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He phrased his opinion rather poorly, imo, but if he likes Pink Floyd more than the Beatles, big deal.

You're right, and I don't want to sound like I'm flaming the guy solely for his opinion. Opinions are allowed anywhere on this forum, and I realize, respect, and even encourage that. It's just... I think some civility in wording opinions must be used, otherwise they're just destined to offend, as shuan's did me. Misrepresenting one of the greatest rock bands music history has ever known, to me, drifts slightly away from the "opinion" category and starts to get into "completely false."
So shaun, you're more than entitled to your Floyd>Beatles opinion, but could you just stop there? Calling the Beatles a glorified boy band is highly unfair, and you should be able to see that. Besides, have you ever listened to Floyd's Piper at the Gates of Dawn album? I find it brilliant, albeit the fact that it's ten times more childish than any Beatles material that comes to my mind.
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Sorry about calling Beatles and Queen ****. I suppose they're ok, just **** compared to Pink Floyd. Same goes for any other band.

Okay, not only do I disagree with you with every fiber of my being, but I'm flabberghasted that you or anyone would place Pink Floyd above the Beatles, regardless of how subjective of a matter it is.
Yeah, I personally think Floyd's better than Queen, but how can they be better than the effing Beatles?! The Beatles are, almost unarguably, the most important band in all of music history. I just... I'm trying to understand your viewpoint, but I can't. I'll let you be entitled to your opinion, because I'm not a total jackass, but... erm... let's just say you could've worded your opinion a little better.
I just find The whole Beatles era really stupid and overrated, glorified boy band if you ask me.

How can you follow up an apology about dissing the Beatles with this?!!!!! The Beatles are in no way overrated, they are the single most influential entity in rock music, and... and... [head is about to explode]
I'm getting so pissed I think I should just leave. Apologies for coming in here unannounced and going on a tirade like this, but I just found shaun's comments offensive beyond comprehension.
He's entitled to his opinion to a certain extent, but damn!
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I've never seen it, was it really that bad?

Yes. Unfortunately, it is. I don't even remember how I came about watching it, but I downloaded it or something once. It's just... horrendous. I can't remember what they perform, though. It's Stairway for sure, and then I think it's Rock and Roll. Oh, maybe it's Heartbreaker too? Either way, it's hard to watch. Especially Page. He's so cracked out he doesn't even know when to stop soloing for Stairway, so Plant eventually has to just start singing to get Page to shut up. It's unbelievably disappointing garbage, to put it delicately.
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To be honest, I've never been a huge fan of that song. That and Out On the Tiles seem to be III filler in my opinion.

Oh good, you're like the first person to agree with me that Out on the Tiles is filler-ish. I've never been crazy about that one either. The chorus is especially obnoxious.
However, I think Celebration Day is awesome. I guess I used to not like that song so much either, but I've warmed up to it. Out on the Tiles still annoys me, though.
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Hell yes. However, I downloaded it for one dollar, and I'm buying it when it's released, so I'm not totally stealing from them. It's a great album. Better than Pablo Honey and Amnesiac, but just can't measure up to The Bends and Kid A ( We all know OK Computer is the best though). Download it. Honestly it took me 45 seconds to get the entire album onto iTunes.

See, I tried downloading it but it asked for a cell phone number, and lo and behold (sheesh, this is embarrassing) I don't have a cell phone so I wasn't eligible for download. I was PISSED. But I figured as long as I was going to buy the physical copy anyway, I could get the ol' download for free. At least so I could have it to listen to in the meantime, y'know. I'm still pissed. You lucky bastard.
Additionally, I think Kid A was slightly better than OK Computer. A lot of people think I'm crazy because of that, but that's what I think. Both are phenomenal, though.
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I almost fell off my chair.

Do you prowl this thread continuously, only bothering to comment on the few ironic posts you actually manage to stumble upon?
Wait, don't answer that. It'll just be our secret.

