other than that I enjoy a large portion of their current mag. CD reviews are the main reason I read it, but they have just fucking gems of interviews and some dead-on political articles as well. I guess it's kind of like a more mainstream Spin, which is also an awesome music source. I like Rolling Stone a lot, though.
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The thing that I don't like about Modest Mouse is mainly their lyrics (which don't make any sense to me), and the singers' voice.

I like their lyrics. They're a lot like Yes lyrics... cryptic, but fitting. Although Modest Mouse's lyrics make sense far more often than Yes's lyrics do. It's just interesting to hear such provocative lyrics coming from such garage-ish jam tunes.
And I personally like Brock's voice a lot, though I can easily see why one wouldn't.
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Yeah, but I'm not one of those bandwagon fans that just came along.

I remember rockin' to Tiny Cities Made of Ashes before Middle School wrestling matches.

Don't worry, you don't need to, like, defend yourself or anything. In some cases, being a "bandwagon" fan isn't necessarily a bad thing. I have to be honest; I didn't give a shit about Alexander the Great, the Dune books, or Samuel Taylor Coleridge until I heard about them all in Iron Maiden tunes. And I'm more than happy they could introduce those to me.
Luckily I have an older brother who has a firm grasp on music, and lives among a pretty sweet music scene, so he's a great relayer of musical wisdom to me. I'm pretty sure I'd never have listened to Modest Mouse at all had my brother not sat my ass down, put in Lonesome Crowded West and let my brain cells implode with amazement.

So anyway, back to my original point, the "bandwagon" can be a good source of great new music too... not 100% of the time, of course, but it's not always terrible. After all, what's Rolling Stone magazine if not the holy grail of musical bandwagons?
Aw, bitchin'! Now I don't have to feel like the lonesome Modest Mouse fan in the Zeppelin thread. It's good to know you other dudes like 'em too.
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We haven't gotten any Zeppelin tunes down yet. Just a Nirvana song and a Pixies ( ) song.

Hey, what's with the frowny face by Pixies? They're effing awesome! I actually convinced our band to cover a Pixies tune, and I was totally ecstatic. Pixies rock, dude.
My Rhythm guitarist/co-lead vocalist is really into Indie, and insists on doing mountains of Modest Mouse covers...which I despise.

Also awesome, man. I'd kill to have our band cover some Modest Mouse.
I guess we just have different viewpoints on that type of music. I think Pixies are incredible, and I personally believe that Modest Mouse's "The Lonesome Crowded West" album is better than anything Zeppelin have ever done, but...

...wait, now I'm just going to get flamed. Ah well, I might as well quit right now then. Good luck on your band, though. But still... Modest Mouse and Pixies are awesome. I just want that on the Zep-thread record, okay?
This should be a good tune to rock out to for any of you loyal Zelda fans who may be lurking on the site. I covered this song about a year ago but I had some spots in the guitar part wrong and overall I was just not happy with it. So I cleaned it up, cranked it up, and even through in a guitar solo. Fellow headbangers and video game nerds: I give you Zelda 3 - Hyrule Castle.

Let me know what you think, as usual.
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Right please don't slam me as a bandwagon jumping noob i did used to post reguarly in this thread but had to unsubscribe as there were so many emails of updates from it.