Did anybody see the Mothership commercial yet? I did this morning for the first time. Starts out with the Immigrant Song, moves to Kashmir, and then Black Dog. I think it's an idiotic collection (I hate it when bands release greatest hits compilations just to get more money), but the commercial was done pretty nicely. Of course, any commercial that opens with the Immigrant Song riff has my attention immediately.

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Interesting word choice considering some of the events in the book/movie.

Funny thing is, that's exactly what I thought too when I typed it.
I haven't seen the movie, but I liked the book a lot.

Opposite for me. Loved the movie, but I've yet to read the book. 'Tis going on my Christmas list, though, that's for sure.

And The Wall live isn't on DVD yet? What's up with that? It seems like it'd be THE most mandatory Pink Floyd DVD of all-time, yet one hasn't been released yet. I have The Wall live on CD; it's amazing. Wow, that really puzzles me why it's not on DVD yet. I always just assumed that it was.
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LieK I kN0!!! Listen to Radiohead, fool.

Did you download their new album yet? I'd like to, but I'm thinking about just waiting until the physical release comes out. It's all the effing way until December 31st, though! God damn it! Supposed to be a sweet album, though, from what I've been hearing.

As is ITTOD. Yeah, that was sly right there...
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^ I understand what you are saying about being biased and all, but just believing that the music goes along witht he movie doesnt mean its true. I'm not saying its intentional either, but you cant put any album on with a movie and have it sync. I'm only saying that I've done it twice before and its worked perfectly. I went in expecting it to be a few sounds here or there that I could see what the rumor came from, but no it was synced perfectly. If people don't think it works, maybe you started the album at the wrong time.

[restrains self]


...COINCIDENCE. And that's all. A really neat coincidence, no doubt, but a coincidence nonetheless.
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"2001: A Space Odyssey is a 1968 science fiction film directed by Stanley Kubrick, written by Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke." <----opening line from the Wiki article.

Holy crap, that's an amazing movie. Stanley Kubrick's an effing genius. Anyone here ever seen A Clockwork Orange. It's quite orgasm-inducing, I must say. It's just amazing.
I've never heard of the 2001/Echoes synch up, though. Sweet.
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It must be fantastic to make millions of pounds by playing other peoples songs, recording them with a few different licks here and there and claiming them to be your own. The zeppelin reunion concert should be great, Jimmy still retains that killer ability , should be a real car crash. Anyone believe that stuff about him injuring his little finger? shouldn't be a problem really, he doesn't use it anymore anyway.
Hope they play the old classics, black dog, heartbreaker, black waterside-erm i mean black mountainside.

I wonder if lorrie maddox is listening, it takes a true genius to dominate a 14 year old child whilst obsessing over a dead drug addict, child molesting, victorian/edwardian era occultist.
Looking forward to seeing Jimmy playing as well as ever cough !!

Ass... just... ass!
There's seriously not another existing Bowie thread? Wow, I didn't realize it until now, but we need a Bowie thread!
Yeah, the guy's a genius. His '70s material is some of the most innovative and important stuff in rock music. The Man Who Sold the World contributed to the rise of heavy metal. Hunky Dory & Ziggy Stardust contributed to the rise of glam rock. Station to Station contributed to the rise of dance rock (if you'd even call that a genre). Brilliant guy. I think Ziggy Stardust is one of the single most important albums of all time. In my personal top 10, anyway.
What's Bowie up to these days, anyway? I haven't heard much about him lately.
Okay, I lied. I can't believe I forgot that for our fall school talent show last year we did Moby Dick. Our drummer did it unbelievable justice; even threw his sticks into the audience at one point and played with his hands. It was pretty bitchin'.
Also, for the talent show two years ago I did a medley guitar solo. Part 1 was the intro to "Am I Evil" by Diamond Head, part 2 was the "Heartbreaker" solo section (ohhh yeah ), and part 3 was the guitar solo and outro to "Am I Evil."
But yeah, other than that, I'm pretty certain we've done no other Zep live.
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BTW some of the simplest answers can be the best ones.

True, true. Alas, I've stumbled upon the conclusion that I seem like an asshole because I am one. Who knew?
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^ Maybe you just are an asshole?

[scratches head] Nah, it can't be that. That sounds too simple!
And to get slightly on topic, have any of you guys covered Zeppelin live? How does the crowd usually take it?

For a block party we did; must've been our third or fourth live show ever. We decided to do "Rock and Roll" because whatever, we're not unanimously Zep fans and that's the one we had to decide on, even though I personally think it's a pretty weak song, but whatever. The worst part was, I was forced into doing the vocals; not by myself (which would've been a disaster), but coupled with our chick half-lead singer at the time and the other dude singer we have, who sang it an octave lower. So picture this: one vocal part an octave too low, another vocal part in the right octave but a weak, emotionless female voice, and a third vocal in the right key but equivalent to cats being drowned.
Since then, we haven't done any Zep live.
Quote by DownInAHole.

And I'm not? I've posted in that thread over 1,500 times.

No, I think that joke didn't quite land. I was trying to say that he doesn't know everything about funk simply by listening to the Chili Peppers. There are other, much more funkier bands, is what I was trying to get across. Guess it was a crappy joke delivery on my part.
The Chili Peppers are awesome, though, so it's all in good fun.
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And I've made over 1700 posts in this thread ZP has made over 1500.

Remember, kiddies: it's quality, not quantity.

Man, why is it that whenever I type a reply in here and read it upon finishing, I feel like I'm being a huge asshole?
Quote by DownInAHole.
lolz. And you do?

Of course! He's into the Chili Peppers!

I have to agree, though, that The Crunge is super, mega awesome. It gets overshadowed by a lot of the material from HotH, but it's still a freaking incredible song.
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Why is it nobody seems to like Hats off?

its a cool song dammit!

I like it a lot. Page's guitar playing's raw. And Plant's vocal tremolo effect adds a weird but cool touch to it. I think the main reason it doesn't work out as well as it could is the fact that it's overshadowed by 4 consecutive phenomenal songs right before it. It just doesn't quite work as a closing track, is what I'm trying to say. Other than its odd placement, though, I still like it. It's just... definitely nowhere near my favorite from III.
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Which is why I had stopped posting here for about two or three weeks.

This forum, and more specifically, this thread, is beginning to wither.

You mean Zeppelin-to-fruit-sex correlations and vehement arguments about the sex life of all us posters isn't your idea of good conversation?
You, sir, are impossible to please.
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And just to add to this convo about stealing of songs, since it's clearly never going to end, all blues musicians stole music at some point or another. Since Zeppelin were primarily blues/R&R musicians in the beginning, it makes sense for them to do what they did. I think people just say stuff against Zeppelin because they want to speak down upon the biggest rock and roll band ever...

Exactly, but therein lies the problem. It's not "the only reason people are so picky about Zep's stealing is because they became the best rock band ever," but more so "how can Zep be the best rock band ever if they just stole their material?" You need to think of it the other way around. I mean yeah, in blues, musicians are ripping each other off left and right, but does that necessarily make it right? Zep's doing it isn't any more justified.
Although to be fair they really only "ripped off" stuff on their first 2 albums. After that it was (for the most part) original material. I understand what you're saying about the whole ripping off thing, though; it's just that I still don't think it's right.
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yeah =) i've done that, but theres some say that you must post it here too

For real? I've never done that before, nor have I seen a rule about it. Huh. Are you sure you're right about that? I suppose I could be wrong too... I've just never heard of having to do that...
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Dude, along with Holy Diver and Last In Line, both by Dio, those three videos make up my favorite 3 80s videos. It's probably because they're cheesy as hell, and I love ma cheeze.

True, true, me too. I just thought that when you dubbed the NOTB vid your "favorite" you were somehow ranking its goodness above its cheesiness. Because if cheese is what we're basing our judgments on, then yeah, Maiden, Dio, and Judas Priest videos are all clear-cut winners!
Can I Play With Madness and Holy Smoke both have phenomenally hilarious videos too. Maiden videos are so effing bad. In a good way.
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Anyways, I've finally started to learn Friends, and it's so fun. Perhaps it's simply a rush from not playing alternate tunings very often.