My friend, you know you can turn those off, right? In your Control Panel, on the sidebar there's an option that says "Edit Options," and in there you can turn off email alerts like that. I know, it's hell getting one reminding you of every post every time. But yeah, it's an easily solvable problem.
And why would we slam you for being a "bandwagon jumping noob"? You've done nothing noobish or bandwagon-jumping-esque to my knowledge... so there's no reason to slam you. Don't worry about it, man.
Holy shit, that was pretty awesome. I mean, like, all around. Guitar playing was flawless, drums were sweet, and the bass (from what I could hear; Youtube sound quality sucks) was good too. The vocals were surprisingly good as well; Megadeth vocals are shitty to attempt.
The only thing I thought a little weird was (and I apologize, threadstarter, because I'm not sure which one is you in the band, so if I refer to you but don't specifically say "you" it's because of that confusion) that the guitarists were a little static. The bassist was having a bitchin' good time, which rocked, and although the guitar playing itself was awesome, they were incredibly immobile and rather boring to watch. That's my opinion, anyway; just a minor thing to work on.
Because what matters most is the playing, and it was effing sweet, like I said. You guys rocked that one out. 9 out of 10, my friend.
I've been going kind of spaghetti western crazy lately. Anyone ever played Red Dead Revolver? Sweetass video game.
But anyway, I've been fascinated lately by the stuff Ennio Morricone composed, specifically in perhaps the greatest movie ever filmed: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. So, if you're familiar with the tune "The Ecstasy of Gold" from it (some of you 'Tallica fans will probably know it without ever having seen the movie), check out my cover of it. Feedback is always appreciated! Let me know the (here comes the kicker, folks; hold on) good, bad, and the ugly parts of my cover. Sorry, I felt that I had to.

'Tis on my profile. Enjoy!
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So, I recorded The Ocean today, and Im gonna try and put some vocals into it.
The problem is that I can't sing that fugging, do you guys think that it'd be the same if I sang it down an octave?

Yeah man, it shouldn't be a problem at all. To be honest, I don't pay that much attention to vocals because I'm really not expecting them to be amazing anyway. I can tolerate average singing if there's bitchin' guitar work to back it up.
Besides, there's no point singing it in a register that's too high for you to even comfortably perform. You know what they say: "If the octave fits..."
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OK guys I nearly just creamed myself while reading the bron-yr-aur wikipedia page.. and it mentions something about other songs that were written/bootleg recorded while they were staying in the cottage in 1970... and that the recordings were available on this Antrabata studio sessions box set . In addition to these other songs there's a ton (11 albums worth) of jamming and messing with songs by them. I'm wondering if anyone HAS this thing .. or knows where one might be able to find such a collection of awesomeness. Because I want this and I can't find it anywhere!

Holy hell, that sounds amazingly awesome. Unfortunately, it also sounds amazingly obscure. I doubt you'll be able to find it... although it's certainly nice to dream...
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I know. Worst months of my life.

Okay, now you're just patronizing me for no reason.

And hey guys, I don't know if any of you read anything from The Onion (which is quite possibly the most hilarious source of "news" imaginable), but I came across this article recently about a kid who gets super obsessed with Zeppelin and is just pissing off his friends. Pretty good stuff. Read it if you've got the time; it perfectly captures that Zeppelin-obsessed dickhead we all know and love in each of our personal lives. (And for once I'm not aiming that biting remark at anyone in particular)
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Seth you've been a little arrogant lately, no? New video games or something?

Huh? No, nothing like that. Do I really seem more arrogant than usual? Like, seriously? That's just a really hard concept for me to grasp... like honestly, too. I only mean to be just as much of a prick as I've always been, and none more. I promise.
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Wow I didn't know it was Pick-On-The-Old-Square-Guy-Day...

I had to pick on someone, man. You're a good sport.
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Haha, well I'm usually pretty good at keeping up but this is one of those times where I just don't care.

Don't turn a blind eye to tyranny, Sloop. Denying you care about a serious religious issue such as this is just as bad as being involved in it; nay, worse!
I mean all I can say is Seth, nobody forced you to join Zeppelinism, I mean really you can leave anytime. If you haven't already that is.

That's so illogical, Sloop. If I were to quit, then what reason would I have to complain?
So naïve, my friend, so naïve...
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^ I should get BBC Sessions sometime

Hell yeah dude, it's amazing. I never realized how tight they were as a live band until I gave BBC Sessions a listen... it's just mind-blowing how great they are as live performers. The earlier material on BBC Sessions, like stuff from Zep I and II, is especially great. I highly recommend it, dude.
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You are a member?

You should be excommunicated

I only joined to give it a try, and saw that it was immediately flawed. Kind of like how someone becomes Christian just to give Christmas a shot... except that's a bad example, because people usually aren't ever disappointed with Christmas.
Okay, how about someone becoming Jewish to give Hanukkah a shot? Yeah, that sure puts it in perspective for ya, eh?
and how is this fair, I've spent my youth arguing against deities, I have no good arguments for them.