Yeah, I think once I learned The Rain Song one of my guitars was constantly in an alternate tuning for about 2 months straight, because I just went nuts with alternately-tuned Zep tunes. Friends is a fun one indeed.
I am also beginning to believe that Led Zeppelin III is my favorite album at the moment.

Yeah, it's definitely up there for me too. Especially smack-dab between II and IV like that... it's like III was recorded in a different dimension or something. A wonderful, unimaginably awesome dimension...
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For the song "In my time of dying" on Physical Graffiti the writing credits say "Page,Plant, Jones and Bonham".
However it's a traditional number that's been about for donkey's years,originally called "Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed", it was even covered by Bob Dylan for his 1962 debut album.

Aw hell, really? For some reason I was always under the impression that Bob Dylan wrote that song himself, and was the original artist. Damn it. I told a lot of people that it was originally a Dylan tune.
Cripes, now I feel like a total idiot.
Quote by ledhead67
I read the writing credits (on Wikipedia...that site's fuckin' great) and noticed something shocking. It says written by Bonham/Jones/Page! Neither the Yardbirds, nor Howlin' Wolf recieved any credit.

I wish I could say I'm also shocked. But I'm not. The dudes at Atlantic were dicks, and never gave the original artists credit when it was due, so it looked like Zeppelin were taking all of these songs and claiming them as their own. That's one of the reasons they broke off from Atlantic and formed Swan Song Records. Smart dudes.
And I'm guessing the person who put that info up on Wikipedia was just copying it straight from their Zep I lyric booklet, and obviously no one but Zeppelin receives writing credits in an Atlantic-era Zep lyrics booklet.
You do know a parsec is a unit of distance, not of time, right?

You do know I'm quoting the movie, not intentionally being wrong, right?
You're right, though, a parsec is distance-related, which is why it's funny that Han even says that line in the first place: "It's the ship that made the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs." Don't these screenplay authors have editors?!
I believe this goes here.
Quote by DownInAHole.
Fucking nerds....

[sigh] Yes DownIn, you're totally right, as always...

fucking buzzkill...

Oh by the way, an ellipses has 3 periods, not 4. I know everyone's been thinking it but they've all been too nice to say anything about it. But seriously man, come on!
Heh, cool intro.
Sounded to me like your second part was in a different key than your first part. When you went to the higher note of the riff, you didn't go high enough, and that ended up screwing you up. You've got a sweet guitar tone, and what you have sounds incredibly heavy. Learn the whole thing, get it recorded! I'd love to hear you do a full-on metal cover of it.
But like I said, learn the part right. I really think you're ending in a different key than you start out in.
Other than that, great start! Headbangin'... just the way I like it.
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I vote boourns on that one, and you sir have earned a naughty sticker for even mentioning those two albums together.

I, sir, resent your misplaced naughty sticker, crumple it up, and throw it to the ground! Have you even heard the entirety of the Machine Head album, or are you just making false assumptions based off of Smoke on the Water and Smoke on the Water alone? (it's the worst song on the album; I would not lie)
I pray you should tell me kind knave, What is "awesome in heavy metal"?

If I did not make myself clear in my previous explanation, kind jester, it is the Machine Head album that is "awesome in heavy metal."
And if you shall once again vote boourns on the Machine Head ballot, I'm afraid I'll have no choice but to revoke my pledge of allegiance to all members of the Zeppelin thread and challenge you to a sword fight/skydiving duel to the death. Ye be warned, Count Carswell XCVIII!
Quote by zeppelinpage4
are you prepared to take on the guy that did the kessel run at 12 parsacs

Under, under 12 parsecs! You ruffians and your "rounding up" of numerals...
Quote by Page&HammettFan
It starts on G, and it's done basically in power chords, minus the bass note of the chord.

Those would be perfect fourths then, not power chords (aka perfect fifths). Essentially, they're inverted power chords.
Quote by Carswell98
I love how JPJ shares my dislike for that ****er Ritchie Blackmore, seriously?, when was deep purple ever worth listening to?