So... wait, what are you saying here? That I'm right in declaring that Zeppelin are not deities? If so, then thank you. You've just taken your first step into a larger world.
So are you like the Martin Luther of the church of Zeppelinism?

No, more like a Charles Darwin in the church of EXISTENCE. Martin Luther didn't badmouth all religion, just all the religions that he didn't belong to. Seeing as I'm a member of Zeppelinism and dissing it, I'm kind of like the bizarro Martin Luther.
What do you want!!!?

It's quite simple, really. I want you to admit how terrible of a religion Zeppelinism is and how it's turning people's minds to mush and how correct I am in basically every subject I've talked about! Yes, that's really all I want from you.
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You've never asked

I own all six..................

Badass, dude, I never knew that. I thought it was the general role of zp4 and I to be the only Star Wars nerds present in this thread, and it was the role of everyone else to make fun of us for it. So that's the only reason I never asked; I took it for granted we were the only two fans. Guess not.
on a completely unrelated and far more relevant note

I will not allow you to commit this heresy any longer


Oh, so now truth is heresy, is that how it works? That's just like something you religious folk would say. Invest all devotion and attention into a nonexistent deity, and if you dare question said deity's existence, woe be unto you, ghastly heretic! This one-dimensional religious pyramid scheme is more transparent than... hold on, I'll get a good one... more transparent than Rocky 2-6's plotlines! Oh! Someone stop me, I'm on an effing rampage!
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and david gilmour is the genius not waters.....

Seriously? I mean, I still like the stuff Gilmour did toward the end of the band's career, but I consider the bulk of the general Pink Floyd genius to hail from Waters, and also from Syd Barrett. Not that Gilmour's not great either, but seriously, calling Waters not the genius?

And as far as my favorite Floyd song goes, I'd probably either go with Shine On or Wish You Were Here. Both of those are so incredibly heartfelt... I can't even imagine putting that much emotion into any singular piece of music. They blow me away. That entire album does.
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and hellhole

You know, you can edit your own posts so you don't have to double-post like you just did. It's the button on the bottom right-hand side of the box your post is in, just to the left of the "Quote" button. Just a heads-up.
Oh, and Seinfeld kicks ass. Kudos on your entire... general... Seinfeldiness.
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Too late to change minds now, we've already gotten to all the citizens, join us Seth, you and THB can rule Zeppelinism as father and son.

You're the only person I know (besides myself) who can so fluently transition back and forth from Led Zeppelin and Star Wars. It's truly a sacred art form.
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Why is bonzo holding a hammer?

Probably a Hammer of the Gods reference. You know, like the lyric in the Immigrant Song? That'd be my guess, anyway. Or perhaps it's referencing some weirdass Zep rumor I've not heard yet. Who knows?

And thanks for teaming up with me, Matt. You should get your pins and bumper stickers in the mail in about six to eight business weeks, mmmkay?
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I'm gonna get to work on those Zeppelinism propaganda posters soon though, Seth I warn you all your followers will turn against your weekly pamphlet soon enough.

What followers? It's me against a conglomeration of zombies. But if I can change one person's mind--just one--then I feel that my job will be complete.
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And how did I contradict myself? I'm really confused now.

One minute you're the all-knowing Pope of Zeppelinism, the next minute you're a lowly serf who possesses no knowledge whatsoever. Make up your mind, you contradictory bastard!
Quote by TheHeartbreaker
What do you mean "Get over yourself", you think I would actually expect people to be like, "OMG, I must get on UG, it's TheHeartbreaker's BIRTHDAY! GAH!"

It's not like I know other people's birthdays on UG, so why should I expect them to know mine?

Just look at you contradict yourself so. You make me sick. With so many lies and broken promises, you're definitely well on your way to becoming a powerful religious leader. My congratulations, sir.
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^As I've already said, I'm very excited to hear For Your Life. It's my favorite tune off Presence and I'd love to see Jimmy whip out the Strat for it.