Surely you jest? The Machine Head album is one of the cornerstones of all that is awesome in heavy metal music. It ranks up there with Physical Graffiti, man. It's an unbelievable album.
Quote by darkstar2466
The Number Of the Beast video is one of my favorite 80s videos.


Like, really?
I would even place Devo's "Whip It" above Number of the Beast. But to each his own, I guess.
Quote by Ardius
You dont belong in this forum...

Oh SNAP! Ardius burn!
Pretty nice. Really chunky, which was cool. One thing I don't get, though: if you're a lead vocalist for a band, why didn't you record vocals?! That would've been cool in my opinion. It was a bit short, but what you had was pretty cool.
By the way, bitchin' Seek and Destroy cover! That was really awesome, man.
Quote by Reviewer Pete
The best description I've heard of Tailgunner: "It's basically Aces High's retarded little brother".

Yeah, it's totally devoid of excitement. It starts off with a boring intro and never picks up from there. They should've put Holy Smoke at the front end of that album. That would've made a great opener.
See, the thing about NPFTD that I hated was its incredible unevenness. I mean, it had absolute gems on it like Mother Russia and (yeah, I'm sayin' it) Holy Smoke, but it was littered with such unlistenable garbage (Tailgunner's the most lackluster album-opener of all time, and Public Enema Number One is completely terrible), that I've never really "liked" NPFTD in the traditional sense of liking an album. I only like a few select tracks from it. Half of it's awesome, half of it's awful.
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JPJ: "Ian [Anderson] is a pain in the ass. We toured with Jethro Dull [sic] once and I think he pro*bably spoke three words to Jimmy or I at any one time. The band was nice but he was such a funny ****er."

Jethro Dull. Priceless.
I've heard the Aqualung album, and some random other Tull songs. I'm not sure if I'd say that they're lyrically superior to Zeppelin in any way, but maybe that's because I haven't heard enough of them...?
That's hilarious how Jones is so bitter towards Anderson, though. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical whether or not Jones was capable of any negative emotions at all.
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Is it that much of a difference? I personally like CDs just fine. I'm not one of those audiophiles who are too high and mighty for anything digital!

Well, you're right, to ME it doesn't make a huge difference. I'm not picky about sound quality; as long as I can hear the instruments fine, then I'm good.
That being said, I still have certain preferences. I just usually prefer vinyl sound quality to remastered CD sound quality, that's all. There's not a monumental difference, but a noticeable one to me. 'S'all good, though. Vinyls, cassettes, CDs... as long as it's audible, it's passable by Seth's standards.
Quote by DownInAHole.
I think all of the Zeppelin albums are remastered now.

Yeah, pretty much. I mean, I have it on CD and vinyl, and it certainly sounds remastered on the CD.
However, I still prefer the sound of the vinyl. The sound quality on vinyls, especially of rock bands, is just generally SO much better than on CDs. It's more raw and gritty... I love it.
But yeah, ITTOD's been remastered for sure. Ye be warned, though; it pales in comparison to the vinyl.
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^You've never listened to HTWWW ?

Great collection of live stuff, definitely worth listening too. *waves hand* you will buy HTWWW...

Whoa, that's kind of freaky that you bring that up, because I'm working on a Christmas list at this very moment. Normally I don't start so early but my dad's side of the family's having Christmas on the same day as Thanksgiving, because of some other outside factors and blah blah blah... anyway, HTWWW is now officially on my Christmas list.
^By the way, Sam, how's that chorus pedal? I've seen it before and wondered how exactly it worked... is it the best damn chorus you've ever heard or what? Just curious.
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Why thank you, how helpful.
It's so nice to be back on the UG forums.

You KNOW it!!!
Edit: I don't think I made it clear but when I said "I haven't been able to listen to them for a while" I actually meant "Oh my god, I hate my favourite band and I don't know why!"