Has it been stated yet whether or not they'll do Hots on for Nowhere? Or is that not a very popular live Zep tune? Because that would be incredible if they did that one.
Whole Lotta Lies

Hello UG, and welcome to the first weekly installment of Zeppelinism: Whole Lotta Lies, which I hope will inform you all about what a terrible religion Zeppelinism truly is. Believers and non-believers alike, I hope you can all rejoice as one and listen to the only true deity and voice of reason in this messed-up world: me.
I get asked (not literally) all the time (mostly never) by people (nope), "Gee Seth, I never realized how wrong I was to follow such a religion. Thank you very much for your advice!" And I'll answer, "Well ma'am, that's really not a question, but I'm flattered nonetheless. And please put your clothes back on or I'll have to notify security." This is because my pamphlets are THE number one best-selling Anti-Zeppelinic pamphlets IN THE WORLD! And I'm kind enough to place them right here on UG, for free. So let's get right on down to business.

What is Zeppelinism?

Zeppelinism is frequently described by those who practice it as "the deification of the members of a late '60s hard rock band known as Led Zeppelin."* Members of the Zeppelin church are easy to pick out from a crowd; they are the rock-tee-shirt-donning, jobless losers who will probably be openly making fun of other peoples' tee shirts. They also may have numerous posters in their bedroom depicting half-naked members of Led Zeppelin. This, to them, is completely normal.

* has never actually been said by anyone

Common Misconceptions:

  • Many members wholeheartedly believe the band's guitarist, Jimmy Page, to be a spiritual god in human form. WRONG! According to Dr. Iben Maidup, Ph.D, "The typical human-to-human sexual interaction which results in pregnancy can NOT produce a spiritual god baby, regardless of any latent recessive genes in either parent."
  • Zeppelinites will frequently say that more Zeppelin is better, and that 2 hours is the bare minimum required daily Zeppelin listening. WRONG! The National Board of Non-Obsessive Normal People recently performed a study on this very matter, finding that 20-25 minutes of Zeppelin every day is perfectly healthy, whereas listening upwards of 4 hours or more becomes "retarded."
  • Some members claim Zeppelin's fourth album is titled "Runes," "Symbols," "Zoso," "Four Sticks," or even (and here's the kicker) "Untitled." WRONG! It's "Zep IV," people, just effing call it that already.

Well, that's all we'll get into this week. Join me next Sunday for part two of the Pulitzer-deserving series Zeppelinism: Whole Lotta Lies. Starting to doubt your religion yet? Don't worry, you'll get there.
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And you guys know I was joking, right? It seems as though you don't...

Right, because I'm never sarcastic about anything. Get over yourself.
Oh, and stay put everyone, because in a couple minutes I'll post part one my anti-Zeppelinite advice column. You shall all learn the error of your ways...
You know, since I'm already a member of the Zeppelinism group (weird, huh? I was surprised too), I should probably have a fancy title in it like all of you brainwashed freakoids do. I think henceforth I shall be the official "Doubter of Zeppelinism." Expect pamphlets regarding the fallacies of said religion very, very soon. Just doing my job as a devout unbeliever.
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Well, considering that I'm the Pope AND Prophet of Zeppelinism, November 30 is actually a holiday.

Oh posh, you overzealous religious fanatics are all alike. "Respect me," "Love me," "Remember my birthday," blah blah blah. Does brainwashing a mass populace really give you the respect you feel you deserve? Think about what you're doing, egomaniac.
Quote by TheHeartbreaker
EDIT: And NONE of you FUCKS said anything about my ****-hole birthday! FUCK YOU ALL! Tit mongering cunts, the lot of you are!

Holy shit, man, sorry; I didn't know! What, do you think I troll around in people's profiles, marking down on my calendar which members' birthdays are coming up? Jesus Christ, lose the ego. (coming from me that certainly means a lot )
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I've been doing a lot of sampling the past few days, got some fun pieces in the works that involve Zep samples, and hopefully I'll have them finished soon They'll certainly be done before Christmas.

Bitchin', dude. Rock out, I'd love to hear how they turn out.
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And I always though you were a tall scruffy white guy with messy hair *points to Kramer*.

Shit, yeah, me too. zp4, please tell me you're David Gilmour!
Now why in the world would someone pick a person for their avatar who doesn't look anything like them? It's just so god damn deceiving!
Quote by DownInAHole.
I want to make love to Seth.

Thanks, man, I'm flattered. It's good to know we don't hide our feelings in this thread. And right back at ya, big guy.
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you know im listening to Stairway on HTWWW and i was thinking about the downtuning for the next you think Plant can hit the notes on Stairway (they dont sound as high as something like the Immigrant Song)...cause i cant see the iconic Am Stairway into in a lower tuning.

I was wondering about that too. The songs are gonna sound distinctly different than their respective originals, that's for sure. And it's hard to imagine the Immigrant Song in the key of E flat or D, as opposed to F sharp. It'll be weird.

Quote by Sloopy
I think that people think of Led Zeppelin as '70s Hard Rock' because they were, y'know? It's like they were this, this, and this, but they always came running back to that loud and proud blues-hard rock that they dominated for a good ten years. I mean they were the Beatles of the 70s in a lot of ways, they experimented with a lot of musical styles but at the end of the day they were a rock n' roll band.

Yeah, that's actually exactly what I was thinking too, but I guess I forgot to get around to that in my rant. Of course their foundation, their base style was hard-hitting, headbanging rock. But they strayed so much from it that it'd be like calling Beethoven an "ordinary composer," or Frank Herbert's "Dune" an "ordinary sci-fi novel." Calling Zeppelin simply a "hard rock band" sounds to me like just lumping them in with all your other '70s hard rock bands, like Kiss or AC/DC, which to me seems both lazy and incredibly insulting.
Sorry, I'm ranting again. I just think keeping Zeppelin within the simple "hard rock" category is one of the worst cases of overgeneralizing I've ever heard. Although I still agree mostly with what you're trying to say, Sloop.
Quote by ECistheBest
'all genres'? they never played anything like zeppelin. beatles were the pops, with some occasional bluesy tunes. Zeppelin was pretty much the '70s hard rock, loud crunchy ringing chords with guitar solos.

Early Beatles was pretty much strictly pop music, but then they expanded into blues, psychedelic, and even some Indian-influenced music. As the years went by, they strayed farther and farther away from just "the pops."
And Zeppelin, in turn, were more than just '70s hard rock. They have a large portion of softer, more ballady tunes. They occasionally dip into folk music, and they've done some country-esque numbers (both genres on the same album, I might add). There's some definite Indian influence in tunes like Four Sticks and the intro to In the Evening. They've attempted funk, reggae, punk, and even some freakish stab at a hoedown. If you ask me, that breaks them away from the traditional "'70s hard rock" title.

Quote by Thebridge
Ew I hate In Through the Out Door so much.

[Attempts... not to... explode...]
But yes, III is quite good. It really takes a bit exploration to get into, but once you do, you love it.

Erm... that's basically the case with ITTOD. It's goofy at first, but I personally think it's a brilliant album. Just out of curiosity, what makes you hate it so much?

Gee, I'm handling this ITTOD-bashing quite well, am I not?
That's cause Zeppelin>Beatles.

I like both bands. I just think Led Zeppelin is better.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's not go nuts now.

And Tangerine is awesome. I'm still astounded by how great Zep III is. I heard both Zep II and Zep IV first, and never thought such a gem as III was nestled in between the two. I just... can't get over how awesome that album is. Gallows Pole, Tangerine, That's the Way, and Bron-Y-Aur Stomp... those 4 tracks alone stand up very well against ITTOD or Physical Graffiti.
Quote by Page&HammettFan
As awesome as that is, Wikipedia isn't all that special... You can find all of the same information on other websites.