Yeah, of course, we all go through phases like that. I think it helps to have a large variety of stuff to listen to as well. Like, I try not to obsess over one single album or band for too long (even though I know that can be hard), and swap out a good rotation of different bands. That way once Zeppelin comes around again, it'll still be great without getting sickening.
Judging by your "Favorite Bands" section on your profile, though, you should have NO problem getting around to other brilliant music. I was gonna recommend Radiohead, but you already have that covered. Awesome.
Quote by Kartman

I got the CD replaced for free. I even got the 3rd disc.

Bitchin', man. How is it? I've actually never, ever heard anything from it before.
Quote by bodyheatseeker
Hmm, lately I haven't been able to listen to Zeppelin and I'm not exactly sure as to why.
I just don't enjoy listening to their albums, which is strange because I used to be such a huge fan.
Has anybody else gone through a phase like that with Zeppelin?

Hmm... yeah, matter of fact, that has happened to me. I call it "I have a life outside of Zeppelin and realize that hundreds of other bands do, in fact, exist (contrary to popular belief)".
Good way to make a strong comeback impression on everyone, eh? By being an ass? At least you all know that Seth is truly back.
Quote by Kartman
Today was my birthday, and everything was excellent, but when I received a copy of How The West Was Won, disc 3 was missing.

Holy crap, bummer dude. I've never had bullshit like that happen to me before. I remember reading about some guy who had that happen to him with a video game; like, he got home and the effing game was NOT in its case. And when he went to return it, the people working there didn't even believe him. It's sickening, really. Hopefully you can get the third disc without a fuss. That's bogus that stuff like that happens.
Happy belated birthday, too, I guess.
I'm so out of the Zeppelin loop. Hey (and I know you've semi-covered this already), is anyone else here under the impression that new Zeppelin material wouldn't go over so well? I mean, Jones would probably feel uncomfortable writing new stuff, knowing full well that Page and Plant will likely get all the credit for it anyway, and I'm afraid that if they go through with it it'll end up being generic bluesy garbage. Or, worse, something like The Honeydrippers. I personally think there's already too much tension built up, especially with Jones, for new material to come out as anything more than mediocre. That's just me, though. I think a reunion show's good enough, maybe a tour too, but just leave it at that.
Quote by Twist of fate
The pits downhill

I just discovered how much I love the Classic Rock Forum

Yeah, I can only tolerate so much of The Pit before I get completely sick of it. The few (very few) intellectual threads in there are interesting every once in a while, but as a whole it's a pretty unproductive place.
Yes, the Classic Rock forum pwns all. Rule of thumb.
Quote by DownInAHole.
Eh, that one is different, for sure. I'd go with Pablo Honey because it's not too wierd.

True, but My Iron Lung seems like a good next choice for someone who already has The Bends and OK Computer, and thusly can tolerate the weirder Radiohead stuff.
Plus I think My Iron Lung is leaps and bounds better than Pablo Honey, but that didn't enter into the equation.
Quote by johnny_tapia
Right I need some recommendations. I have O.K Computer and the Bends, which album should I buy next?

EDIT: I have allready pre-ordered the new album

Jeez, that's a tough one. I would say Kid A, but that's kind of risky because that can easily alienate a Radiohead fan at first (hell, it did me). If you can get your hands on the "My Iron Lung" EP, I'd suggest that. It's composed of outtakes from The Bends, and it showcases the band's movement from their grungier sound on Pablo Honey to their more atmospheric signature style on The Bends.
If you think you can stomach Kid A, though, then definitely go for it. It's hard to get into initially, but if you give it enough of a chance it turns out to be an incredible album; personally, it's my favorite from Radiohead.
Quote by DownInAHole.
Exremely flimsy picks (.50) by a brand called Brain. They grip on them so I can hold them good. Otherwise, you can't go wrong with Fender.

I was into the flimsy picks for a while. But I had a bad experience with a cheapo one (stupid plastic piece of crap broke into 3 pieces on me), and ever since I've fallen in love with the thicker ones. Dunlop makes some pretty sweet ones. Gator Grips are incredible; especially the 1.14 mm ones. The Jazz III picks pretty much changed the way I play guitar, though; they're small and very easy to grip. They're effing sweet.