Scattered across multiple other websites, yet. Wikipedia organizes all of the information and places it in one handy article. That's why I like it so much. It's basically an amalgamation of all other websites... only... better...
Quote by Tom S.
Haha, so I entered the ballot for a laugh right, but with the whole secondary selection thing I actually was selected to buy tickets. >>>Unfortunately<<< now I have to get $300AUD for the ticket, and another $3000AUD to get me to London! Fun to dream though. :p

Please explain to me the part where that's unfortunate?
Sell your furniture; shit, sell your limbs, man! Jesus, you've gotta be one hell of a pessimist to find a downfall in that!
Quote by Sloopy
^ I like 'Helter Skelter' a fair bit, I just get tired of it really easily. I only ever listen to it when it comes on the White Album. I hate how it's been covered a billion times but the covers never come close. Have you heard Motley Crue's attempt? Bloody awful.

Agreed, the Motley Crue cover is unfathomably terrible. But I've never been a fan of the original version, either. It's just too... whacky for my tastes. The Crue butchers it on a grand scale, though.
Wow, a favorite Beatles song. That's extremely hard for me to choose. I really like A Day Tripper, and I think Taxman's a pretty great one too. I'm also a huge fan of Strawberry Fields Forever and I Am the Walrus. But I don't know, picking an absolute favorite would be difficult for me.
Oh, and two days ago for our Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration (had to celebrate Christmas early on my dad's side because my grandpa's going on vacation), I finally got the Magical Mystery Tour album. Awesome stuff. It's quirky and it's brilliant; just the way I likes my Beatles.

Also, this is, I believe, the first time I've noticed this thread. What in the world is wrong with me?!
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If I ever see Tea for One done Live, My life will be complete, It's like a longer, more epic version of SIBLY. For me that song is the highlight of Presence.

For real? Cripes, a few of you here really like that tune. I've never quite gotten into it. It seems like an attempt at SIBLY, minus the bitchin' guitar and vocal work. It's slightly boring, in my opinion.
Quote by Carswell98
edit- the"special treat" hmmmmmmm I hope so, it's a pretty freakin intense song

I have no idea which song Page was talking about!!!
I think the album that best defines Floyd is Dark Side. It's right in that spot where they began to hit their prime... not to mention it's monumentally famous. I think it sums them up pretty well.
As far as songs go, I'd probably say Atom Heart Mother. Weird choice, I know, but it covers a broad variety of their material. It portrays how lighthearted and goofy they were, and also what great cohesion they had together. Also, it portrays how god damn long they liked to write stuff back in the day! That's really one of my favorite Floyd songs, though.
Quote by Tom S.
So, did you guys hear? Page says in the new Guitar World that they're gonna do For Your Life live for the first time at the reunion gig. Which means he's gonna have to bring out the Strat. Giggidy.

They've never done that song live? Why the hell not? It's effing awesome!
I hope they play some more obscure stuff that they rarely/never did live. It'd be great, after all these years, to finally hear some Zep gems performed in concert.
Quote by Wulver
so, went about asking for some stuff for Christmas, and included Syd Barrett's The Madcap Laughs in the list. This was a good idea, right?

Yes, indeed it definitely was. You'll be surprised how ahead of its time the album is. It's nothing like his Floyd work, if that's what you're wondering. It's much, much darker; at times it foreshadows Nirvana, even. I personally think Madcap Laughs is a brilliant album, and much better than his sophomore album, Barrett. Barrett's too polished-over and attempts to hide Barrett's insanity. On Madcap Laughs, it's just a lonely guy in a room with a guitar, making his imagination come to life through his music.

[/cheesiness] But seriously, it's a smart choice. Madcap Laughs is a stunningly brilliant album. Hopefully you won't be disappointed with it.
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Yeah Pompeii is one of my favorites the songs are amazing and the up close footage with the interviews makes it one of the best IMO.

Would you say the Pompeii DVD is better or worse than Pulse? Because I've got the Pompeii one and I think it's awesome, but a friend of mind has Pulse and is convinced it's a godsend. Just wondering.
Actually, I think I've asked this before, but I guess I haven't the best memory/attention span.